Bienvenido a Miami – Miami Approves 2-year Contract with Disney Cruise Line

The Miami-Dade County Economic Development & Social Services Committee approved a two-year operating contract with Disney Cruise Line last week. The contract is expected to generate $4.8 million for Port Miami. The full commission unanimously approved the contract on Tuesday.

“Finally, welcome Disney cruise,” said Committee Chair Rebeca Sosa after the contract passed the committee 4-0.

Regardless, there will be 2014 Disney Cruises from the Port of Miami!

Looking into the details of contract Disney Cruise Line has confirmed 29 calls in 2013 and 41 in 2014.

For 2012/13 there will be a $20.76 per passenger port fee.

The initial agreement is for 2-years, but Disney has an option for 2 additional one year terms.

This Agreement provides Disney with berthing rights to Terminal F while providing the Port a minimum annual guarantee of no less than 100,000 Passenger Movements each fiscal year throughout the term of the Agreement.

Despite the above minimum annual guarantee, the volume of ship calls Disney has confirmed (29 calls in FY 2013 and 41 calls in FY 2014) is expected to generate more than 377,000 passengers and approximately $4.8 million of revenue to the Port over its initial two (2) year term.

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