Very MerryTime Sailings

Current list of Very MerryTime sailings for each Disney Cruise Line ship. The list includes past sailings to help estimate when DCL may offer future themed cruises before officially announced.

Disney Magic SailingsDisney Wonder Sailings
  • No future Very MerryTime sailings.
  • Disney Dream SailingsDisney Fantasy SailingsDisney Wish Sailings

    Previous Very MerryTime Sailings

    Disney Magic SailingsDisney Wonder SailingsDisney Dream SailingsDisney Fantasy SailingsDisney Wish Sailings

    2 Replies to “Very MerryTime Sailings”

      1. Scott Sanders Post author

        Hi Ben, Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Yes, the 2019 EBPC cruise is a Very MerryTime cruise. Either I missed it originally, or it was added after the last itinerary release. Regardless, thank you. I’ve updated the sailing to reflect the holiday theme.


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