Disney Cruise Line Blog Podcast – Episode 13: Remy Experiences

On this week’s podcast we talk about the various Remy experiences and answer some listener questions.

Show Notes

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3 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Blog Podcast – Episode 13: Remy Experiences”

  1. Erin

    Thanks for answering my question about three-night cruises—very helpful! We were already planning to spend the Nassau day onboard so we’ll make sure to use that as our relaxing “sea” day.

    The point about the water in your Remy discussion was something I wish I had heard before my first dining experience there. At brunch, we didn’t receive the water menu and were simply asked if we wanted still or sparkling. We ordered still, assuming that we’d be served tap water. We ended up being charged for two bottles of Evian instead. We definitely learned our lesson to always explicitly order tap if we don’t want to be charged.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Erin, I think they may have phased in the water menu with this tactic, but after time I’m guessing they had to change due to guests bringing it up once the bill arrived. My biggest issue is the deceiving way the water has/is presented to Remy guests. I’m fine with them offering an expanded water menu, but the servers should include the free un-listed tap water as an option without the guest asking for it.


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