Palo Champagne Brunch Leftovers

Today, we are celebrating my wife’s birthday with a champagne brunch at Remy, but that is not what this post is about.  A few weeks ago, we shared our review of Palo Brunch on the [Disney_Fantasy], but there were way too many photos.  So, I decided to leave those out of the review, and combine them with photos from previous brunch on the Disney Magic.  We now proudly present…  Palo Brunch leftovers!

Pastries & Bread

This section of the buffet contains all those tasty breakfast treats.

Palo Brunch - Sweet Breads
Palo Brunch - Sticky Buns
Palo Brunch - Danish
Palo Brunch - Sweet Breads II

Buffet Selections

The general buffet selection offers a mix of seafood, vegetables, cheeses, and even Bloody Mary shots!

Palo Brunch - Vegetables & Ahi Tuna
Palo Brunch - Roasted Vegetables
Palo Brunch - Smoked Salmon & Prosciutto wrapped Cantalope
Palo Brunch - Asparagus wrap Procutto, Ahi Tuna & Eggplant Wrap
Palo Brunch - Fresh Mozzarella & Tomatoes
Palo Brunch - Cheese Selection
Palo Brunch - Fresh Mozzarella & Tomatoes, Lobster & Alaskan Crab Legs
Palo Brunch - Bloody Mary Shots

Sample Made to Order Entrees

If you are not already full from the buffet selections you can select from an assortment of made to order breakfast and lunch entrees which on on display to wet the appetite.  I wish all restaurants had sample plates available to preview before ordering.

Palo Brunch - Entree Previews II
Palo Brunch - Entree Previews I
Palo Brunch - Entree Preview
Palo Brunch - Pizzas

Entrees from the Magic

The entrees below are from October 2011, and include a split Gargonzolla Grape & Spicy Pizza, Tilapia, and my personal favorite the Chicken Parmesan.

Palo Brunch - Gargonzolla Grape & Spicy Pizzas
Palo Brunch - Tilapia
Palo Brunch - Chicken Parmesan


If you made it this far, and still have room to spare (Seriously, my dessert during our last brunch was the Chicken Parmesan). … I present the desserts!

Palo Brunch - Desserts
Palo Brunch - Dessert Table
Palo Brunch - Fruit Tartlets
Palo Brunch - Dessert Table
Palo Brunch - Passion Fruist Cheesecake Dessert
Palo Brunch - Chocolate Moose & Mango Pannacotta Dessert
Palo Brunch - Desserts
Palo Brunch - Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I am not sure about you, but I am now hungry.  Do you have Palo Brunch booked for you next cruise?

(Seriously, my dessert during our last brunch was the chicken parm).

4 Replies to “Palo Champagne Brunch Leftovers”

  1. Steph Skilton

    We have our Palo Brunch (and dinner of course) on our 4 Day Med in July…I can’t wait for the chicken parm!!!

  2. Brett Bailey

    My wife and I have known about the Palo Brunch from others who are on our cruises, we never get around to trying. Mostly because we are afraid that we would eat so much at this, that we would still be full and not have room for dinner and we love those rotational dinners just as much as a meal at Palo or Remy when we cruise on Disney.


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