Recipe: Learn How to Make the Champagne Cocktail “Colette” Served at Remy

With the holidays fast approaching some of you, like myself, will be entertaining guests over the next couple months. With the help of Disney Cruise Line’s Food and Beverage Manager, Salah Chetbi, we can impress our guests by serving them the popular “Colette” Champagne Cocktail served exclusively at Remy onboard the Dream and Fantasy.

You will need some fresh blueberries, mint, dried apricot, Champagne, and pear-infused vodka.

Colette Champagne Cocktail Recipe

  • 1 whole blueberry
  • 1 mint leaf
  • 1 piece dried apricot
  • 5 oz. Champagne
  • 1 oz. pear-infused vodka

In a Champagne cup, place blueberry and mint leaf. Add Champagne and pear-infused vodka. Finish with a piece of dried apricot.
Fantasy Taittinger Dream AquaDuck
If you make this at home let me know how it turned out, and how close it came to the original.

4 Replies to “Recipe: Learn How to Make the Champagne Cocktail “Colette” Served at Remy”

  1. Warren

    Scott, in the past we could never get our Colette cocktails quite right. One of the things they left out of the video, was that they also add mint leaves to the vodka, 24 hours before serving. We found this out when we were on the Fantasy last month. Tired it when we got home & our creation tasted much better, except now we have a bottle of vodka with mint leaves in it. Love your blog, Thanks

  2. Jayne

    We just came off the Fantasy and had that cocktail. I swear they used dried pineapple and no blueberry. In any event it was delicious.

  3. Janet

    Had the Collette this past November and they used dried pineapple and pearls of cassis(which I couldn’t find anywhere except online for a small fortune) which I substituted with a tiny bit of of black currant jam. The vodka was plain Grey Goose and they also put in a splash of Grand Marnier.


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