Disney Cruise Line Increases Prices at Remy

Disney Cruise Line raised prices at Remy, one of the two adult only dinner venues aboard the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. Remy dinner is now $95 per person up $10, with the Brunch up $5. I am not sure the effective date on the price change, but @deefordisney shared the following screenshot for the 11/18 Disney Dream and a 1/28 Disney Fantasy sailing. @RichLJr16 reported that the dinner price for the 1/28 Fantasy sailing was still $85 last week indicating this was a recent price change. In the past, when there have been price changes guests with prior reservations have been grandfathered in at the previous rate. I will update this post if I get clarification on this.

Adult Dining Prices November 2016

Adult Dining Prices November 2016 Fantasy

Complete pricing for all Remy experience as of November 3, 2016 are as follows.

  • Dinner: $95 dining charge per person
  • Remy Champagne Brunch: $60 charge per person; $30 charge per person extra when adding the Champagne pairing
  • Remy Dessert Experience: $55 charge per person; $25 charge per person extra when adding the wine pairing
  • Petites Assiettes de Remy: $50 charge per person (includes a wine pairing with each course)
    • This event can only be booked onboard
  • Remy Wine Pairing Experience: $105 charge per person

The prices at Palo, the Italian adult dining locaiton on all the ships remain unchanged at this time and are as follows.

  • Dinner: $30 dining charge per person
  • Wine Pairing with Dinner: $59 charge per person, in addition to the $30 dining charge for dinner (total $89 per person)
  • Brunch: $30 dining charge per person

Remy dinner has increased $20 in the last two years following a $10 increase in April 2015. I still feel dinner is worth the price if you enjoy fine dining, but the Champagne Brunch now at $90 (including the pairing) is now borderline leaning to not worth it on a regular basis. For more on the Remy experiences check out episode 13 of the Disney Cruise Line Blog Podcast.

16 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Increases Prices at Remy”

  1. Mark Bell

    I find it interesting that despite your overwhelming endorsement of the Remy Champagne Brunch in 2013, you now believe that the extra $10 for two to dine makes it not worth it on a regular basis. Is your demand for fine dining really that elastic???

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Mark, I still feel it is an enjoyable experience. However, in 2013 it was $75 per person ($50 brunch + $25 Champagne). It is now $90 ($60/$30) for the same experience. At a $5 difference between brunch and dinner, the brunch becomes expendable.

      1. Mark Bell

        I don’t think that’s really an apples to apples comparison. You are comparing a $90 brunch with beverage pairing to a $95 dinner, without any adult beverages. Add a couple of glasses of wine, even without a pairing at dinner, and you are at $120 per person, not $90. Add the pairing and you are at $200 person. So apples to apples, the brunch is still much less expensive.

        1. Emily

          You are correct – it’s not apples to apples but how we see the value and we are all entitled to our opinions 🙂 You do get one adult beverage, the Colette, included with dinner. With dinner, there are more courses, plus the cheese cart. For us, we would prefer to spend our $95 for dinner. I liken it to cruise price increases. I’m not going to pay $7000+ for the same cruise same ports same week in March that I paid $3400 for in 2013.

          1. Mark Bell

            I completely agree – value is a very subjective matter. I was only pointing out that the $90 versus $95 comparison wasn’t valid. If patrons believe that the dinner has more value, that is what they should choose. No argument there at all.

  2. dragynally

    If it’s a battle between brunch and dinner I would tell people to pick dinner. But since I love both I see why it’s up to $90. Which is only $1 less than the wine experience at Palo. There’s a high demand for it.

  3. Christopher Faletra

    I have to say that my wife and I just had dinner at Remy for the first time for our anniversary on the Dream a few weeks ago and were not impressed for the price. Also, I felt that it was an upsell at every course. $100 minimum for Caviar to add to a course, $55 an ounce for a “Special” Wagu beef, very expensive wine (Not many lower priced options) and so on and you almost felt bad for not adding things – Not something I want during dinner. This is supposed to be the best meal at sea but I just didn’t see it. $215 plus tip (By the way it is not clear how you are supposed to tip) that pushed the meal to over $250.

    We still love Palo and ate there on the same cruise. Amazing as usual and felt much more relaxed and enjoyed a $40 Bottle of Chianti with dinner. For $30 (Free for us because we are lucky to be Platinum CC Members !!) it is an incredible deal.

  4. Ken

    Never done Remy and at those prices never will … Roll on free Palo as we will be Platinum after our November / December back to back …

  5. Greg

    My wife and I had brunch at Palo on board the Fantasy and it was a very uncomfortable experience. The food was delicious, but no better than than dinners we already enjoyed on the ship so I didn’t see any extra value. We both were dressed semi formal yet I felt out of place in the room. Our fourth Disney Cruise is booked next fall on the Wonder……I do not plan on visiting Palo or Remy again.

  6. Jacqui

    After my experience this year when I was served stone cold food on stone cold plates like they had been taken out of the fridge and served I said never again. I have been going every year since the fantasy was launched and the food has gone consistently downhill it’s not for me any more and definitely worth the price


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