Disney Cruise Ship Port Meet-up Sailings

Every once in while, more than one Disney Cruise Line ship will meet-up in the same port of call. With four ships in the fleet, you would think that it would be more common, but this is not the case. These rare occurances typcially offer amazing photo ops and are often highlighted with a horn battle.

Below are the actual dates when the ships will be in the same port of call followed by each ship's itinerary.

Nassau, Bahamas on September 16, 2023
Cozumel, Mexico on January 14, 2024
Cozumel, Mexico on February 11, 2024
Nassau, Bahamas on April 16, 2024
Nassau, Bahamas on May 7, 2024
Nassau, Bahamas on June 8, 2024

6 Replies to “Disney Cruise Ship Port Meet-up Sailings”

  1. Kevin

    On Christmas Day 2015 the Disney Dream sailed by Castaway Cay where the Fantasy was in port for the day. They faced off and had a ship horn battle. Then we watched as the Fantasy left Castaway to head back to Port Canaveral. We then went on to Nassau as scheduled. It was a wonderful surprise on Christmas!

  2. Mike SDpinmaster Smith

    Yes, on January 1 2016 we were on the Magic. We cruised by Castaway Cay when the Fantasy was docked for her day and the Dream cruised by both of us. Then later that day after 5 pm when the Fantasy left Castaway Cay the 3 ships sailed together for the first time for 3 Disney chips to cruise together. The Fantasy, Magic and Dream were all playing the ship’s horns and the photos that were taken by shutter’s crew were awesome!!!!! Even Cast Members and Crew were coming out on deck to take photos of the event!!!!!! Thank You Captain Andy and the other Captains for this awesome day!!!!!!

  3. LandonM170

    I am thinking that the Disney Wish will be doing Port Canaveral –> Nassau, Bahamas –> At Sea –> Castaway Cay or Port Canaveral -> At Sea –> Nassau, Bahamas –> Castaway Cay on their 4 Night Bahamain cruises because if Disney actually thinks that having 8,000 people (Dream or Fantasy and Wish) on Castaway Cay is insane. I have been on two DCL cruises (Magic in 2012 and Dream in 2019) and on Castaway Cay with the Dream you could tell there was a difference in crowds.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Castaway Cay is only capable of having 1 ship at a time. As for the port meetups listed here in the Summer of 2022 with the Disney Wish and Disney Dream on the same day. There are 7 Disney Wish 4-night sailings noted with an * in our Disney Wish itinerary announcement post which will have a different port order, but until the actual port order is revealed for those sailings they will remain as the defaults.


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