Booking Window Date Calculator

One of the more prominent Castaway Club perks is the ability to book onboard and shore excursions before anyone else.  Platinum level can book 120 days prior to sailing, Gold 105 days,  and Silver 90 days.  First time cruisers, who are not yet Castaway Club members, may book 75 days.

Use the form below to quickly calculate the date when your booking window opens for your next Disney Cruise based upon your Castaway Club status.

Please enter your Sail date in the following format M/D/YYYY.

If you remember and would be willing to share your Personal Navigators, please send them via email in whatever format works best for you when you get home.

Disclaimer: This is just a simple calculator to determine when your booking window opens, but it is up to you to make sure the dates are accurate.  You can check by viewing your reservation on Disney’s website.

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