Alaska in 2014?

Earlier this month, Disney unveiled about half of the 2014 itineraries. The apparent wild cards of the fleet, the Magic & Wonder, itineraries end around May leaving the summer wide open for speculation. The most asked question I’ve received over the past few weeks is what about an Alaskan cruise in 2014?

I did a bit of research and found a business license issued to Magical Cruise Company by the State of Alaska on 4/25/2011. A closer look reveals that it was recently renewed on October 30, 2012 and is valid through
December 31, 2014.

Alaskan Business License Details 2014

Does this mean for sure Disney Cruise Line will sail to Alaska in 2014? Not really, but the paperwork for Disney Cruise Line to operate as a business in Alaska is in place through 2014.

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