Personal Navigators: Disney Magic 14-Night Eastbound Transatlantic Cruise May 18-31, 2013

Personal Navigators

Personal Navigators, and other handouts including the Children’s Personal Navigators for each port day from the [Disney_Magic]’s 14-Night Eastbound Transatlantic Cruise from Galveston, Texas to Barcelona, Spain – May 18-31, 2013.

14-Night Eastbound Transatlantic Cruise to Barcelona Itinerary A
Galveston, TX • At Sea • At Sea • Disney’s Castaway Cay • At Sea • At Sea • At Sea • At Sea • At Sea • At Sea • Funchal, Madeira • At Sea • Gibralter • At Sea

Day 1 – Galveston, Texas 5/18/2013

Day 2 – At Sea 5/19/2012

Day 3 – At Sea 5/20/2013

Day 4 – Castaway Cay 5/21/2013

Day 5 – At Sea 5/22/2013

Day 6 –  At Sea 5/23/2013

Day 7 – At Sea 5/24/2013

Day 8 – At Sea 5/25/2013

Day 9 – At Sea 5/26/2013

Day 10 – At Sea 5/27/2013

Day 11 – Funchal, Madeira 5/28/2013

Day 12 – At Sea 5/29/2013

Day 13 – Gibraltar 5/30/2013

Day 14 – At Sea 5/31/2013

Buena Vista Theatre Movies

Thank you Stevie & Mary K and Paul Brennan for sharing.  Make sure you check out Paul’s Flickr page for this cruise which includes photos from the AquaDucky Derby and the PaintFest at Sea mural.

If you have any navigators you would be willing to share, please send me an [EmailMe].

5 Replies to “Personal Navigators: Disney Magic 14-Night Eastbound Transatlantic Cruise May 18-31, 2013”

  1. Chris Rosser

    How many people are usually onboard on a transatlantic trip? Is it totally full, 75% full, 50% full?

    1. Jonathan Mello

      the ship had about 2,000 people on it. It was a great cruise. Really enjoyed it, although the time change got annoying at the end.

  2. Chris

    We were on the WBTA in 2011. The ship was considered “full” in that I believe every stateroom was booked – but not to capacity, if that makes sense. (Even though each stateroom holds 4, there may have been only an average of 2 people per room). There were not a lot of kids at all – it was very quiet and relaxing.

  3. Paul Brennan

    I was on the EBTA 2013. It’s hard to say how many people were on board. As the cruise was so long, areas were not all that crowded for most part and pool decks for example were pretty quiet throughout (whilst it was hot/warm most days it was a little windy). The restaurant went from being almost empty (on the day we hit Madeira) to about 3/4 full. The theatre on big show nights could get nearly full and the last night show was completely rammed. Overall I never got the feeling that the ship was crowded, which for me was nice.

    I agree with Chris, there seemed to be less children on this cruise (I think due to time of year and duration) so I guess that meant that the rooms were more likely 2 per cabin rather than 4 or 5.


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