Disney Cruise Line Increases Prices for Palo and Remy Experiences

Disney Cruise Line announced price increases at Palo and Remy, the adult only restaurants aboard the ships. Palo experiences have been increased $10 with Remy dinner up $30 and Brunch up $15.

Updates to prices will take effect for Palo (Champagne Brunch & Dinner), Remy (Champagne Brunch, Dessert Experience and Dinner) on the following dates:

Starting with the effective dates listed above, Guests who pre-reserve Palo (Champagne Brunch & Dinner – all ships) and/or Remy (Champagne Brunch, Dessert Experience, and Dinner – Disney Dream & Disney Fantasy) will be charged the new pricing.

Please note Palo (Champagne Brunch & Dinner) and Remy (Champagne Brunch, Dessert Experience, and Dinner) reservations made prior to the dates listed above, will be charged the old rate.

The updated pricing is as follows for the effective dates:


  • Palo Dinner $40 from $30
  • Wine Pairing with Dinner: $59 charge per person, in addition to the $40 dining charge for dinner (total $99 per person) [previously $89]
  • Palo Champagne Brunch $40 from $30


  • Remy Dinner: $125 dining charge per person (previously $95)
  • Remy Champagne Brunch: $75 charge per person (previously $60)
    $30 additional charge per person when adding the Champagne pairing 
  • Remy Dessert Experience: $60 charge per person (previously $55)
    $25 additional charge per person when adding the wine pairing
  • Petites Assiettes de Remy: $50 charge per person (includes a wine pairing with each course) – This event can only be booked onboard
  • Remy Wine Pairing Experience: $105 charge per person (in addition to the base price)

What are your thoughts on the price changes? Do you still feel the experiences are worth the cost at these revised price points?

18 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Increases Prices for Palo and Remy Experiences”

  1. Barbara

    Even if I wasn’t Platinum and get it for free, I’d still pay the $40. Love the food,service and atmosphere in Palo.

  2. Rob Michael

    I double dog dare any one to find an equal or better meal and service any where for less. Also they haven’t raised the prices in a long time.

  3. grtompkins

    I just had my first Palo experience, brunch, 3 months ago. I personally didn’t feel it was worth $30. So I definitely won’t be paying $40. I was going to try Palo dinner on my next cruise and thought that it might be a better deal for $30 than brunch, but at $40 I am not going to try it. I will just have to wait until I’m Platinum. : )

  4. mikgold23

    Depends. We were disappointed with the food at Palo and the rest of the ship in October. If that trend continues it won’t be worth it.

  5. Ken

    Never done Remy because of the cost and not likely to do it after the price increase. We get Palo free because we are platinum, but we are getting bored with that, when was the last time they had a menu change. Will be trying Palo brunch next cruise as we have not done that for a while. How about Platinum members being able to knock $40 (the cost of Palo) off the cost of a meal in Remy … might be tempted to try it then.

  6. Keith

    I really do enjoy the experience and food of Remy but at $125 per person that is a bit much especially since it only includes the opening champagne in that price. It is certainly cheaper than any restaurant like it on land…. but I am not paying almost $1000 per day for a family of 4 to have access to such a restaurant on land. Add in wine and a tip and you are looking at a $350 per couple bill, minimum….
    That is a lot for a single dining experience and psychologically seems “a lot” more than when you could get out of Remy for under $300 for two.

  7. Margot

    We’ve never done Remy – just not our thing – and any temptation to try it is hampered by the price. Using a platinum credit might actually make the difference because even though we love Palo it would be nice to try something new.
    We will continue to do Palo brunch and dinner most cruises (unless its a 3 day – then we’d just do one or the other). The quieter atmosphere is a welcome change now that our kids are old enough to join us and we are getting crotchety about running, yelling kids 24/7. LOL. But they are happy! And that is a joyous thing to watch! Just not 24/7! And no, we don’t want to stop cruising with Disney – our only cruiseline so far.

  8. Shelie

    We’ve enjoyed Remy and Palo each twice. The experience at Remy was amazing, but the price is totally not worth it if you’re vegetarian or vegan.

  9. Matt

    DCL keeps pushing the limit for price increases at Palo and Remy…almost a 30% increase! Simply not worth it anymore. Rather enjoy the rotation dining which is quite nice for “free”


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