Revised Onboard Booking Policy Extended to 24 Months Plus 2016 Block-out Dates

Disney Cruise Line modified their onboard booking policy once again. The latest change extended the time guests have to sail from 18 months to a full two years.

Guests making a booking on board must sail within 24 months after the date the original booking was made on board.

Additionally, guests who booked before November 13, 2013 still have to sail by November 30, 2015. Anyone that rebooked onboard that had the 18 month window when they originally rebooked now have up to 24 months.

Onboard Booking Offer Benefits

  • 10% off prevailing rates as quoted on
  • Up to $200 onboard credit per stateroom
  • Reduced deposit on 7-night sailings or longer
DCL OnboardFlier October2014 2016 Blockout Dates

The new policy, published as a PDF will soon be found onboard the ships.

The Fine Print of the Onboard Booking Offer

The onboard booking offer is only valid for category 4-11 stateroom and specifically excludes concierge-level categories, IGT, OGT and VGT categories with restrictions as well as short 2-night sailings. The offer limited to two staterooms on one future cruise date (per household sailing). Additional staterooms may be booked at the current prevailing rates. As expected, the onboard booking offer is only available onboard and the deposit must be paid while onboard. Only sailings of 7-nights are longer are eligible for a reduced deposit.

Block-out dates for this offer apply; block-out dates receive the onboard credit and reduced deposit benefits, but do not receive the 10% discount off prevailing rates.

The following block-out dates are valid as of the date 10/28/2014. Additional block-out dates may be added at any time without notice.

As a result, our onboard booking expiration date calculator has been updated to reflect this change to 24 months.

2016 Block-out Dates

Disney Magic

Disney Wonder

Disney Dream

Disney Fantasy

A complete list of all sailings can be found on our Onboard Booking Block-Out Sailings page.

22 Replies to “Revised Onboard Booking Policy Extended to 24 Months Plus 2016 Block-out Dates”

  1. Walt S.

    Okay Scott. I just came of an western cruise to Falmouth. Someone must of heard my complaint. I guess that would not apply to my recent future cruise I made two weeks ago?

  2. Jenniffer

    Unless I overlooked it, there is no mention in the terms and conditions on the sheet that the cruise date can only be changed once. Any word on that?

  3. Anna

    “Guests making a booking on board must sail within 24 months after the date the original booking was made on board.”

    Does that mean 24 months from the date of the cruise when you booked the next cruise or 24 months from the date of the cruise that you booked? For example, in March of 2015 you book another cruise on board for Oct of 2016. Would you actually have to Oct 2018 to rebook the new cruise (the 24 months after the original booking made on board), or March of 2017 because of the booking was made in March of 2015?

  4. Andrea Proc

    i have a similar question to the one above, I wanted to book 2 cruises for myself and on one of them two extra rooms for my family, it sounds like to me you can only book one cruise and 2 rooms ? am I reading this right ?

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Correct, based on the fine print you can only book 1 future cruise per household.
      The offer limited to two staterooms on one future cruise date (per household sailing)

  5. R. S.

    ARGH!!! I had a booking that would expire in June 2015 and there was no way we could make it. I canceled this a couple of weeks ago. Would have known of this, I would have pushed it to November or December.

  6. Robin

    Thanks for this info.. I have a question though, We cruised in February 2014 and re booked a cruise. When the new dates came out in March we picked a date that was 18 months and 2 weeks after our original booking so we lost our OBC. (We are sailing concierge so no 10% discount) Will we now get the OBC because we are in the 24 month time period?

  7. Caroline

    Question concening 24 months from the above example: March 2015 goes to March 2017. Is it by the day? i.e. You take a cruise on March 8, 2015. Do you have until March 8, 2017 or do you have until March 31, 2017? Thanks

  8. Jeremy

    What is the reduction on the deposit for the 7 night cruises? I didn’t see a percent or dollar amount listed in the fine print? I am sailing on the Wonder in Jan and was thinking of booking an alaska cruise while on board.

  9. Dan

    When I book a cruise on my next sailing, but change the itinerarie after the cruise, do i still get the 10% discount then?

  10. Wendy

    Sorry to bother you with another question, but what if the cruises aren’t released yet for the dates that you want? Example, the summer 2016 dates aren’t released yet but they would be within the 24 month time frame. I thought they weren’t wanting anyone to book dummy cruises?

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Just book an equivalent night cruise to the one you think you want to book. For example, we recently booked a 7-night on the Wonder from Galveston on our last cruise (early October) knowing we would soon move it to a 2016 sailing. When the 2016 dates were announced, we moved the booking to one of the Southern Caribbean sailings on the Wonder.

      We have had mixed results with onboard booking. One time we were booked on a cruise that was being used for dummy bookings, since this we just research our own sailing, complete the form and drop it in the box.

  11. Kelly

    So annoying. We went on our first disney cruise this summer and were hoping to go again in 2016. We wanted to book but they said no at the time so we didn’t and therefore lost the 10% off. Argh.


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