Onboard Booking Benefits Expiration Date Calculator

Use this calculator to quickly determine when your onboard booking benefits will expire. As of October 28, 2014 you have 2 years from the time you original book to set sail. You can learn more about the Onboard Booking promotion including the sail date excluded from the offer here.

The calculation is currently based on 730 days which we recently learned is the number DCL is using to calculate this date on their end. Please keep in mind DCL can change or modify this variable at any time without prior notice. To be safe always check with DCL before it is too late.

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9 Replies to “Onboard Booking Benefits Expiration Date Calculator”

  1. Denise

    I learned that DCL calculates by the number of days rather than months. Several emails back-and-forth finally resulted in the following information: I need to sail by Saturday February 13, 2016, for a cruise booked on Friday August 15, 2014. This differs from your calculator by a few days, but is significant enough to influence cruise plans if I intend to retain my OBB benefits.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Thank you for sharing this information. I was hoping DCL assumed 30 days per month (540 days), but in your case this is a difference of 547 days. I guess it could be 540 +7 days to account for the different number of days in a months and to give guest flexibility to embark during the last week of the booking window.

  2. David

    Does this also apply for just the $200 deposit (no specific cruise selected, just a deposit placed to be used for later date?)

  3. Patrick

    This is an older thread, but being a new Disney Cruiser the info would be helpful to understand. The referenced pdf link by Scott Sanders goes to nowhere now. A page somewhere on this site with some basic explanation of what to expect for the Onboard Booking benefits would be helpful.


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