Man Falls Overboard from Oasis of the Seas Rescued by Disney Magic Near Cozumel

A passenger sailing aboard Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas fell overboard on Thursday morning approximately 8 miles from the cruise ports in Cozumel, Mexico. The Disney Magic, sailing the same course during her approach reportedly noticed a person in the water.

The Disney Magic crew stop, lowered a life boat and retrieved the gentleman identified as 22 year old Frank Jade from the United States. Once berthed at the Punta Langosta pier in Cozumel, Jade was transported to a medical clinic and was reported to be in stable condition without any serious injuries.

Magic Cozumel Man Overboard Oasis Rescue Map

According to the article on (translated), representatives from the Oasis of the Seas was unaware of that a passenger was missing. Additionally, in the article Jade mentions that a large wave caused him to fall overboard unnoticed.

15 Replies to “Man Falls Overboard from Oasis of the Seas Rescued by Disney Magic Near Cozumel”

    1. Tinikia

      I’m totally with you there. We had waves that had us stumbling,but I believe this guy isn’t telling the whole truth.

  1. Maria

    In Anither report, it said he was on the bow of the ship and a high wave came up an knocked him over. Since I sailed Oasis and Allure twice, this is a restricted and locked area where the helipad is located. I don’t think it’s possible that he was there.

  2. LL

    As a frequent sailor, I find that impossible to believe & even harder to comprehend. Just not possible, there is a missing part/factor in this story that will soon be revealed!

  3. David

    Been on the ship. No way in hell a wave knocks someone overboard anywhere on that ship. He jumped or was doing something idiotic.

  4. Keith

    Boy some people will do anything to get onto a Disney cruise!
    My personal bet is there is quite a bit of booze involved in this situation – but at least it all worked out in the end.

  5. Erika

    I was on the disney cruise ship that picked up the man in the ocean. We watched the rescue from our balcony. The sea was not rough that day, though it was breezy. And it was in the morning (7:30ish) when they sounded the MOB alert.

  6. LAC

    Oasis web cam shows him jumping off of deck 5. He’s lucky to be alive. Hope he gets the help he needs for 1. whatever behavior led to him ending up in the sea and 2. learning how to tell the truth.

  7. LAC

    Several passengers who were on board are reporting that he jumped from deck 5. One passenger is reporting the news in Miami is carrying the story as well.

    Nobody on the sailing has reported being hit by a rogue (or extremely large) wave and for this passenger’s claims to be true that wave would have been felt by many on the ship.

    The last post I read indicated his family got off the ship on Cozumel and was with him. I hope everything works out ok for them, that’s got to be a very hard way to end your vacation. I have empathy for all parties involved, no matter what the circumstances.


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