Disney Dream Remy Dinner Review

The following review of Remy, the adult only restaurant aboard the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy is based on our dinner aboard the Dream in October 2018. I mentioned in our trip report that this dinner was the best Remy dinner experience to date with a recently changed menu that deserved a proper review. Well, I let the review slip a bit and after Disney Cruise Line announced a price increase for the experience, I figured it was time to sit down and share our opinion on our most recent dinner at Remy.

Remy offers guests a special culinary experience crafted by Chef Scott Hunnel from Victoria & Alberts at Walt Disney World and 3-star Michelin chef, Arnauld Lallement whose restaurant, l’Assiette Champenoise, is located near Reims, France. He is also a fun follow on Instagram, but I should warn you, his food pictures are intoxicating.

Remy Brunch - Remy - Crystal Sculpture

Reservations are required and there is a strict dress code. Men are required to wear a jacket, a dress shirt, dress pants, and shoes. However, ties are optional. Ladies are required to wear a cocktail dress, evening dress, pantsuit or skirt/blouse. Jeans, shorts, capri pants, sandals, flip-flops, and tennis shoes are not permitted. The dress code is actually enforced, we’ve seen guests told return to their stateroom to change and other times given a jacket to wear. I am simply pointing this out because dress codes elsewhere on the ships are rarely enforced and I suspect the Remy and to some extent Palo dress codes are often ignored when packing for a cruise.

Remy Violinist

We were seated in the corner booth, which we love, offering a full view to the sea and a front row seat for the concert. It is always a treat when a violinist is on hand to perform a few songs to set the mood; here is a video from a previous cruise.

The complimentary Collete cocktail, prepared table side, continues to be the ceremonial start of the Remy dinner experience.

Remy Dinner Collette

It is one of the only mixed cocktails I approve of using Champagne in lieu of sparkling wine or Prosecco. It also doesn’t hurt that the Champagne, Taittinger Brut, used for the cocktail is the official Champagne of the Sanders Family.

Remy Dinner Collette

Collette Recipe
1/2 oz. Grey Goose VX
1/2 oz. Grand Marnier Paris Edition
4 oz. Taittinger La Française Brut NV
Cassis Pearls
Dried Pineapple Cubes
In a martini glass, place Cassis Pearls. Add champagne and vodka. Finish with dried pineapple cubes.

Our server for the evening, Jerome, presented us with a couple menus including the enhancement menu with caviar selections, Miyazaki Beef, and pairings.

Remy Dinner Menu October 2018 Remy Dinner Menu Extras October 2018

We were both a little undecided at first, so we took a look at the wine menu. I contemplated the idea of doing the wine pairing, but I keep going back to a prior recommendation to skip the pairing and just get a nice bottle.

Remy Wine Menu A October 2018

Remy Wine Menu B October 2018

I promise the actual menu onboard is not blurry. I really don’t know why I’m including this. Sorry.

Remy Wine Menu C October 2018

Duncan, the Sommelier on hand, presented the fancy wine menu.Remy Wine Book October 2018Ultimately, we each went with a glass of Taittinger Brut Prestige Rosé. A big part of this decision is that Remy dinner is a marathon and if you do not pace yourself, you will pass out in a food coma midway through the cheese cart.

Remy Dinner Taittinger Brut Prestige Rose

There are two primary menu options, Saveur from Chef Lallement, and Goût from Chef Hunnel. Additionally, there is a listing of a la carte options. As we have done in the past, we asked Jerome and the chef to surprise us based on our dietary preferences and allergy restrictions. It is fun not knowing what will be presented for each course.

The bread service was also changed up, rather than a basket of various bread left on the table, we were served a choice of bread from a tray. Additional bread was offered during the course of the evening and as you’d expect, available upon request.

Remy Dinner Bread Service

The first round featured a two pairs of canapés, Foie gras, and cauliflower with lime zest. The cauliflower canapés were incredible and I forgot all about the Tomato Soup Cube that has been a staple of Remy dinner.

Remy Dinner Canapes

Up next was a crisp and cream parsnip amuse-bouche. The wonderful punch of lime was right up my alley. 

Remy Dinner Amuse Bouche Remy Dinner Amuse BoucheThe King Crabe dish featured King Crab in a cabbage wrap with a delicious sauce added at the table.

Remy Dinner Crab Cabbage

The gnocchi! The gnocchi accompanied with wine sauce and spinach crisps literally melted in my mouth.

Remy Dinner Gnocchi

Chef Hunnel’s lobster was accompanied by beets.

Remy Dinner Lobster

The Sable Fish, also from Hunnel’s Goût menu, was poached in olive oil with fennel ravioli with a Pernod cream sauce. 

Remy Dinner Sable FishThe Flétan AKA halibut was served with a lovely onion sauce.

Remy Dinner Halibut

Poulet Rouge served with mushrooms. True story, I dislike mushrooms, they are one of the foods I typically refuse to eat. Yet, at Remy, I just eat them.

Remy Dinner Poulet Rouge Chicken

When the lamb arrived the dish was described as a fireworks of flavors. Incredible! Parsnips spinach purée dots, citrus, and rosemary! That description was spot on!

Remy Dinner Lamb

Plateau de Fromages!!! Remy gets me. If you love cheese, this is the cart for you. While the dinner menu receives updates on a regular basis, the cheese cart offerings remain relatively unchanged.

Remy Dinner Cheese CartIn addition to the cheese are some dried fruits and honey.Remy Dinner Cheese Remy Dinner CheeseBread crisps are also provided to accompany the cheeses.
Remy Dinner Crispbread

Now, it’s time for the red napkin, the telltale sign dessert is on the way.

Remy Dinner Dessert Red Napkin

There are two desserts on the Remy dinner menu, one from each chef. The best course of action when dining at Remy is to make sure you try both because they are just as delicious as they are good looking.

This evening the desserts featured were Banana and Miel.

Remy Dinner Dessert Banana

The Miel (honey) dessert was incredible. Who doesn’t love eating gold.

Remy Dinner Dessert Miel Honey

Time for the bonus round of desserts. The tarts were beyond flavorful and the fruit roll ups were nice and tart. 

Remy Dinner Tarts Remy Dinner TartsPro tip, by this time of the Remy dinner experience you may want to hold off on eating the chocolates. Focus on the perishable items and save the chocolates for a stateroom treat later in the cruise. Alternatively, you could just eat them if you are so inclined.

Remy Dinner Fruit Rolls ChocolateTime to pay the piper. As I mentioned earlier, this dinner was in October, well before the recent price increase. For the sake of keeping this a current post, I am going to pretend we paid $125 each instead of the previous $95 charge for Remy dinner.

Remy Dinner Final Bill

In 2016, when the price was increased $10 to $95 I made the following statement:

Remy dinner has increased $20 in the last two years following a $10 increase in April 2015. I still feel dinner is worth the price if you enjoy fine dining, but the Champagne Brunch now at $90 (including the pairing) is now borderline leaning to not worth it on a regular basis. For more on the Remy experiences check out episode 13 of the Disney Cruise Line Blog Podcast.

After last week’s $30 price increase at Remy, I did not share my opinion. In part because I wasn’t sure how I felt. The price change for Emily and I means it will now run us $60 more for Remy dinner. The level of detail, quality of food, and service have always been excellent at all of the Remy experiences. This was hands down our best Remy dinner experience to date and I would have no qualms about paying another $60 for the dinner experience. The increase may change my mind regarding the additional glasses of Champagne and sparking water, however. We have also brought our own bottle of Taittinger and paid the corking fee, which is less than purchasing 2 glasses of champagne, and I believe that we will do that on our next cruise.

I did a little research, I wanted to see how the menu and prices compared to l’Assiette Champenoise. Lallement’s Saveur menu runs 185 Euros that’s approximately $211 USD. For a dinner experience curated by a 3-star Michelin chef, I think $125 is a fantastic deal.

Food, prices, favorite ship. This is all subjective and so is this review of Remy. I will say, that even with the recent price increase, I still highly recommend Remy dinner & we will continue to dine there when cruising the Dream & Fantasy.

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9 Replies to “Disney Dream Remy Dinner Review”

  1. scrappinginontario

    This sounds truly amazing and something I would love to treat myself to once. May I ask how long a dinner seating at Remy normally takes? Are you welcome to take your time, space out the meal and enjoy it over a couple of hours or do they move things along pretty quickly in order to turn over the tables?

    1. Melissa S.

      Never dined at Remy…but our server at Palo on our last Fantasy cruise told us that tables at Remy are not turned. Your table is yours for the evening…you may linger as long as you like. (This could be dated information, as that was late 2015…)

  2. walter

    I believe that it is just Palo, somewhere around 2 hours, even though they don’t rush you. That should be enough time to enjoy yourselves fully.

  3. David

    Oh wow, thanks for the post. We’ll be going to Remy’s next month on our second Disney cruise (Fantasy). It was all booked the first time so we were able to get in with our earlier registration. I wasn’t planning on taking my suit but after reading this I think I better. I hadn’t thought about the dress code for Remy (was only thinking about the Captains dinner). These courses look amazing. Thanks for the post and all the great pictures!

  4. Bill

    We have enjoyed Remy in 2018 October, Fantasy, Halloween cruise. Two questions: how do you illuminate your food shots? The lighting seems to be opposite the camera, not a flash, and high key as if shot in daylight not dinner light. Second, we are cruising the same cruise this October. What menu ideas would you recommend or, should we try Palo?

    Many thanks and best regards.


    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Hi Bill, I am using available light and pulling as much out of the shadows as I can in Lightroom. Since transitioning from my trusty D300 to a Sony Alpha 6000, I’ve been able to bring life to otherwise unusable shots. If you are asking me to pick between Remy and Palo, I’d go with Remy. With the seasonal menu changes there is always some surprises whereas, Palo’s menu remains pretty much the same.


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