Personal Navigators: 3-Night Bahamian Very MerryTime Cruise from Port Canaveral – November 11, 2022

Personal Navigators, and other details from the Very MerryTime 3-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral. The Disney Wish set sail from Port Canaveral, Florida on November 11, 2022. There are additional Personal Navigators from other sailings of this same itinerary for comparison. During this cruise, the ship was under the control of Captain Marco Nogara. The Cruise Director during the sailing was Ashley Long.

This sailing was the 3rd DCL Blog Group Cruise which just so happens to be the very first Very MerryTime cruise aboard the Disney Wish! On November 10th just before 9PM, guests were notified that due to Tropical Storm Nicole, Port Canaveral was closed pending a check by the US Coast Guard which resulted in a delayed arrival of the Disney Wish from the prior sailing. On Saturday morning, guests were updated and asked to arrive 6.5 hours after their original port arrival time. This delay resulted in a delayed embarkation for the Disney Wish with many missing dinner on the first night. Marceline Market and Festival of Foods remained open through the evening as an alternative to main dining. More will follow once I get to working on the trip report for each day.

Map Wish 3 Night Bahamian PCV NAS SEA

During this sailing, printed personal navigators were available upon request. YES, AVAILABLE BY REQUEST AND PRINTED ON DEMAND WITHOUT HAVING TO BEG!!! Granted, they are basic 2-sided sheets with summary information on venue hours and a schedule of activities around the ship, but for me, this is perfect to scan over the offerings and keep folded in my pocket. Since embarkation was delayed, I did not ask for one for day 1.

Day 1 – November 11, 2022 – Port Canaveral, Florida

Guests Onboard: 3:45 pm

Attire: Cruise Casual

Drink of the Day: Captain’s Mai Tai • Non-Alcoholic: Princess Delight

Dinner Menus:

Evening Entertainment:

Day 2 – November 12, 2022 – At Sea

Personal Navigator – Day 2

Attire: Pirate or Cruise Casual

Drink of the Day: Melon Margarita • Non-Alcoholic: Parrot Song

Dinner Menus:

Evening Entertainment:

Day 3 – November 13, 2022 – Castaway Cay

Guests Ashore: 8:30 am Guests Onboard: 4:45 pm

Personal Navigator – Day 3

Attire: Cruise Casual

Drink of the Day: Stingray • Non-Alcoholic: Coco Bali

Dinner Menus:

Evening Entertainment:

Wonderland & Never Land Cinema Movies

If you have any navigators you would be willing to share, please send me an email. If you would rather upload the files you can use our upload form.

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