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To use the Gratuity/Tip Calculator enter the number of nights of your cruise and the number of people in your sailing party. 

Ultimately, tipping is at your discretion, but for convenience the calculator’s default tips are set to Disney Cruise Line’s suggested amounts.

The following positions are not part of the gratuity calculator:

  • Extras added to rotational dining meals such as alcoholic beverages
  • Adult dining locations such as Remy, Palo, Palo Steakhouse and Enchanté by Chef Arnaud Lallement, which are not part of rotational dining
  • Food or drink in shops and outdoor or poolside eateries
  • Room service
  • Port Adventures
  • Senses Spa & Salon
  • Any other additional services

Disney Cruise Line offers multiple options to pay for your suggested gratuity:

  • Pay the suggested gratuity in advance by contacting Disney Cruise Line or your travel agent no later than 3 days before your cruise begins
  • Pay by automatically having the suggested gratuity added to your onboard account prior to the end of your cruise

If you wish to charge the amount of a gratiuity or pay the gratuity in cash, please contact Guest Services, once onboard the ship.

We recommend pre-paying your base gratuities and adding a cash tip handed directly to the individual. We typically write thank you notes to the various tipped positions to go along with the additional cash tip. Remember, Disney Cruise Line is simply recommending a base amount, for the most part, the cast works extremely hard to ensure you have a great experience. Tip them well.

Please note, Disney Cruise Line increased the recommended base gratuities in July 2022 ahead of the launch of the Disney Wish. Previously, the recommended base gratuities were last updated in January 2019.

Cruise Details

# Nights
# Cruisers

Positions to Tip

Non-Concierge Guests
Stateroom Host


Assistant Server

Head Server

Standard Tips:

Concierge Guests
*The Concierge Lounge Team recommended gratuity is NOT incuded in the Pre-Paid gratuities. However, it is included in the calculator to establish a baseline.
Concierge Lounge Team*

Stateroom Host

Asst. Stateroom Host


Assistant Server

Head Server

Concierge Tips:

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