Trip Log Day 3: 7-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise on Disney Fantasy – Sea

Trip log, day three. At Sea.
7-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise from Port Canaveral
June 20, 2016
Day 3 – Personal Navigator

Disney Fantasy Day 3 2016 06 20

A new day that started by being woken up by my weekday alarm that I forgot to turn off. Emily was already at the gym. She was the first one in when it opened at 5:55am. Just before 7am, Isabelle and I walked up to the pool deck so she could join in her mom in some morning yoga while I fought with DCL’s website to check this week’s special offers.

DCL’s website is free to browse once connected to the DCL-Guest wifi hotspot without logging in, but it is terribly SLLLLOOOOWWWWWW compared to other sites that are loading fine. I felt like I was dealing with Flash at Zootopia DMV.

Morning Yoga

Anyway, while they were doing yoga, I spent my time between a table poolside and the Cove Cafe. After yoga, we had a quick breakfast on deck from Cabanas. After a quick refresh, we returned to the pool deck. We arrived just in time for the first film of the day, Pinocchio. The plan for today was to enjoy the pool deck and that is what we did. Isabelle moved around from pool to pool and Mickey slide while enjoying the second film, Hercules.

A Sea Day On The Disney Fantasy

Emily went out of her way to Currents Bar to get the Yellow Bird, made fresh as it is sitting premade in vats at the pop up bars on deck.

Drink Of The Day Yellow Bird Premixed Vat Yellow Bird

For lunch, we had some pizza from Luigi’s and Isabelle grabbed some shrimp from Cabanas. Now this is just our opinion, but the pizza served from Pinocchio’s on the classics is far better than the stuff coming out of Luigi’s. Make that reason number 1998 why the classic are our favorite class of Disney Cruise ship.

Luigi's Pizza

Just before the noon announcements, we encountered a bit of a squall, but as the great Captain Ron one said, they come on ya fast and they leave ya fast. Seemed a bit coincidental we encounter the storm just about the time when lightning bolts fly in Hercules.

Hercules Lightning Storm

However, due to nearby lightning the pools and slides were closed for at least 45 minutes. Sure enough, the sun returned and the pools opened back up around 1-ish along with the start the third movie of the day, Tangled, which is a family favorite. In fact, Tangled to us is like how Frozen is to the masses. We love Tangled.

At Last We See The Light Tangled

By the time Tangled finished, our chairs were no longer in the shade so we decide to head back to the stateroom. Isabelle wanted to check out the Oceaneer Lab’s Monsters Inc Open “Mike” Night before dinner which started at 4:30.

Deck 9 Launderette

We filled our down time by taking showers, doing some laundry and watching Cool Runnings in the stateroom. Our Platinum Castaway Club gift was also delivered at this time.

Castaway Club Platinum Prosecco

Tonight’s dinner was the Crush show in Animator’s Palate.

Animator's Palate Pano

I had a great salad with chicken and walnuts with a cranberry dressing.

Animator's Palate Chicken And Walnut Salad

Emily ordered the black truffle pasta purseittes which she shared with Isabelle and Darko returned with another serving for us all to share.

Animator's Palate Black Truffle Pasta Purseittes

Isabelle and Emily both went the the vegetarian option, the Black Bean Chipotle Cakes. I had the Lemon-Thyme Marinated Chicken breast.

Animator's Palate Black Bean Chipotle Cakes Animator's Palate Lemon Thyme Marinated Chicken Breast

For dessert, we each ordered something different. Isabelle decided she just wanted some chocolate ice cream.

Animator's Palate Cookies N Cream Sundae Animator's Palate White Chocolate Fudge Cheesecake

Em ordered the cookies n cream sundae and I went with the white chocolate fudge cheesecake. The rotational Animator’s Palate menu is not one of our favorites.

After dessert, we experienced the end of the Crush show.

Our big event for the evening was the magic workshop in the Tube with Magic Dave. This was a fun time. Magic Dave does a terrific job!

Magic Dave Magic Workshop

Tomorrow is our first port day and we have one of the first port adventure departures, so we called it a night and finished watching Cool Runnings in the stateroom.

Towel Animal The Good Dinosaur

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13 Replies to “Trip Log Day 3: 7-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise on Disney Fantasy – Sea”

  1. David

    Hi Scott, Interested to understand how it works with immigration entering the British and US Virgin Islands? When we last cruised on Disney from the USA many years ago we had to hand in our British passports and then go through a process at each port to get the passports back and present to immigration before they cleared the ship? This was a complete and utter nightmare and indeed partly ruined and wasted our time. Please tell me this doesnt happen anymore although i realise that your experience is as a US citizen. Kind regards.

    1. Rosaline

      You never take your passport out of your safe. Your Key to the World ID card is all you need to leave and get back on the ship.

  2. Nancy O

    Hey Scott! My husband and I are cruising this September (7-nite Western Caribbean) for only the second time (first was 31 yrs ago in 1985 on Disney’s Premier Royale Ship). Things will be a lot different this time I know! You mentioned laundry in your blog today and I was wondering about that? Is it easy enough to find an empty washer/dryer since we’re not concierge guests – just 5A category. We’re a bit worried about being overwhelmed with crowds – The Fantasy seems like it’s a huge ship! I talked my husband into this vacation so I’m really hoping we will find comfy places on board to relax, and also that we won’t have to overpack since it’ll be more than a week. We have a Palo and Remy dinner scheduled so those will be highlights I’m sure!! We’ll also spend a couple days at WDW before the cruise. Any tips for us oldsters?

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Nancy, It is fairly easy to find places to relax and avoid the crowds. However, if you plan to attend the shows or events in the atrium then expect to deal with crowds. The adult only areas are typically very quite. In fact, I was very surprised how quite it was around Satellite Falls (Deck 14 FWD). There are plenty of nice padded lounge chairs and seats in the Quiet Cove. Plus, our favorite place, the lounge chairs on deck 4!

      I am not sure if there are any benefits for concierge guests with regard to laundry. We’ve never sailed in a concierge stateroom. It can be a crap shoot when it comes to looking for open washers and dryers. It is much easier to find open machines on the Dream & Fantasy, but you may need to try a couple locations depending on when you choose to do laundry. Here is a post with info on the onboard laundry that I’d suggest reading over. On this cruise we used the laundry on two different days. One day, it was full, but I tried a bit later and there were open washers.

      1. Nancy O

        Thank you so much Scott, for the reply and link to the article about everything laundry/drycleaning on board the DCL! I’m taking all of your advice – ordered the 3 in 1 sheets, & will have the ship do our dry-cleaning right after we board for our Remy and Palo dinners! I’ve emailed the link to your article to the other folks in our party who’ll be sailing for the first time as well. So excited to be sailing in September on the Fantasy! Thanks again for your helpful blog and fun trip reports.

  3. walt

    I THINK (not sure) some port requires another ID, like a drivers license along with your Key to the World ID card . But I agree that you should never take you passport off the ship. What do you think Scott. By the way thanks for the picture of the Black Bean Chipotle Cakes. I always wonder what it look like. I tries to discipline myself to control my weight. The vegetarian options helps out.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      We keep our passports in our safe unless we are required to turn them over onboard as we did last year in Europe. You can alway make a photo copy of your passport to keep with you onshore, but I would check to see if a photocopy is acceptable to the port security to reboard the ship.

  4. Sarah T

    So, without entering an account, you can use the DCL website? That makes total sense to me, but it hasn’t worked for me before. I always thought that is how it SHOULD be. I mean, for them it essentially means people want to experience more of the product, right?

  5. Jill Schorr

    We are sailing the Fantasy on 7/2 when it does its Eastern itinerary again. Your trip log has been so helpful! I am hoping Magic Dave will be on our cruise in 2 weeks as well. We saw him when we were last on the Fantasy 2 years ago and he is great!

  6. Linda Walker

    Not as important as the passport conversation but I totally agree with you about the pizza on the classic ships!

  7. Wendy Prater

    We’re booked for Spring Break on the Dream, but after this Alaskan cruise (our first time on the Wonder) – we’re thinking about switching! I loved the smaller ship, less crowds, more interaction with the crew, and Jamezy! We’re torn. 🙂 We would be giving up a 5E stateroom with the big aft verandah if we switched!

    –edited to remove actual stateroom number.


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