Disney Cruise Line’s Website Points to New European Ports of Call

It looks like there will be some new ports of call for future European cruises.  Last night, I provided a look at some new Caribbean Ports of Call on Disney Cruise Line’s website.  These new European  ports are not listed individually on DCL’s site, but embedded in the flash slideshows just like the new Caribbean ports.

  • Maderia, Portugal
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Cadiz, Spain
  • Copenhagen, Denmark

 Madeira, Portugal

 Lisbon, Portugal

Cadiz, Spain

I’ve speculated before the Magic may end up in Cadiz for her major 2013 dry dock.

Copenhagen, Denmark

DCL New European Ports - Copenhagen Denmark

These are not new ports of call for Disney, as they have been included in a few repositioning itineraries in the past.  However, it is appears more and more likely that DCL is preparing their website for a batch of new itineraries for 2014.

Let me know if you notice any additional ports listed.

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  1. Jandyson

    I have been in all of those Ports by Cruise Ship. So beautiful places to visit. Can’t wait to be there by Disney Cruise Line as crew member as well. Madeira Island, we have Funchal city. Lisbon we have the opportunity to return more than 500 years of its history. Cadiz, beautiful beaches and in Copenhagen, maybe IceBar, why not?!


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