Trip Log Day 6: 7-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise on Disney Fantasy – Sea

Trip log, day six. At Sea.
7-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise from Port Canaveral
June 23, 2016
Day 6 – Personal Navigator

Disney Fantasy Day 5 Sea 2016 06 23

Our day at sea started like most mornings, with Emily at the gym. She laughed because she missed rope drop and got there ‘late’ at 6:08am. She finished up around 7:10am and notes that it was packed as usual – in fact, she had a hard time finding space around the free weights because there were so many people working out there.

She came back to the room and showered, and then Isabelle & I got up. We got dressed, got our pool bag ready, lathered on our sunscreen and headed up to Cabanas for breakfast.

Cabanas Breakfast Cold Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

Usually once in the cruise we go to the sit-down a la cart breakfast (on the Fantasy it is in Royal Court), but this cruise we have just been running up to Cabanas. Come to think of it, we haven’t done the sit down a la carte lunch in a while, either…..

We finished breakfast around 8:15am and headed out to the pool deck. The first Funnel Vision movie was at 8:30am and was Dumbo, and the pools don’t open until 9am.

Funnel Vision Dumbo

The AquaDuck wasn’t supposed to open until 9am, but it opened about 15 minutes early, so Isabelle dragged me up for a spin. Emily & I will go with her if the line is short (which we define as not seeing anyone when you look up in line on the stairs). This cruise, the line has been long, even when it is typically short (when you return to the ship on port days).

AquaLab Spash Zone

Once Dumbo was underway, we did a whole lot of nothing. The second film of the morning was Brave which is one Emily has never watched. We were quite thrilled to see different movies playing on our sea days.

Funnel Vision Brave

For lunch, we picked up some pizza and some wraps from Flo’s. We saw our server stationed at Luigi’s, and were really looking forward to soft pretzels. However, we were informed they have not been available for some time due to “not enough time.” Boo.

Flo's Lunch Pizza Ceasar Wrap

When Brave finished, Emily and I went to check out Satellite Falls for a bit. I really enjoyed the quiet, serene environment and could have taken a nice afternoon nap there if we had time.

Satellite Falls


We met back up with Isabelle for a competitive game of Goofy Golf.

Goofy Golf

We returned to the room to get cleaned up and finished Bedknobs & Broomsticks before heading off to the Walt Disney Theatre for Lynn Trefzger’s matinee show. This is our first time seeing Lynn’s comedy and ventriloquism show which ended with a very funny segment with three members of the audience.

Drink Of The Day High Tide

Following the show Isabelle went to the Oceaneer Club, while we returned to Remy for the Pompidou Dessert Experience. This experience is something that deserves its own post. I will just say that we enjoyed the desserts.

Remy Pompidou Dessert Experence

Isabelle considered going to see John Cassidy’s magic workshop, but she was having too much fun in the club to leave. She was waiting for us when we returned from Remy.

Pete's Dragon On Demand Error

We had some time before dinner and decided to start Pete’s Dragon, but it wasn’t working. So, we had the bright idea to jot down all of the On Demand offerings, which I wrote a note to write up when we get home.

Semi Formal Deck 4

We headed down to dinner early and waited in the family’s new favorite spot… the lounge chairs on deck 4; although, I keep reminding them this was always my favorite place to relax 🙂

Drawn To Animation Sheet

This evening’s dinner was the Captains Gala menu in Animator’s Palate with the Drawn to Animation show. Due to the show, the first two courses are pre-fixed so we were served the Appetizer Sampler Platter featuring Smoked Duck Breast, Smoked Salmon Tartar and Shrimp.

Drawn To Animation Appetizer Sampler Platter

The second course is the Macaroni Cheese and Baked Potato soup.

Drawn To Animation Macaroni Cheese And Baked Potato Soup

This was a barely acceptable replacement for the amazingly delicious and inventive buttered popcorn soup, but this was downright terrible. I’d love to write this on my comment card, but it will just reflect poorly on our serving team, not the kitchen. I am not even sure if you could call this cheese flavored it was soooooo mild and gritty. I mean, call Kraft and ask for barrels of the powered cheese; at least that fake cheese has flavor. I’ll need to look back in older trip reports, but I thought I enjoyed this the last time. I guess it was fine, but it did not leave a lasting impression. However, they must have dropped about 20 or so ingredients from the original recipe.

Tonight’s dinner was at Animator’s Palate with the always fun Animation Magic show. We got to try the new macaroni cheese and baked potato soup with a whopping 29 ingredients that replaced the buttered popcorn soup… Although, I enjoyed the hint of Tabasco Sauce, it did not win me over. I really missed the buttered popcorn soup which was themed much better to Animator’s Palate. – Trip Log from March 2014

Tonight, I couldn’t stomach a second spoonful and it sent me down the road less traveled. Now all I can think of is how the cruise fares are climbing and the bar of acceptability from the kitchen is dropping… It is interesting how it varies ship to ship also — same menus, different chef preparations. I realize food is subjective, so I’ll just stop here.

Emily had the lobster tail and Isabelle had the treasure of the seas pasta from the Pirate Night menu thanks to our server who put in a request since she missed the opportunity on Pirate Night when we were at Remy. It was a really nice gesture that he offered her during dinner the previous night. Isabelle is making up for all the shellfish I cannot eat, she loves that stuff!

Treasure Of The Sea Pasta Captains Gala Oven Baked Lobster Tail

I ordered the Fettuccine with Salt Crusted Chicken, I mean, I ordered the Fettuccine with Parmesan Crusted Chicken if you are interested in this dish. If not, scrape off the crust and enjoy the Fettuccine with Chicken in a cheddar cheese sauce. Oh good grief, sorry… This was once an entree I looked forward to during the cruise. Way to go Disney Fantasy voyage number 222, you ruined Parmesan Crusted Chicken. Gusteau was right, anyone can cook, but that usually means following a recipe. It should not be that difficult to put out a consistent product voyage after voyage.

Drawn To Animation Teaser

With the dinner show pacing we ordered our dessert at the beginning of the dinner so it could be delivered before the show starts. We all opted for the Warm Chocolate Lava Cake.

Warm Chocolate Lava Cake

It is always fun to watch the show and see what others come up with for characters.

Drawn To Animation Animated Characters

Tonight, there were some interesting ones and one that should have been excluded for an expressive hand gesture… As we were leaving, Isabelle read the ‘guidelines’ on the placemat, which says ’no pictures, words or symbols,’ and then asked why people can’t follow directions :/

We walked into Ooh La La, as we hadn’t made it there this cruise, and Emily noticed the ’Trio’ on the menu. This was her favorite in Pink on the Disney Dream in October, as it featured the Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage 2002 champagne which she really enjoyed. This is also a bar where you can get glasses of usually only sold-by-the-bottle champagnes. The bar server asked her if she wanted a glass of something to go, and then asked us if we were going to dinner at Palo or Remy. I answered that I was wearing a suit because it was semi-formal night & that we are part of a dying breed that actually still enjoys dressing up for dinner, our 9 year old included.

Flapper Minnie Family Photo

We walked towards the atrium to get in line for Flapper Minnie. We typically do not take character photos, but Isabelle loves Flapper Minnie. While we were waiting, I went into the Vista Gallery. Since the first night, I found it odd that half of the gallery was blocked off with a curtain. I figured they were moving artwork around and didn’t want anyone to see the work in progress or get in the way. However, after a few days the curtain was still there so I finally asked when the rest of the gallery would be back open only to find out it is no longer being used as a gallery. Minnie arrived and we were able to get a photo with her.

Isabelle really enjoys Officer pin trading, which was being held in the atrium along with everything else making it difficult for a kid to move around. The pin trading was occurring on each side of the atrium while photographers were stationed at various locations taking photos. At one point, the line for officer pin trading and the line for photos was on top of each other.

Officer Pin Trading Madness & Room For Pin Trading

Great idea to move it to the atrium when the rotunda outside the shops and Walt Disney Theatre was relatively empty by comparison. Isabelle made the rounds through the pin books in the shops and finally ran out of pins she brought to trade.

We decided to call it a night and head to the room. Pete’s Dragon was now working so we watched the first half before she went to sleep.

Good Night Towel Animal

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23 Replies to “Trip Log Day 6: 7-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise on Disney Fantasy – Sea”

  1. Disneydreamin

    I hope DCL appreciates you! Every time I think ” this is too expensive…no more!” I am drawn back in with your awesome posts!! Thank You!!! We are finally GOLD in time for Alaska in 17 ??

  2. Tammi

    I kept wondering how old your daughter was and you finally said. I was pretty sure of her age because she sounds SO MUCH like my daughter who is the same age. I think I might be as sad as you that your trip ends tomorrow because that means I can’t live vicariously through your experiences until my trip in 126 days, 1 hour, and 56 minutes,

  3. Mike


    Your TR has been great and we always enjoy following. Like you, we also still enjoy dressing up for formal and semi-formal nights and even be sure to have actual cruise casual for other dinners. From our earlier cruises it seemed to enhance the experience, as they have dummies things down it sure seems to detract from the magic. While this still sounds like a great trip, I can not help but feel you scenes a bid of a disappointment – I really hope this never filters down to the classic ships. We seem to feel a difference between the dream class and classics and basically now only sail the classics. We will be doing a Wonder / Magic back to back in February (excited) and then the Eastern Fantasy for spring break, hoping for a better kitchen.

    Thanks and wishing you safe travels home as you disembark today.

  4. walt

    Scott. Me and you have a lot in common. For us DCL is the only cruise line we have done. I have a teenager son that is a platinum. I told him he is very fortunate. DCL crews know us by names and cater to almost our every needs. And like you and your family, we love dressing up for dinner and looking nice as a family. One day I hope to meet you and your family. I would consider that a blessing since we have so much in common. Thanks for sharing your week of activities with us while on the wonderful Disney Fantasy. We are close to 3 months away from our next cruise and 6 months away from the one after that. Have a safe back home. And I really look forward and enjoy reading your blog.

  5. Elizabeth Matura

    Ive really enjoyed your TR report this week. Ive sailed on the wonder twice and going on it again next summer for alaska. Im kind of glad to hear that the dream class ships are not as great from your perspective . I always thought maybe I was cheating myself by not going on the newer ships with all the newest bells and whistles but im anxious to get on the wonder next year after dry dock has been done

  6. Brianne

    It makes me so happy to see that you and your family keep dressing up as well! My sister and I get a little judgy when we see people coming to dinner in jeans and t shirts while we’re standing there in nice dresses.

      1. Brianne

        No. Just no. I tried to think of a clever response but just the thought of waiting in line to get into one of the restaurants and seeing a guy in a tank top makes me at a loss for words.

  7. JerseyBernie


    Thanks for sharing your vacation with us. I’m doing this same itinerary with my children and 3 grands in a few weeks… I’m even more excited…….can’t wait!!!! It’s always a treat to read your posts and listen to your podcasts!!!

    Looking forward to your post and the Navigator for Day 7 – Castaway Cay.

    Welcome Home!!

  8. Michelle

    Thank you so much for sharing; I was on the same sailing and will refer back to your photos and logs frequently. I too was looking forward to Mickey soft pretzels at Luigi’s on Thursday as this was a real treat on past cruises. I was told they are no longer distributed because Disney prefers to sell a smaller version of the pretzel for $8.50 at O’Gills Pub. I agree; major Boo!

  9. TMoor

    I love your blog and refer to it often, especially this particular cruise because my family will be on the Fantasy in January ’17 for a Star Wars cruise. Were there other matinee live shows other than the variety act? I thought I had read in other trip reports that Aladdin had a matinee on some other iteneraries. Thank you for always bringing great details to your blog.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Thank you. We loved when they offered matinee showing of the live shows. This cruise they did not, but on a couple of the days they had a Family Variety Act in the early afternoon. On this sailing Charles Peachock performed on Monday and Lynn Trefzger performed on Thursday.

      1. TMoor

        Thank you for the response. I’m hanging in there until the navigators start coming in from the Star Wars Eastern Caribbean itinerary shows up…unfortunately, I think there are only a couple if that before we sail ours on January 28. Have any thoughts on which day will be pirate and which sea day will be Star Wars? I don’t know how I always end up with itineraries that are either new or not sailed often. Like we did a Halloween cruise on the Wonder back in ’14 (sailed out on 10/31) and it had no stop at Castaway Cay so I had no previous navigators that I could find on your listing. By the way, would you be interested in those navigators still even though they are old and it’s not a very popular itinerary, cause I could scan them and send them to you?

          1. Scott Sanders Post author

            I will put out a request closer to the sailings and will do my best to get them posted. If we do not get any by your sailing please consider submitting them when you return.

          1. TMoor

            Will do. I’ll make sure to take a folder to keep my navigators in for this one in case you don’t get anyone to submit them before I return.

            So, did you want the navigators from the Halloween on the High Seas sailing from 10/31/14 on the Wonder with only Cozumel and Grand Cayman (no stop on Castaway Cay)? I think I have all of them in a folder.

  10. Nick

    I hate the pre fixed menu in animators palate! That popcorn soup was amazing… The replacement is bland! I love that you guys dress up for dinner… We do, it makes it ‘nice’.


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