Disney Magic’s 2013 Dry Dock Will Be in Europe, But Where???

Gibralter Booking Calendar 2013

Previously, I wrote about the [Disney_Magic]’s expected September 2013 dry dock based on an itinerary gap following her last 2013 Mediterranean cruise. I recently discovered a port reservation for the Magic at the Port of Gibraltar on October 14, 2013.  If this reservation is accurate, that would place the Magic in dry dock between September 8, 2013 and October 13, 2013, at a European shipyard. 

My initial assumption, was that the Magic would be headed to Italy to a Fincantieri shipyard as early as September 7, 2013.  This was partially based on rumors, and that the Magic was originally built by Fincantieri in 1998.  For a major rehab it would make sense to use the original shipbuilder. Fincantieri’s Palermo shipyard is one of the leading centers for cruise ship repair and refurbishment in the central Mediterranean region. Not to mention, the proximity of the shipyard to Barcelona and the ability to accommodate the size of the Magic in graving dock #4. However, recent rumors point to Cadiz, Spain.

After the approximate 5 week refurbishment the Magic will sail to Gibraltar at the latest, October 13, 2013.

From Gibraltar, the Magic, would then have just enough time, 6 days, to make her West Bound Transatlantic crossing (crew only) to begin sailing out of the Port of Miami on October 20, 2013.

Disney Magic | Possible September – October 2013 Itinerary

Disney Magic September October 2013 Calendar

Estimated timetable

9/7/2013Barcelona, Spain
9/8/2013At Sea
9/9/2013 – 10/12/2013Dry Dock – Cadiz, Spain
10/13/2013At Sea
10/15/2013At Sea
10/16/2013At Sea
10/17/2013At Sea
10/18/2013At Sea
10/19/2013At Sea
10/20/2013Miami, FL

What do you think about this possible scenario?  Agree, disagree?

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  1. travelonadream

    Rumors that I have heard are that the dry dock will be in Cadiz, Spain. Not sure why they would go to Gibraltar after that though. I will be on the first sailing after dry dock though to see all the changes!


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