Trip Log Day 1: 11-Night North Norwegian Fjords and Iceland Cruise – Copenhagen

Trip log, day one. Copenhagen.
11-Night North Norwegian Fjords and Iceland Cruise on Disney Magic – Itinerary A
June 29, 2015
Day 1 – Personal Navigator

Disney Magic Day 1 Itinerary Map Copenhagen, DenmarkWe all woke up after an excellent night of sleep fully rested and adjusted to our new timezone. The hotel’s restaurant had a continental breakfast which was really, really good and I finally had some local food… a danish!Adina Hotel Continental Breakfast Assorted Danish Platter

Within the same building there was a grocery store where we were able to find some unique candy to take home for some friends as well as a few local beers to try during the cruise. Oh, there was even a selection of Frozen merchandise for sale.

Copenhagen Grocery Store Frozen Merchandise

We checked out at the Adina Hotel sometime after 10:30 PM and arrived at the port via taxi in about 10-15 minutes. The Adina Hotel is close to the cruise terminal if you are a bird, but not at all walkable. Well, you could walk if you really wanted to, but I would not suggest it; specially if you decided you wanted to bring luggage on your cruise.Disney Magic Taxi Drop Off Copenhagen, Denmark

The terminal was one large warehouse with check in desks along the back wall, character photo ops on the opposite, and chairs set up for a waiting area. Just before Noon, the boarding process began.Copenhagen Cruise Terminal 1 Panorama

Due to the change in time zones and a wonderful breakfast, we did not go directly to lunch at Carioca’s or Cabanas. Instead, we did a little window shopping at the gift shop and then headed over to Lumiere’s to book… CHAMPAGNE TASTING!!! Sorry, but we have not been on a cruise in the last few years that has actually offered this tasting.

We then headed over to the Oceaneer Club so that Isabelle could get her Youth Activities Band (MagicBand) for this cruise and take a few turns down the Slinky Dog slide. It was now the time we could go to our staterooms to drop off our carry on luggage & we got our first look at our inside stateroom. We haven’t had an inside stateroom since Emily & I were on our very first cruise in 2005 – a 3-night on the Wonder (back then we book a category 12 and were upgraded to a category 11 inside stateroom on deck 7 aft). Our room was chosen by Emily when it was booked, and it is the furthest inside stateroom starboard aft on Deck 5.

Isabelle was excited to be on the same floor as the kids clubs. The room is certainly adequate for 3 people and the verdict is still out on whether we will miss the split bath floor plan. It remains to be seen how the room set up will affect us – the set up is reversed and in order to go to the rest room, we have to walk past a sleeping Isabelle. Emily gets up early and heads to the gym, so hopefully this activity will not disturb Isabelle. The bonus to the inside stateroom on this itinerary is total darkness considering it will barely get dark the further north we sail.

The Castaway Club gifts this cruise are backpacks and an umbrella.Platinum Castaway Club Bag And Umbrella

We then headed to Carioca’s for a very light lunch. Emily decided to order the drink of the day, the Celebration, which was a new one for us.Drink Of The Day Celebration

After a quick bite, we headed back to the stateroom to start unpacking. All of our luggage was delivered by 3:20 PM allowing us time to unpack before the muster drill. So far, the space is just fine. The only thing Em mentioned was missing the corner shelving/shelf above the toilet in the bathroom, but that’s it. All of our stuff was un packed and fit into the closet hung up or in drawers. This would have been impossible a few years ago before the Disney Magic was re-imagined and the staterooms received the elevated beds allowing for easy luggage storage.

Inside Stateroom Disney Magic

For the sail away, I set up the GoPro on Deck 10 forward and shot about 30 minutes worth that I will eventually share once we get back home to cheap high speed Internet. The ladies just hung out in the stateroom.Disney Magic Leaving Copenhagen

Main dinner for this cruise is at 6 PM. Tonight’s dinner was the ‘Let the Magic Begin’ menu in Animator’s Palate. This was an updated menu with a few new offerings. The highlight of dinner was a dessert I almost passed on after Emily said they have the same thing at the IKEA food court, Swedish Princess Dome. The layered sponge cake with strawberry vanilla cream covered in a light green Marzipan is now my favorite Disney Cruise Line dessert. Very light and flavorful!Let The Magic Begin Dessert Swedish Princess Dome

Dinner was done and it was time to check out the shops. There were a bunch of Norwegian Fjords Inaugural Sailing shirts, but zero Tervis Tumblers unless you count the 10oz Anna & Elsa tumblers to fill the void left on the shelf. The shops were a mad house, and we look forward to returning when the crowds thin out.

That essentially concludes day 1. It was back to the stateroom and time for bed to get another good night’s rest (and to type this up) as we prepare for our first port day in Oslo.

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  1. mrsshya

    Looks nice. Dessert looks tasty. How crowded was it on board? Looking forward to hearing about this trip as you continue.

  2. Trixie

    Hi Scott,
    we wish you and Emily and Isabelle a wonderful time in Europe. Enjoy your cruise!
    The two girls from Germany (remember us from the tour in St. Kitts last year?)
    Kris and Trixie

  3. trsands

    This is such a great Trip Log. The details about the inside stateroom are expecially appreciated. I am especially enjoying all of this as I start my day in California with a predicted high temperature of 106 F…

  4. Kathy

    We just got off the 9-night Norway cruise, just before yours. They had the Inaugural Sailing Tervis Tumblers when we got on, but they were gone by half way through the cruise. I was disappointed that I didn’t jump on them earlier.


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