What the Port Calendars Have Told Us About Late 2014 Itineraries and Beyond

Thanks to the help of the Funchal & Villefrancehe, St Maarten, Jamaica, and Grand Cayman port schedules, we now have a general idea what the future may hold for the Dream, Magic, Fantasy, and Wonder in 2014 and 2015. Before we get too far along, it is important for me to point out (and for you to keep in mind while reading over this article) that this is all speculative as it relies on third party information as well as some assumptions. All port schedules referenced are published on the respective port websites and are available for anyone to view.

Estimated Ship Deployment 2014 - 2015

Disney Dream

Disney Cruise Line's Disney Dream • Sun Kissed Dream

The Dream is really not hard to pin point; she is the the cash cow of Disney Cruise Line, sailing the three and four-night cruises to the Bahamas. With Port Canaveral’s proximity to Walt Disney World and the lure of Castaway Cay, it is an easy add on to any Walt Disney World vacation. I think it is is safe to say these two itineraries will continue.

Disney Fantasy

Disney Fantasy in St. Maarten

The Fantasy also appears to be holding her position alternating between 7-night Eastern and Western Caribbean sailings. The one exception appears to come in the Summer of 2014, when the Fantasy appears to drop Costa Maya in favor of Falmouth, Jamaica on her Western Caribbean sailings.

Disney Wonder

Disney Cruise Line's Disney Wonder versus the Flying Dutchman

The Wonder is not that easy to pin down in the Summer of 2014. One would expect a Westbound Panama Canal cruise followed by sailings in Alaska, but there is not much evidence to base this on other than a business filing with the State of Alaska. Keep in mind that Disney has a 2 year contract with Miami that includes 41 calls in 2014.  Currently, there are 25 scheduled calls out of Miami from January through April.  If we look at the Fall of 2013 for comparison there are 17 sailings which if brought forward would total 42 calls (less one based on how the calendar falls) in 2014.    Along with the information provided by the Grand Cayman calendar, we could see the Wonder sailing in the Caribbean during the Fall of 2014, as well as the Winter/Spring 2015.   The Wonder does reappear in the Caribbean during the Fall of 2015, where will she be during the summer months would be anyone’s guess right now. For now based on history, I’ll pencil her in for Alaska.

Disney Magic

Disney Magic at Castaway Cay HDR

The Magic is a bit easier to place based on the port calendars we’ve explored. It is pretty much a sure thing that she will be undergoing a major overhaul this fall. On our last cruise, one of the Officers mentioned to us during the Castaway Club reception that the top decks were going to be ripped off and that the Imagineers had a few ideas they were tossing around. The Magic is listed on a couple European port calendars so it is quite likely she will return to Europe in 2014. Currently, there is a gap in her port calls in the Mediterranean, but a few months ago there were some Northern European Ports shown in some of the slideshows. This could indicate a return of the Northern European Capitals itineraries. After her return from Europe in the Fall of 2014, it looks based again on the Grand Cayman calendar that she will be sailing in the Caribbean. The Magic may add those briefly shown Southern Caribbean ports of St Lucia, St Croix and Aruba. The Summer and Fall of 2015 are up in the air. I could go based on history that the Magic has not sailed to Europe in back-to-back years. This could open up the door for another round of New York sailings before heading back to the Caribbean to finish out year, but we are venturing into new territory as Disney continues to see what works. I know many of you would love to see her back in New York City, but for now we will just have to wait and see.

Magic/Wonder 2014 Swap

I’ve mentioned this before, and I continue feel that the Magic and Wonder might do a switcheroo in the Summer of 2014 sending the Wonder to Europe.  With the Magic headed to dry dock this year, it is plausible that the Wonder would undergo a very similar overhaul at the same facility.  It would make sense financially to have a deal with the same facility for both ships.  From a production standpoint, it is much easier and cheaper to build similar parts back to back rather than a year apart.

Looking Forward

When will the rest of the itineraries be released for 2014 and maybe even 2015? That is a great question. I have heard that we could see some sort of an announcement in February, but with DCL, a mystery always awaits……..

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  1. Lisa

    Can’t wait for the December 2014 itineraries for The Fantasy. Christmas Cruise is the best. Is there away to get email sent to me when they post them or do you have to keep checking. Found the earlier you book is the best price you will get.

      1. Lisa

        Any suggestions on room choices? Have stayed in 6550 on the Wonder and 10100 on the Fantasy. Heard about and read about 9674 . What are advantages. And disadvantages. I have a dummy booking right now waiting for Christmas 2014. Waiting for that first day to book. Any word when hey will post that yet.


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