Remy to Feature New Premium Culinary Experiences & Menus

Disney Cruise Line announced an expanded collection of premium culinary offerings aboard the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy in the adult only restaurant, Remy. Since the launch of the Disney Dream, Remy has been the signature fine dining experiences for guests sailing with Disney. The expanded offerings in Remy include a unique tasting opportunity, a seasonal truffle menu and special caviar selections. The announcement also cements the decadent dessert experience we talked about in a previous post as an exclusive offering aboard the Disney Fantasy.

Remy Petites Assiettes Executive Chef

Petites Assiettes de Remy

Petites Assiettes de Remy, or Small Plates of Remy, is a brand-new culinary journey at Remy on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy that provides a taste of the elegant dishes developed by award-winning Chef Arnaud Lallement and Chef Scott Hunnel. Hosted by the Executive Chef, who serves as an epicurean guide for this progressive tasting experience, adult guests travel throughout the restaurant to sample small plates of Remy’s gourmet cuisine and fine wine.

Petites Assiettes Wine
Grilled Salmon At Petites Assiettes De Remy

Offered during the early evening hours on the first day of each cruise, this one-of-a-kind event includes six exquisite dishes from the restaurant’s seasonal menu, along with wine pairings for each course. The first course of blinis with Californian caviar and Champagne is served in Remy’s spectacular wine room with floor-to-ceiling rows of world-class wines.

For the next four courses, guests move through the main dining room where they are presented with a superb French-inspired dish, such as grilled salmon with smoked salmon cream and Kobe beef with turnip and potato gratin, along with a specially selected glass of wine at each station.

Kobe Beef At Petites Assiettes De Remy

This unique tasting opportunity concludes with a sophisticated dessert and the final wine pairing in the private Chef’s Table dining room.

Chocolate Raspberry Cake At Petites Assiettes De Remy
Remy Petites Assiettes De Remy Small Plates

Petites Assiettes de Remy is $50 per person and includes a wine pairing with each course. Guests wishing to book Petites Assiettes de Remy can do so onboard at Royal Court/Royal Palace at 12:30 on embarkation day, as well as with a concierge

Pompidou’s Patisseries Dessert Experience

An exclusive event on the Disney Fantasy, Pompidou’s Patisseries Dessert Experience offers adult guests the chance to indulge in decadent desserts while Remy’s Executive Chef and Executive Pastry Chef provide insight into the history and artistry of crafting sweet masterpieces.

Named after the dessert chef from the Disney•Pixar’s Ratatouille, the Pompidou’s Patisseries Dessert Experience begins with a greeting from these culinary masters in the private Chef’s Table dining room, Chez Gusteau, inspired by the fictional Paris restaurant in the film. Guests are then seated in the main dining room for presentations and tastings of six desserts, such as French praline topped with milk chocolate mousse and dark chocolate glaze; raspberry sorbet paired with vanilla ice cream, French vanilla meringues and fresh raspberries; and orange crème pâtissière inside an orange-flavored tuile wafer. As each dessert is served, Remy’s world-class chefs share fun facts and discuss the evolution of the dessert, allowing for an intimate and in-depth culinary dialogue.

The dessert experience at Remy, offered on sea days exclusively on the Disney Fantasy, is $50 per person and includes one complimentary glass of Champagne, wine or a cocktail.

Truffle Collection

From November through February on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, the chefs at Remy celebrate truffle season with the addition of the Truffle Collection, a premium menu inspired by this uniquely flavored delicacy featuring white Alba and black Périgord truffles.

The rich flavors of this luxurious ingredient are infused throughout the six-course menu with exquisite dishes such as gnocchi potato served with a truffle puree and garnished with grated truffle, fresh Maine lobster coupled with lobster bisque and truffle-seasoned Parisian fried potatoes and seared Wagyu beef over truffle glazed baby vegetables, followed by a selection of refined cheeses and a sweet indulgence.

The truffle menu at Remy is $250 per person.

Caviar Selections

Special caviar selections are offered a-la-carte at Remy on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. Options include farm-raised varieties of Osetra and Sevruga caviars from regions in France and Russia.

Remy Caviar Selections

All caviar is served with specially selected Krug Grande Année Champagne, and menu prices for a 1-ounce tin range from $99 to $360.

8 Replies to “Remy to Feature New Premium Culinary Experiences & Menus”

  1. Cher

    Is there a date that the Petites Assiettes de Remy starts? I pulled up my Easter cruise and don’t see it listed as an option on the first night.

  2. FellowCollector

    Very exciting developments you’ve shared, Scott! The Petites Assiettes de Remy sounds similar to the Remy brunch except it’s only on the first day and is moving throughout the restaurant instead of being seated after a prelude and wine with the Head Chef in the wine room. I think those changes will make it an even more educational and enjoyable experience. Definitely want to do this on our next Fantasy cruise! Beyond that, we probably wouldn’t do the desserts, the full-price Victoria & Albert type menu, or add caviar.

  3. FellowCollector

    Scott, do you know if these options will be bookable online in advance and, if so, what sailings that might start for? Thanks!

  4. Lucy

    When they say “first day”, does that mean embarkation day or first full day on board? Also, any idea when this all begins (or is it currently available)? Also have the same question about booking this online……

  5. Jodie

    Be still my beating heart!!! The Petites experience has my name written all over it. Can’t wait to try this. Thanks for sharing!

  6. FellowCollector

    Any idea if the small plates will be bookable online or will it only be offered first-come, first-served onboard the first night? The dessert option is showing up to book as a Cruise Activity in April, but not the Petites Assiettes de Remy?

  7. Elizabeth

    Can only be booked onboard embarkation day; even concierge cannot pre-book this experience ahead of time

  8. Mary Robinson

    Does anyone know whether the fish and meat selections are available in different degrees of doneness? This all looks great to me, but my daughter will not eat meat or fish unless it is well cooked.


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