Palo and Remy Prices to Increase Fleetwide in Late April

In late April, the price for Remy and Palo will be increased across the Disney Cruise Line fleet. Remy dinner will increase $10 to $85. Remy Brunch will increase $5 to $55. Palo dinner and brunch will increase $5 to $30 per person. These price increase will roll out beginning with the Disney Magic on April 19th, Disney Dream on April 20th, Disney Wonder on April 22nd and finally the Disney Fantasy on April 25th.

Guests who previously reserved a Remy or Palo reservation prior to the effective date of this change, April 17, 2015 will be charged the previous rates. 

At this time, only the service charge is increasing at Palo and Remy, not the pairing prices. 

 In addition to the adult dining price increases, the First Mate and Empress Pirate League packages will increases from $34.95 to $39.95.

Thank you Travel on a Dream for alerting us to these changes.

7 Replies to “Palo and Remy Prices to Increase Fleetwide in Late April”

  1. Pete

    Wow, quite the increase. Sad to see this happen I now find it way too much to justify Remy. Just to clarify that we are sailing the Fantasy on May 9th and had already booked Palo so they’ll honor the $25 pp?

  2. Keith

    My wife and I have enjoyed Palo each of the three times we have been and also enjoyed the one time we ate at Remy. Both feature excellent service and excellent food but the issue is we didn’t enjoy Remy $110 more than we enjoyed Palo. I realize next to the total price of the cruise itself this difference is miniscule but to me >$100 is real money — even on vacation!
    Our plan is to continue to eat at Palo most cruises with an occasional splurge trip to Remy.

  3. Katie

    I’m glad we had already reserved our dinners at Palo and Remy. Unless it’s the most amazing meal I’ve ever had in my life, it will probably be the one and only time we go to Remy. I’ve been waffling over canceling the reservation as it is, since the vacation is already costing a small fortune. Now I think I’ll just keep it, since it will only cost more in the future. Very disappointing though.

    1. Keith


      Although I am by no means an expert on this I thought I’d share my opinion based on the 4 Disney cruises we have been on.
      1. If you are on a 3 or 4 night cruise on Dream I would say just do Remy. If you are doing a 7 night on Fantasy doing both is fine.
      2. I say do Remy because it really is a great experience everyone should do at least once in their life. Palo is a great dinner – you won’t be disappointed – but really isn’t an amazing experience you can’t have at another similar restaurant at home. Another point to consider is that Remy is only on Dream and Wonder while Palo is on all four ships. Having done Palo on both Dream and Wonder I didn’t really see any huge differences so if you think your next cruise might be on Magic or Wonder definitely do Remy this one.
      3. I said above that doing both on a 7 night cruise is fine – but I’m not sure I would describe it as a great idea (and again this is my opinion – I am sure there are many others who disagree) because that means two dinners away from the normal rotation. On some cruises this might not be a bad thing but on Disney I think it is. The main dining room rotation is a great part of the cruise experience we always really enjoy. The food, service, décor are always great and even though you “repeat” dining rooms there is always a different menu each time you eat there so you don’t have to worry about running out of great new dishes to try.



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