Palo Champagne Brunch Review

Palo is an adult only restaurant that features a Northern Italian cuisine located on the topmost aft deck of all four Disney Cruise Line ships. The restaurant offers picturesque views from the majority of seats. On select days (typically a day at sea), Palo offers a Champagne brunch featuring a variety of signature pizzas, made-to-order entrees, seafood, a selection of international cheeses, fresh breads and pastries, desserts, champagne and mimosas.

Palo Booths

It had been a few cruises since we last enjoyed brunch at Palo, so we made sure to make reservations as soon as our booking window opened. We chose the first seating so we would still have room for dinner later!

Palo Brunch Stateroom Confirmation Card

The evening before, a note card was delivered to our stateroom to remind us of our reservation and included a reminder of the dress code. Brunch dress code is cruise casual. However, unlike the main dinning version of cruise casual, jeans, shorts, swimwear and/or tank tops are not permitted. We also received a phone call regarding the dress code in the event that we cannot read.

This was our second time dining in Palo on the Fantasy, but our first time for brunch. The restaurant still maintains an intimate setting like on the Classic ships, but goes a step further by providing additional space between tables resulting in a more intimate dining experience.

We were seated in the back corner in what our server referred to as the “honeymoon seats”, one of two booths for 2 facing the starboard windows.

Palo Brunch Drinks

The brunch began with a choice of a complimentary Mimosa or Prosecco (an Italian sparkling wine). In the past, a Kir Royale has also been an option, but not on this day.

Our wonderful server led us on a guided tour of the buffet, which is set up in the back room. She made it a point to shield me from the seafood table (shellfish allergy), and informed me that if I wanted any of the non-shellfish items to simply ask her and she would have a plate made up in the kitchen.

The brunch offerings were very similar to what we experienced previously on the Magic. We selected some items from the buffet and headed to our table.

Palo Brunch - Sticky Bun, Gargonzola Bread & Assorted Plate

The brunch is not just limited to the buffet; there are sample entrees and pizzas on display and will be made-to-order fresh just for you.

Palo Brunch - Pizzas

My wife and I ordered one pizza to share; half gorgonzola and grape, and half spicy sausage.

Palo Brunch - Entrees

The buffet and pizza would have been more than enough food, but I had to splurge. I love the chicken parmesan which is served on a bed of parmesan risotto; I could not pass up this dish. YUUUUMMMM!!!! Well worth the extra calories.

Palo Brunch - Chicken Parmesan

Since Emily did not order an entree and I put my order in late, I encouraged her to move on to the desserts without me. Emily created a wonderful plate of desserts to sample.

Palo Brunch - Desserts

I did pick up a peanut butter square and a cheesecake based on her recommendation to cap off brunch.

Palo Champagne Brunch is offered from 10 AM to 2 PM on select days for an additional charge of $20 per person. Alcoholic beverages, specialty coffees and additional gratuities are extra. Reservations are required. Do not worry if you are unable to secure a spot before you set sail; you may not be out of luck. On embarkation day, head up to the podium outside of Meridian on the Dream & Fantasy (or Rockin’ Bar D/Wavebands on the classic ships) for any available first come first serve openings. If you still find yourself without a reservation, check back during your cruise to see if there have been any cancellations.

Still not full?  Check out the Palo Brunch Leftovers (additional photos from previous brunches aboard the Magic & Fantasy)

Have you been to brunch at Palo before? What is your favorite menu item?

24 Replies to “Palo Champagne Brunch Review”

  1. doobie31Doobie

    The Palo brunch is always my favorite meal on the cruise. I think my favorites are the feta cheese wrapped in eggplant and the Gorgonzola pizza but I really love everything on it that’s vegetarian. I always leave with no interest in dinner (though my appetite somehow manages to return just in time for it).

  2. Kristen

    My husband fought me tool and nail about going to Palo brunch. I insisted since it was our honeymoon we had to do it! We were unable to get into Palo brunch online before we left so we checked as soon as we got on the ship. We got in and I was so excited! This ended up being BOTH of our favorite meals and experience by far. I can’t wait to be able to go again someday! Worth every penny!

  3. Chris

    We LOVE Palo brunch. Dinner is good, but I think that the brunch is a great value. And that chicken parmesan and risotto is to die for. Brunch is a bargain at $20, for sure.

  4. Marion

    I have never managed to make it to snag a Palo brunch, but will be on the next cruise, along with a Remy. We’re going to have a Battle of the Brunches. I love the photo of Emily’s selections – that’s a keeper.

    I would love for my kids to experience the pizza. Would I look tacky asking for a take out box? lol

    1. doobie31Doobie

      When we’ve been to Palo and weren’t able to bring the younger ones in our group (and once an adult who just didn’t want to come), the servers proactively gave us stuff to take back to them. So if you mention you’d like your kids to be able to try the pizza, I don’t think that would be tacky at all.

  5. Beth

    So the brunch is $30 per adult plus tip is that all or will there be extra cost depending on what you order

  6. Marisa

    My husband SO did not want to go to brunch, but did it as a compromise for skipping Palo and Remy for dinner. He ordered the lasagna and said it was the best thing he’s ever eaten (and he hates pasta!). I loved the cold strawberry soup, the pasta dish I had, the desserts, and well, everything. I made the reservation, and he and our friends that came with us didn’t believe it was only $30. We still daydream about that brunch!!!

    1. Rusty

      I tend to avoid lasagna at restaurants, as there are usually other items much more unique, but our server at Palo insisted that we try it…and I might agree with your husband — i.e., it was incredible. Server gave us the recipe, and it is now my go-to lasagna recipe at home.

        1. Rebecca Riddle

          I would love to have the Palo Lasagna recipe!! I had it last week and it was the best Lasagna I ever had. If you could share it, I would really appreciate it!

        1. Rusty

          Would be glad to share it. I am at work (obviously not working!) and the recipe is at home, but I’ll get it tonight and e-mail it to Scott either tonight or in the morning. Perhaps he can then confirm here that he has it and is adding it to the recipes so that Marisa can win her award – ha!

          1. Rusty

            Scott – e-mailed you a PDF this morning with this lasagna recipe and a couple of others that our server gave us (the gnocchi and the white bean soup). The scan is of the actual page(s) that he gave us. The only unusual part of the lasagna recipe is a continued reference to the “mozzarella béchamel,” while the recipe itself uses parmesan in the béchamel. I have made the béchamel as directed and simply added a layer or two of mozzarella to the lasagna, for good measure. Enjoy –

  7. yearonear

    Changes at Palo on the Wonder as of the last cruise. Now a menu instead of visual representation, plus some menu items gone (grape pizza & strawberry soup…maybe more) and new items added. Someone must have a picture!

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      I heard this as well, but I’m holding off until more comes of it. I want to make sure this isn’t a slight cutback due to provisioning on the Wonder leading up to her extended dry dock.


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