2016 Disney Magic and Disney Dream Meet-ups in Nassau

I wanted to follow up on this week’s itinerary announcement, with a list of dates where you can spot the Disney Dream and Disney Magic both in the same port of call based on their sailing schedules. In early 2016, there are five scheduled days where the Disney Dream and the Disney Magic will both be in Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau Atlantis Dream

Below is a list of dates as well as the sailing associated with each of the ships.

Nassau on February 16, 2016

Nassau on March 1, 2016

Nassau on March 15, 2016

Nassau on March 22, 2016

Nassau on March 29, 2016

You can always find this list over on our Disney Cruise Ship Port Meet-up Sailings page. It is however, important to note that these are based solely on the published itineraries and could change without prior notice.

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  1. Sarah S

    On our first cruise, this happened. We were on the Dream. The Magic was right next to us in port. We got some really cool pictures of the two ships next to each other. I thought it was especially interesting because it is one thing to know the difference in size between the Magic and Wonder vs the Dream and Fantasy. It was something else to actually see it.


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