Disney Wonder Stateroom Refresh Project Underway

We have been hearing some chatter over the last week or so about the staterooms aboard the Disney Wonder. Some guests have noticed blocks of rooms being worked on while others being reassigned staterooms for upcoming sailings. We reached out to Disney Cruise Line earlier this week to determine if these reports were true and to learn more about the overall scope of the project.

A representative from DCL was kind enough to share that the staterooms aboard the Disney Wonder are indeed receiving a refresh. The project started around the first of the year and will continue through April. Specific details of the project were sparse, but we did learn that the staterooms are receiving updated furnishings and soft goods. The most important detail of the project will be the installation of the elevated queen beds introduced on the Disney Dream and recently installed aboard the Disney Magic during her last dry dock. This means that the beds will no longer split into two twin beds which have been the norm since the launch of the Disney Wonder in 1999.

Stateroom 9674 - Sitting Area & Bed
Disney Dream – Elevated Stateroom Bed

Before anyone goes calling their travel agent or Disney Cruise Line to request a refreshed stateroom consider the fact that it is very unlikely that an updated list is available of the completed staterooms.

Based on the stateroom refresh of the Disney Magic in October 2013, it is quite plausible that the rooms on the Disney Wonder will look similar.

Disney Magic Re Imagined Stateroom October 2013

If you happen to be assigned a refreshed stateroom aboard the Disney Wonder, we’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below or a in a stateroom review.

21 Replies to “Disney Wonder Stateroom Refresh Project Underway”

  1. Whitney

    We are one of the family’s that got bumped from our original room. They contacted us about two months ago, and let us know of the refurbishment. We got a nice upgrade and look forward to sailing at the end of the month!

  2. FellowCollector

    Thanks for the information, Scott. We were waiting for the Wonder before to drydock because of the staterooms, but this will open more options for us this year and next!

  3. Thorsten

    HI Scott,
    Do you have any idea if DCL will sell the old furniture from the Wonder or will this just be discarded ??

    Thanks for sharing any ideas!

  4. Dennis C

    We were on the Dream just a couple of weeks ago for the very first time and the beds were VERY comfortable. I did miss seeing the old trunks that are still on the Wonder. I’d love to know what Disney did with all of them.

  5. Mike

    Thanks for looking into this. We sail 3/20 and are in a navigators verandah, deck 4 aft, starboard side. We will let you know if ours is renovated or not.

  6. Tammy

    Hey Scott, sorry to go off topic. I been hearing reports of Anna and Elsa being added to the Dream this week, have you heard anything???

    1. Rosie

      Hi Tammy. We just disembarked off Fantasy yesterday and Anna and Elsa were on there. They had special photo sessions with them that required tickets which could be picked up from Guest Services once onboard. I hope that helps and more than that I hope you have a fantastic cruise!

  7. Katie

    We were on the Fantasy in very late December and Anna and Elsa were on the boat (I know not quite your question, but thought it might help)

  8. JB Comer

    So does this mean that all of the rooms on the Wonder will be refurbished by the end of April 2015? Have a cruise booked for
    June 2015 – and knowing that we could store the suitcases under the bed, like we’ve done on the Dream would be great!

  9. Bill B

    This is great news. I’ve been very worried about all of the wear tear stories on the Wonder and this should address some of them. We are on an early June Alaskan cruise so this means that all of the rooms should be done by then. I assume they are trying to finish prior to the repositioning cruise to save a lot of cost.

  10. Jennifer

    Awesome news. We sailed on the Wonder In January 2014 and will again in December 2015. We had a great experience with our room on deck 2. Looking forward to a “fresh” look for this next experience on deck 6.


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