Video: Disney Magic Rescues Oasis of the Seas Passenger Near Cozumel

A video of the Disney Magic’s rescue of Frank Jade, the 22-year old man who fell overboard from the Oasis of the Seas near Cozumel was posted on YouTube Sunday by David Hearn. The actual rescue takes place around the 1-minute mark. 

Late last week, we received an email from the Felton family sailing on the Disney Magic. On Thursday morning, they were on Deck 10 when they heard the man yelling for help and altered the crew.

Thank you Nick Cucerzan for passing along the link to the video.

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  1. Joa

    It took me 3 views to actually see the man. Huge kudos to those who spotted him from the ship and to those who rescued him. Hope he was ok.

  2. JC

    Do we know if Disney Cruise Line is in compliance with the 2010 Cruise Vessel Safety and Security Act, requiring automatic man overboard systems? I’d imagine they are. We are frequent cruisers, and I’d just like a confirmation for peace of mind.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      I have been waiting for DCL to reply to this subject, but I guess it is not something they want to discuss. Anyway, from what I have been able to determine the Disney Cruise Line ships are equipped with the Varuna Man Overboard Detection (V-MOD) System. This is based on a fact sheet from Invizeon indicates the styes is installed on all four ships.

      Below is an excerpt from the fact sheet:

      Installed and maintain V-MOB Systems on all Disney Cruise Line vessels. Designing security and surveillance system for Castaway Cay private island which will include radar, thermal cameras, CCTV and wireless infrastructure.

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  4. Kim

    How lucky was he – well done to the family hearing his shouts and a big thank you and we’ll done to the disney rescuers


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