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16 Replies to “Contact & Subscribe”

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      It appears this was an option during the 2010 sailings when the Disney Magic overnighted in St Petersburg. Considering the 12-night sailings both overnight in 2015, there could be port adventures to Moscow given the time spent in port.

  1. Alyssa Samson

    Does anyone know if Star Wars: Rogue One is playing at the movie theaters on board the Disney Dream for January 2017, 3-night sailings to Nassau? Thanks!

  2. Stephen Douglas-Dupre

    When will Disney launch from the Port of New Orleans? I use to be a member of the development retail team when I worked down in and around that area, but since I left…I haven’t been able to get any info to confirm the launch date. Please Please tell me it is Fall 2017?!!!

  3. Ted Amick

    Scott: I am looking for a good trip report on the cruise around the UK this summer… why aren’t they going to repeat this cruise?

  4. Manda Lesko

    Are there any christmas time cruise wallpapers? I love cruising at Christmas and as i am not able to this year I was just wondering if there were any pics to brighten our family’s day.

  5. Beth Levy

    I would love to create a report and share our upcoming cruise since many of those who have – have been a tremendous help! How can I do this?

  6. nancy

    Great website Scott!! I just wanted to let you know that a quick internet search yields multiple sources (none are actually US official sites, of course) all saying that china does not stamp passports anymore. So your report that DCL is checking the pages of passengers’ passports for china entrance and exit stamps doesn’t sound quite right. Perhaps DCL has the us government checking passport records of travel for those passports instead? Or maybe DCL is actually checking passport pages and just wasting their time?? Not sure. I have been unable to find a definitive statement one way or the other on China stamping passports on the US state department site. – nancy

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      I spoke with people embarking the Wonder over the weekend. I was informed they were actively checking passports. Given the fact passports are not required for all sailings such as a closed loop where a birth certificate is acceptable, this is just a precautionary measure put in place. One report of a passenger with the virus found on a ship where there passport was stamped would not be a good look when they could have prevented the boarding.


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