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From time to time Disney Cruise Line shares recipes for some of their guests' favorite foods, desserts, and drinks. Below is a summary of the various DCL recipes grouped by category that have been shared from a variety of sources. If you have any DCL recipes to share please send us an email.











    Blended Beverages


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        1. Braeden D Cunningham

          Add the Coco Bali: Non alcoholic drink. It’s so good! I wanna know how to make it so I can drink it all day.

    1. Summer

      I really want the truffle infused pillow thingies I had at Animator’s Palate on the Dream. Best thing I had the entire cruise. The chilled veggie rolls in Enchanted Garden were actually really good, too. Oh, and I almost forgot the mushroom and lentil thing at Enchanted Garden.

      Can I just say that, as a vegetarian, I’m not used to having so many choices? Delicious!!

    2. Vanya

      I had a baked potato soup at the Animator’s Palate on Disney Dream and I am still dreaming about it. I hope you guys can post the recipe soon!!!

    3. Dawn at Mousechow

      Oooh, recipe for the Coco Cadillac from Skyline Lounge:
      1oz Midori
      1oz Coconut Rum
      1oz pineapple juice
      Whipped cream

      Shake all ingredients with ice. Strain into a martini glass.
      Recipe came from bartender Bonnie on the Dream. It’s his original recipe that he entered into a cast member contest and won, so it ended up on the menu. Delicious.

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    5. denise

      I’d love the recipe for the Toblerontini from the Cove Cafe. I know the ingredient list but it would help to know the exact amount of each. Soooo yummy!

        1. denise

          I do know that! 🙂 Ingredients are godiva chocolate liqueur, frangelico, baileys, kahlua, and the glass is drizzled with honey.

      1. Jay

        1 oz Godiva Milk Chocolate, 1 oz Frangelico, 1 oz Baileys, 1/2 oz Kahula, 1 packet of honey, and chocolate sauce

    6. Gina

      We just stepped off the Fantasy after a 7 day cruise yesterday.. One of my favorite meals all trip was the “Ziti Pasta” they served at Royal Court for lunch on our second day at sea. It was penne pasta mixed with butter/olive oil?. It was sooo garlicky and delicious! Even had some chili flakes to give it a kick. Seems like it would be so simple to make (and in large quantities for parties). If anyone has the recipe I would be so appreciative! Kicking myself for not asking for it then and there!

    7. Christina

      We were on the Dream in December and just loved the scalloped-au graten potatoes we had for dinner in the Royal Palace. Anyone have the recipe?

    8. Christina

      We were on the Dream in December and loved the scalloped/ au graten potatoes we had in the Royal Palace. Anyone have the recipe?

    9. Tom Michels

      Here is the recipe for the Ecotini. My drug of choice on every cruise. I have at least a dozen of the acai berry seed bracelets they give with them.

      Eco Tini
      Disney Wonder
      Ferdy (our bartender)

      3oz Veev Acai Vodka/liquor
      1.5 oz Triple Sec
      0.5 oz Ginger juice (fresh) grind ginger in a little water and strain
      10ml simple syrup or agave syrup (simple syrup made with 1 part water to 1 part agave syrup)
      Fresh squeezed lime juice

      Double strain

    10. Liz C

      The shrimp dish at club Villian’s was awesome! Does anyone have it?
      And still searching for oatmeal puck…

    11. John Welch

      My wife ordered the Le Grand Bleu at Meridian on the Fantasy. It was fantastic. Id normally order a Vodka Martini, or Vodka & Soda, but I ordered the Le Grand Bleu the next time we were there.

      1 1/2 oz Grey Goose
      3/4 oz Bleu Curacao
      3/4 oz Grand Marnier
      1/2 oz lime juice
      top with Champagne

    12. SLo

      Looking for the recipes for a couple drinks (red carpet and blueberrilicious) and the mushroom soup on the Fantasy. Anyone??

    13. Kathy

      We had the beef with cashews at the deck 11 place to eat. Does anyone know how to make it? It had onions and peppers in it

    14. Emerald

      Anyone have the recipe for the Amaretto Soufflé from Palo ? Would love to try to recreate for my husband 🙂 Perhaps it will inspire another cruise!

      1. Rusty

        It’s basically orange passion fruit juice, vanilla ice cream and a swirl of grenadine. Not sure of exact measurements, but seems like with just two main ingredients, it wouldn’t take long to find a ratio that matches up with the real deal.

    15. Kelly Waddell

      Does anyone have the recipe/instructions on how to make the Banana Caribe frozen mixed drink? I never knew it existed until our cruise last month on the Fantasy, and was talking to a group in the pool that were raving over it. So yummy!!!

    16. Jason Testin

      Does anyone have the recipe for the Tropical Depression drink? Just finished a cruise on the Magic and would like to duplicate the drink at home. Thanks!

    17. Roseanne Dieschbourg

      I would love the recipe for the Salted Stitch. It was a slushy type white with a cherry on top non-alcoholic drink on the Disney Magic.

      1. Melisende F.

        Salted Stitch
        Lumiere, DCL

        6 oz. coconut cream
        2 oz Pineapple Juice
        1 oz Hawaiian Salted Caramel syrup (Davinici)
        1 oz. lime cordial

        Blend with some ice.

        I found the drink on the sweet side and would use real lime juice.

    18. Jim Carson

      Hi! I have always loved the Banana Caribe from the Disney Magic, but I have never found a recipe. Does anyone have it? It would sure come in handy while under COVID-19 Stay at home orders in New Jersey!

      1. Mark Natale

        It’s Disney’s pina colada mix with Myers dark rum and 1/2 a fresh banana added per drink. I love them to and watched the bartender make a bunch for me. I don’t know what’s in their pina colada mix, but from the various internet sources it seems like the base non-alcoholic mix is 3 parts cream of coconut (Coco Lopez brand is recommended); 3 parts pineapple juice; 2 parts frozen pineapple chunks. My best guess for 2 servings would be, blend:
        6 oz Myers dark rum
        6 oz cream of coconut
        6 oz pineapple juice
        4 oz frozen pineapple chunks (1/2 cup)
        4 cups of ice
        1 fresh banana
        Pour that into two cups. Put a little more Myers dark rum on top and garnish with either a pineapple slice or Marchino cherry. Enjoy, forget about your troubles, and pretend you are on the Magic, Wonder, Dream, Fantasy, or Wish!!!!

    19. James Arthur

      Do you happen to have a picture of the frozen drink menu at the Castaway Air Bar? I need to make some refills for the bamboo

      1. Scott Sanders Post author

        I was able to get someone to quickly tweet a photo of the menu, but I am not sure the date on it.

        Konk Kooler – white rum, dark rum, coconut cream, passion fruit, orange and pineapple juice.
        Rum Rudder – dark rum, blackberry & banana liqueur, sweet lemon mix, and grenadine
        Island Navigator – Frangelico, Amaretto, Pina colada, and ice cream
        Deep Blue Sea – Bacardi Rum, Blue Curacao, sweet lemon mix
        Shinn Splint – Rum, vodka, gin, tequila, triple sec, lemon sour, dash of coke.

        1. James Arthur

          Thanks, that looks like most of them when I was there in Nov 2019, they also had a separate frozen bifold menu with pictures. I’m thinking it had all of the frozen drinks from the different bars on the island.

    20. Christian Valentine

      Does anyone know the recipe for the “tomato, Italian sausage and rice soup” they served for lunch in the Royal Court on the fantasy? So good!

    21. kp

      Someone please tell me you have the recipe for the Bananas in Paradise dessert from pirate night on the Wish?! I’m withering away without it!!!


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