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One of the more prominent perks of Disney Cruise Line’s Castaway Club and Concierge level bookings is the ability to book onboard and shore excursions before anyone else.

Castaway Club Members may begin booking activities, and completing the check-in process earlier based on thier current membership level.

  • Activity pre-booking window opens for Pearl 123-days, Platinum120-days, Gold 105-days, Silver 90-days prior to the sail date. First time cruisers may begin booking 75-days out.
  • Online check-in process open for Pearl 40-days, Platinum 38-days, Gold 35-days, Silver 33-days prior to the sail date. First time cruisers may begin check-in 30-days out.

Concierge guests may start booking at 130-days with check-in window opening at 40-days regardless of their Castaway Club stat

The estimated pre-booking and check-in dates are as follows.

Disclaimer: This is just a simple calculator to determine when your booking window opens, but it is up to you to make sure the dates are accurate.  You can check by viewing your reservation on Disney’s website.

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Pre-Booking Window Dates

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