Trip Log Day 1: 7-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise on Disney Fantasy – Port Canaveral

Trip log, day one. Port Canaveral.
7-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise from Port Canaveral
June 18, 2016
Day 1 – Personal Navigator

Disney Fantasy Day 1 2016 06 18 Map

Saturday morning and our countdown ended! We were off to Port Canaveral for our summer sailing on the Disney Fantasy. This time around will be our first Eastern Caribbean cruise featuring Tortola.

Cruise Luggage

We arrived outside Port Canaveral around 10:30 AM and encountered a backup of cars waiting to enter the port. Turns out the traffic was congested due to cars backed up at the Cruise Terminal 10 for the Carnival Magic. There was a gentleman doing his best to route cars into the correct lane. Frankly, the port could easily put up some sinage to make things easier – left lane for Carnival, right lane for Disney.

Once past the bottleneck, it was smooth sailing around to cruise terminal 8. We dropped our luggage off with a porter & made our way to the parking area. Emily noticed the sign stating parking was $128, an increase of $1/day. The attendant told us that the price increased at the beginning of the month. Luckily, we pre-paid back when we booked the cruise and were grandfathered in and did not have to make up the difference.

We made our way to ‘our’ spot & took the escalator up to the 2nd floor, as there was a pretty big back up for security. There is a definite difference when sailing the classics vs. the Dream class ships in terms of the amount of people.

We got into the port at about 11am and it was already jam-packed with people. We made our way to check-in at the Concierge area, as Platinum guests can check-in there with very little wait. This time, they did not register Isabelle for youth activities as they have in the past. Once we were done, there was about 15-20 minutes until boarding. Concierge guests board first, then boarding begins after the Family of the Day. We bypass the Shutters embarkation photo and were the first ‘regular’ guests to board the ship. Time of boarding: 11:22am 🙂

Since we knew we’d need to be up at Royal Court to hopefully change our dining time, we decided to have lunch one deck down on deck 2 at Enchanted Garden to stay close by. Lunch begins serving at Noon, so we used the time to relax on a bench outside the restaurant. Isabelle & I stopped at the Midship Detective Agency kiosk to begin a game (which we later found out we did too early, as it had been cleared out when we went back to play later in the afternoon).

Just before noon, the doors opened and we went inside. We were quickly seated and made our way up to get lunch. It was nice not to be asked 50 times if we wanted a water package, a drink, or the wine package. We had a peaceful, quiet and light lunch.Enchanted Garden Lunch IMG 3737

Enchanted Garden Embarkation Lunch Buffet Enchanted Garden Embarkation Lunch Buffet Enchanted Garden Embarkation Lunch Buffet Enchanted Garden Embarkation Lunch Buffet Enchanted Garden Embarkation Lunch Buffet Enchanted Garden Embarkation Lunch Buffet Enchanted Garden Embarkation Lunch Buffet Enchanted Garden Embarkation Lunch Buffet Enchanted Garden Embarkation Lunch Buffet Enchanted Garden Embarkation Lunch

Embarkation Shrimp

At 12:30pm, we went up to Royal Court, deck 3 midship. We were the first in line for dining changes, which started at 1pm. Since we booked fairly close to sailing, we were put into late dining and waitlisted for main. This has happened to us before, but this time, we were not moved into main. People have different reasons for liking the certain dining seating times – for us, we are early risers, early to bed, so 8:15pm dinner is not at all for us. Isabelle’s bedtime is at 8:30pm and Emily is usually out between 10–11pm. Sure, we are on vacation and go a little lax on Isabelle’s bedtime, but we know that a well-rested child is a well-behaved child. We were greeted by Cedomir, who has been our head server several times on both the Fantasy & the Magic and get got us all squared away – no issue at all!

Finding Dory Photo Op

We still had some time before we could drop our carry-on luggage off in the stateroom, so we wandered around to the shops where Isabelle took advantage of the Finding Dory photo op before moving along to La Piazza, and then stopped at the kids club to get Isabelle squared away with her Oceaneer Band. Afterwards, we headed up to our deck to wait about 10 minutes until our stateroom was ready.

Just at 1:30pm, we made our way to the stateroom to find our Platinum Castaway Club gift of a tote bag and two travel mugs.

Castaway Club Platinum Gift

This particular stateroom has an interesting layout; no privacy curtain amongst a few other things, but it does give the feel that is has more floor space to walk around. We missed some of the usual storage, but still were able to fit everything in without difficulty. For a little more closet space, I moved some of the life jackets to under the bed.

Disney Fantasy Stateroom 9101 Sideways Inside

Our luggage arrived and we quickly unpacked while the movie ‘Mary Poppins’ was on in the background and then I went to iron tonight’s dinner clothes while we waited to attend the stateroom until the mandatory lifeboat drill.

Our muster station was outside the atrium on deck 4 port side. The drill went off rather quickly thanks primarily to everyone showing up in our station. When we were dismissed from the drill we hung out on the deck to let the crowds dissipate. The rain was moving in and as a result, the sail away party was moved into the atrium. Normally we skip the sail away party, and today we were planning to go up on deck, but with the rain we opted to sit in the lounge chairs on deck 4 as we sailed out of Port Canaveral.

Leaving Port Canaveral Ahead Of Storm

While we were outside, we began talking with a family sailing on their first cruise. Time started to slip away and we realized we needed to go back to the room and get ready for dinner.

We arrived down in Enchanted Garden and met our serving team. Our dinner selections tonight were extremely blogable. For starters, Emily and I ordered the same salad, the Spinach and Raspberry Salad with toasted pine nuts, gorgonzola, raspberries and raspberry vinaigrette. We both really like this salad.

Enchanted Garden Spinach And Raspberry Salad

Isabelle ordered the heirloom tomato soup which was “very good.” It would go great with an artisan grilled cheese sandwich say for a room service lunch.

Enchanted Garden Heirloom Tomato Soup

Continuing the ultra blogable dinner, Isabelle and I both ordered the Pan Seared Sea Bass which I am almost sure was the same as I had in February in Cariocas on the Disney Magic. I thought the sea bass was excellent and Isabelle thought it was “delightful.”

Enchanted Garden Pan Seared Sea Bass

Emily ordered the pan seared scallops, which were “fine.”

Enchanted Garden Caramelized Sea Scallops

While we were waiting for our dessert, we were served Passion Fruit Orange and Chocolate Sea Salt Turkish Delights. As much as I love all things orange, the chocolate sea salt was the real winner!

Enchanted Garden Passion Fruit Orange And Chocolate Sea Salt D

To finish dinner, we continued the trend of ordering the same items. Emily and I went with our server’s recommendation of the warm sticky date pudding.

Enchanted Garden Warm Sticky Date Pudding

Isabelle selected the Silky Dark Chocolate Mousse which she says was good, but not the best dessert she has had.

Enchanted Garden Silky Dark Chocolate Mousse

Earlier in the day as we were walking past the shops, a crew member told us there was a lot of great merchandise. So, after dinner we went over to check out the merchandise. We didn’t find anything, but we did pick up some duty free items in White Caps that are cheaper on the ship than elsewhere. One change we noticed since the last time we purchased liquor onboard is that it is no longer delivered to our stateroom on the final night of the cruise. Instead, we pick it up as we are leaving the ship on the final morning.

We started to make our way back to the stateroom, but stopped by the rebooking desk just as Matt was working on our request we placed in the box earlier.

The next stop was over to the Vista Gallery where we discovered a print of the four ships that hangs in the stateroom. The design has been on t-shirts before, but this is the first time we’ve noticed it for sale!

It has been a long day for all of us so it was time to head back to the stateroom to finish Mary Poppins and relax a bit before bed.

DCL Towel Animal Dog

With the rain and the sail away party moved inside today felt a bit off. In fact, I haven’t been up to the upper decks yet. I guess the on deck sail away party really does set the tone for the trip. Oh well, no big deal, we are still cruising!

Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions about the Disney Fantasy or would like to see pictures or learn more about something specific on the ship since were are onboard for the week.

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60 Replies to “Trip Log Day 1: 7-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise on Disney Fantasy – Port Canaveral”

  1. ChrisG

    Have you guys signed up for any port adventures for either stop? Curious to see what you do and what you recommend. Thanks!

      1. Craig Hurt

        Scott, I for one am very eager to hear and pick up tips from your Tortola experience. We’re on the same itinerary in December so your lessons learned will be very helpful. As for St John, are you all using the rental service/ferry again? thanks and please keep up the great work! This is a great blog!

        1. Scott Sanders Post author

          Craig, We plan to get a taxi at Havensight to Red Hook. Take the ferry to Cruz Bay then another taxi to the beach. We do not have it pre-arranged this time, just going to wing it.

      2. kelly kenney

        Take good notes in Tortola! Everyone is really interested to hear all about it. I’m on the July 2nd sailing. Woohoo!

  2. Bill

    Really do enjoy your blog! What category is your room?
    Very interested in the big ships since all 4 of our cruises (5th plan in Mar-17 on Magic out of Miami) have been on the classics. Concerned that the larger ships are too big and too crowded.

  3. Maricel

    Hope you and your family have an amazing trip! Hoping you can confirm if Tortola will have the later all aboard time/Pirate night change?
    Thanks so much for all you do :))

  4. Coni P

    Thanks for letting us travel along with you! Marveling at Isabelle’s sophisticated palate!! Copied the spinach salad ingredients to try it at
    home : ) Have fun!!

  5. Jennifer P.

    I’m curious as to what the ports are like if not doing a port adventure or if the port adventure ends pretty early in the day. Are there areas to just lounge by the water or is it more shopping and restaurants. Is it easy to go back and forth between port and ship or do you recommend choosing one and staying put?

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Jennifer, St Thomas does not have much other than shopping right off the pier. This will be our first visit to Tortola so I cannot answer that at this time.

      1. Chad

        When we were in Tortola in January there wasn’t much there at the pier yet. Still being built up. Interested to see how much it’s changed in the last 5 months.

        1. Karen

          We did this itinerary in April. There really isn’t a lot of things in Tortola. It seems they are still working on that- I look forward to seeing it in about 5 years. We did the Dolphin experience at Discovery Cove. It was nice but the facilities were very primitive compared to Discovery Cove in Cozumel, but it was ok. St. Thomas has really grown since we were there about 10 years ago but it’s mostly just more shopping. (which I really enjoy!:))

  6. Jared

    We love Cedomire, we had him for the 2nd time on our June 4 cruise by request. His wife is one of the concierges on the ship. Who are your servers? Enjoy!

  7. KyleT

    Hi Scott

    Looking forward to your reports on the rest of the cruise!

    Just curious – you mentioned this was a last minute purchase – was it a FLR special? If so, do you mind sharing the rate? And what room category did you get?

    Also, just jealous – what number Disney Cruise is this for you?

  8. Maricel

    Just saw that all aboard for Tortola was 5:45…the other sailing must have been an exception!
    If not too much trouble,and you go to Pelican Plunge at Castaway, can you please note any changes after the refurb?
    Thanks again!

    1. Maricel

      Hmmm… I thought I read somewhere that it would re-open on June 15th? Maybe Scott can confirm..thanks!!!

  9. walt

    Scott. Is the breakfast buffet at Enchanted Garden the same as Cabana? We have never had breakfast in Enchanted Garden. I think the atmosphere would be somewhat formal, romantic and private. The pictures you displayed of the food are very good. Two months away from our next cruise. Maybe we will try it then.

  10. Jared

    We just had Cedimore on the June 4 sailing for The 2nd time upon request! He’s awesome & his wife is one of the concierges & is amazing as well!

  11. Lydia

    Just curious what movies they are showing on your cruise? We head out on the Fantasy in July. Thanks so much! Have a wonderful time!

  12. Tammi

    Thank you so much for the trip logs. I love living vicariously through your trips, while I impatiently await my upcoming trip on the Fantasy in October.

  13. Matthew

    We will be sailing on the Fantasy in just under two weeks and will be following along with your posts! If you notice we would love to hear about any spa specials offered during the week, specifically on port days. Have a great and restful cruise!

  14. Raelynnn

    Do you remember how much the 4 ship print was? Curious to see if we will be able to budget it if offered on the Dream in September.

  15. Julie

    Last year on the Norwegian Fjords cruise they had a lovely matted print of the itinerary (map of Denmark/Norway, showing the ship’s route etc) which I bought. I was curious if they have something similar for the 7 night sailings on the Fantasy? I’ll be taking my first ever 7 night Caribbean cruise later this year and would love to get an accompanying piece. Browsing the works in the art gallery is always one of my favorite things to do.

    Other question is do you know if the mojito/caipirinha seminar is offered on the Fantasy? I didn’t see it in the Navigator you had uploaded but wondered about its overall availability.

    Thanks and have a great rest of the cruise!

  16. Pete

    We were on one of the Star Wars cruises, I’m curious if they are still playing the Star Wars horn?? Thanks for the report can’t wait to see the rest of it.

  17. David Oakland

    How is the 11A room on a 7 day? Do you feel cramped with the smaller stateroom and do you enjoy the “magic” mirrors. I tried to go 11A and on departure day I always take a tour of one of the rooms we haven’t been in yet, the kiddos thought the magic mirror was great but said – Daddy, too small… So – we seem to keep going back to the Oceanview with the large window that they love to sit in and watch. Thanks in advance and thoroughly enjoy tracking your blogs…

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      David, I have no issues with our stateroom, but remember it is just the three of us. The Magical Porthole is a great addition to the inside stateroom. Not only does it give you a look outside, it doubles as a light source for the room other than the normal lighting.

  18. Nicole Norris

    Hi guys! Could you please tell me how much the print of the 4 ships is? I am so excited that you noted that it’s now for sale in the Vista Gallery. It’s my husband’s favorite and on our last cruises he has been sad that we couldn’t buy it. I’m hoping to plan ahead and buy it for him as a surprise during our cruise in Sept. Thanks for your help!!

  19. Hannah

    This is so much fun!!! We have been on a 7 day Magic cruise. One port was different but still wonderful to see through you. I love seeing all the meals, too. The menus are no longer on the Disney sight so can’t dream through them, about meals anymore. Soon will be taking our 4th Disney Cruise and love seeing your posts. Have a wonderful time….wonderful meals and thanks for taking the time to remind all of us how wonderful it is.

  20. Sarah T

    You mentioned that your room doesn’t have a privacy curtain. Is there a way to tell before traveling which ones do or don’t have the curtain? The DCL website seems to indicate that they all have it.

  21. Abigail Johnson

    I have noticed that the Castaway Club gift has included mugs recently. Do you know if this is for all levels?

  22. Jaclyn

    Any idea when the Princess Tea Party is held? Since it is a private paid event I haven’t seen it on any Navigators. I’ve looked at. Headed on this itineary for our 2nd cruise in Sept 🙂 enjoy!!!

    1. Stella Brewer

      hi Jaclyn! We are on the 8/27 sailing for this itinerary and the tea is Day 2 at Sea and Day 6 at sea. BUT, bookable on-line along with the ticketed meet & Greets (princesses and Frozen) and the Disney Jr character bfast.

      1. Jaclyn

        Thanks Stella! A friend is going over July 4, and theirs is Day 3 so interesting to know! Guess I’ll see when my booking window opens 🙂

  23. Lauren

    Hi Scott – when you enter Port Canaveral terminal parking area you mentioned dropping off your bags before you parked. Can you explain where that is? We were there in May and parked for the first time, I don’t remember seeing somewhere you could drop off your bags. We took all of our bags with us to the second floor entrance and security took them from us there before we crossed the bridge into the terminal. Is there a way to avoid having to take all of our big bags with us from the car?

    Thanks for a great blog!


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