Remy Dinner Review

Recently, we had dinner at Remy, one of the two adult-only restaurants aboard the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.  We booked a cruise on the Disney Dream on short notice (only 3 days prior to the sailing) and there were plenty of openings at Remy to select when we looked online.  We selected the first seating on day 2 of the 4-night Dream cruise.  An invitation was delivered to our stateroom with a reminder of the dress code.  While you maybe allowed to wear shorts in the main dining rooms, the dress code for Remy dinner is well defined as well as enforced.  Men are required to wear a jacket with dress pants and shoes. A tie is optional. Women are required to wear a cocktail or evening dress, a pant suit, or skirt.  Jeans, shorts, capri pants, sandals, flip-flops, and tennis shoes are not permitted.

Remy Dinner Invitation

We arrived early for dinner and sat outside on the open deck of Meridian enjoying a glass of Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio wine that was purchased at Meridian while overlooking Nassau.

Just around 6 o’clock, we were escorted into Remy past the $25,000 bottle of Château Cheval Blanc 1947.
This is the same wine that food critic Anton Ego orders in the Disney•Pixar movie Ratatouille. Pop in your DVD or Blu-ray and fast forward to the 86 minute mark to get Anton’s perspective on the matter.

Anton Ego Ratatouille Chateau Cheval Blanc 1947

There is also a very large bottle of Ratatouille wine welcoming guests when entering the restaurant.

Our dinner began with a complementary specialty cocktail, the Colette. The version of the Colette prepared for us table side by Nabil, was made with mint, raspberry, dried apricot, a shot of Absolute Pear infused with fresh mint and finished with Taittinger champagne.

We were seated at an amazing booth tucked in the corner which offered an excellent view of Nassau and more importantly, the evening’s sunset.

The plates in Remy are just as detailed as the restaurant itself…

Remy Plate Details

The Remy logo is featured on the backs of the chairs circles the plate.

Our server Olivier returned to our table with what would be the first of many surprises, an Amuse-Bouche (bite-size hors d’œuvre) in the form of a deep fried tomato soup cube.  I kid you not, there is liquid tomato soup inside the deep fried outer shell.  This must be eaten in one bite otherwise you will have soup all over your clothes.  This is one of those unique items that is difficult to describe; it must be tried to really appreciate the uniqueness of this offering. It is truly delicious.

Next up, was the bread service with a selection of breads served with some butter and coarse sea salt.

Following Olivier’s suggestion, we topped the bread with the butter and salt for one of those sweet and salty combinations. I will caution you not to fill up on bread.  If you are hungry, just wait, there are many more courses ahead.

It was now time to order the rest of our dinner. During our Remy Champagne Brunch on the Disney Fantasy, our server suggested that when we returned for dinner we should each order from opposite sides of the menu and share. The idea was to sample both Lallement’s Saveur and Hunnel’s Goût menu offerings.

However, after looking over the menu, we decided to decided to go off the grid and let Olivier select each course for us based on a few guidelines. My wife requested no beef or pork and lots of fish, while I requested no shellfish since I am allergic. We felt Olivier as well as the Chef and his team would not steer us wrong. Look at that; we just ordered dinner like Anton Ego – sans wine.

Olivier returned with a Foie Gras Siphon with a few macadamia nuts.  We were instructed to eat from the bottom up to experience all the levels of flavor at once. The macadamia nuts provided an added burst of flavor to the foam.

Homard (Lobster) is servered as a tail claw atop lemon curd. My wife thought this was truly delectable.

Poulet Rouge (chicken) was served atop a bed of green apples and with a garnish of jicama and a crisp of chicken skin. The chicken was excellently prepared with the green apples offing a unique flavor with each bite.

Cioppino seafood dish featured a scallop, mussel, and fennel. My wife felt that the depth of flavors was absolutely second-to-none. The seafood was prepared perfectly and each thing complemented the other.

Oxtail Ravioli with bing cherry, and candied bell pepper short rib was very flavorful.

Remy Oxtail Ravioli
Remy Oxtail Ravioli

As you can see, the ravioli was amply filled with the short rib.

Black cod atop a rhubarbe was one of my wife’s favorites. The tartness of the rhubarb paired perfectly with the buttery flaky fish. Delicious!

Bœuf Wagyu (beef) served with three flavorful cheese deconstructed ravioli.

The beef was served as ordered and extremely flavorful.

The cheese cylinders had an incredible burst of sharp cheddar flavor. Coupled together with the beef… wow! I typically avoid beef, but I’m glad I did not pass on this dish, it was my favorite of the night!

Just when you think it is time for dessert, the Plateau de Fromages (a selection of cheese) arrives table side!

Going with our theme, we just went with Olivier suggestion on which cheeses to sample, which was a sample of each cheese. We will in fact try any cheese, even strong cheeses. My wife enjoyed the brie on the cherry bread with a dollop of the fruited jam, but her favorite was the goat cheese. I am usually always going to choose parmesan or a cheese in its family. The blue cheese was also very delicious and flavorful.
If given a choice, I would choose a cheese plate for dessert instead of the sweets, but when in Remy, just go with the flow and enjoy both. For our dessert a lovely red napkin embroidered with a gold Remy R was delivered.

We were both served the same dessert featuring an delightful chocolate mousse cake with a white chocolate eyelash, raspberries, and gelato.

Remy Chocolat Dessert Plate

I’d suggest starting with the gelato before it melts. The gelato was chocolate with a subtle hint of orange and was light and out of this world!

I am not typically a chocolate guy, but this is a chocolate dessert I’d order again in a heartbeat. It is best when all 3 flavors are eaten together; the cake, white chocolate eyelash, and part of a raspberry. Absolutely incredible and who doesn’t love a little gold leaf with dessert.

Guess what? There is even more dessert! A basket of assorted caramels and nougats arrived first with sweet cinnamon bread sticks……

……..followed by a tray of goodies similar to that served during Remy’s Champagne Brunch. The two Remy lollipops were lime and my favorite, orange!

The attention to detail runs deep, the chocolates are adorned with the Remy logo.

By now you might be wondering, how much does dinner at Remy cost? As I mentioned earlier, the Colette is complementary and dinner is $75 per person. There is an optional wine pairing available for an extra $99 per person. Of note, length of dinner varies. We did not rush, but we did not dawdle and we were there between an hour and a half and 2 hours. Some people report dinner up to 3 hours long, but that was not our experience.

As a parting gift, Olivier packaged up our remaining desserts and presented my wife a red rose and box of chocolates. Sure, it was a gamble to let Olivier select each course, but it was a gamble that paid off! If you are a picky eater, Remy might not be for you in first place. Remy requires an open mind and a willingness to try anything. I have to admit, I am a guy that has come a long way and use to be a very, very picky eater. However, I have opened my palate immensely and am glad that I did. I have truly enjoyed all of the new flavor adventures that I have been exposed to and can not wait until our next cruise, where we have Remy brunch booked again!

You can read another mini review of Remy Dinner from our October 2015 sailing on the Disney Dream.

15 Replies to “Remy Dinner Review”

  1. Lucy

    Did your deconstructed ravioli (in the Wagyu beef dish) have the chourico foam too? What an amazing combination that was!

  2. Rob Stevens

    The dinner we had at Remy on our honeymoon was a definite highlight of our trip. We were somewhat disappointed booking our new cruise to find out that it would be the Magic, not the Fantasy, on that itinerary … we were looking forward to another unforgettable meal at Remy! It is absolutely worth the cost.

  3. Parlene

    Thank you for all the details in your review. We sail on the Fantasy in January 2014 and I am in a state of constant anticipation of our dinner at Remy.

  4. Traci

    Love these reviews. Would you recommend Remy for brunch or dinner if we have never tried it? I loved Palo (the sea bass and soufflé were exceptional). I am assuming I can still get that even with the menu change at Palo. Trying to decide which ones to book next trip. Thank you so much!

  5. Brian harper

    Having sailed on disney four times now and enjoyed countless wonder meals at palo we were looking forward to remy. Our first impression was amazing, simply beautiful but that’s where it ended. Our service was good but to over the top and more concerned with telling you why they were so outstanding. Then came the wine selection, we order a bottle in the range of $175.00 dollars and were made to feel cheap by the staff from that point on (although we were the only guest that even order a bottle of wine). The food was good but not outstanding. Finally dessert and the cheese tray which both were amazing (you could smell the cheese from a mile away and was some of the best we have ever enjoyed). After 3hrs and almost $400.00 later we were done. If you like a stuffy atmosphere with arrogance then this is the place for you if not palo is a much better choice.

    1. louie

      Couldn’t agree more….we experienced the same arrogance on August 29th, 2014. They were appalled we brought our own wine in and agreed to $20 corkage…apparently our wine selection was inadequate

  6. Michael

    Remy is a fantastic formal and Fine Dining experience at sea. The style of service and cuisine is what you would expect from a high end French restaurant. If that style of food and experience is not your cup of tea, or you are the type to be easily intimidated by fine dining formalities, then feel free to enjoy any of the other varied dining options on board. I’ve always found the staff to be wonderfully knowledgeable, well trained and fantastic for that environment. I’ve dined there several times in the last 3 years and cannot wait to return next month…with my own bottle of wine.

  7. Russ

    OMG.. I’m so glad someone else thinks the same we do..
    We had brunch on the Fantasy in October 2014…
    We were not allowed to sit down at out assigned time, we had to wait on other guests from the cruise..
    We were herded into a wine room where we were told how great they were.. over and over..
    The wine steward was talking so fast, that you could not understand him..
    When we were able to sit down.. it was a set menu.. (for $50 .. not one choice allowed)
    Since we did not order wine.. we were left with a glass of water.. No question from the waitress if there was something else we would like to drink..
    When the main course came.. the pork was over cooked.. Sorry.. but it was tough to chew..
    I did not complain.. I just didn’t eat it.. The waitress asked why I was not eating.. and I was very nice, and told her the meat was over cooked.. but no worries,.
    She came back in an moment, and told me the chef said .. “It was a special hog, that was very fat free, so the meat was not meant to be tender.. ” arrogance

    I did not send it back.. not my style.. but they seemed like I was strange for not going goo goo over there food..
    They did bring me a piece of beef then.. That was amazing..

    For me.. I think Palo’s food is better.. I think the prices from Remy and Palo should be switched. .
    I would pay double for Palo.. but only half for Remy,,

    Thanks for listening..

  8. Kurt

    We had dinner at Remy on the Fantasy last week and it was one of the best dinning experiences of my life, even better than Victoria & Albert the week earlier. The staff were very knowledgable, friendly (for the French), and not at all stuffy. Even when I asked for one of the less pricy Brandies with my dessert the sommelier was sympathetic and not at all judgemental. We both had the French menu and loved virtually all of the dishes although our favourite was the Foie Gras foam and macadamia nut cocktail. We will definitely be back the next time we are on the Fantasy or Dream!

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  10. Mark

    I have to say that it was not stuffy at all when we went there last week. The service was absolutely impeccable. There were certainly pro-French in their recommendations, but not to a negative point. In fact they did us right by talking us out of the American style caviar and into the French style of accompaniments. We had the Gout menu (American chef) and it was unbelievably good. The food was cooked perfectly and the sommelier recommended an amazing bottle of wine @ $90 that we thoroughly enjoyed. It was quite similar to the bottle of Gaja Promis 2010 I brought with us to be uncorked. The service, the food, and the non-ending gifts of food and a rose were great touches. Definitely get the caviar.


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