Disney Cruise Line Blog Podcast – Episode 18: End of Summer News Update

This week’s end of summer news update podcast is a bit different than our usual format. I wanted to take this time to go over some of the more notable news items from this summer.

Show Notes

If you come across any social media posts on the Disney Wonder’s dry dock please let me know either via social media or privately via DMs or emails.

We are working on a stateroom centric podcast. If you have any specific questions regarding the fleet’s staterooms sent those in and we will try to incorporate those into that episode.

Thanks again for listening to our podcast. We appreciate your continued feedback. If you have any question, comments, feedback, or suggestions for future topics please leave a comment below. We also have a voice mail line (321) 765-3252 where you can call at any hour and leave a comment or ask questions that we might feature on a future podcast.

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8 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Blog Podcast – Episode 18: End of Summer News Update”

  1. Steven

    You stated your next Podcast will be stateroom centric. Maybe you can look into the following: We sailed on ‘The Disney Wonder’ in May 2016 out of San Diego. We were on deck six and noticed that the ship ‘creaks’ quite a bit at night. The noise was loud enough to wake us up during the night. Any ideas if Disney will address this issue during drydock. Or is it something that older ship normally do? Thanks.

    1. James Arthur

      There is not much that can be done without tearing the ship apart. The creaking is from the ship flexing. Which is not a big deal but the movement causes the sl the paneling to shift around. The duck tale should help since the ship should stay closer to level under underway, (stern week be higher in the water ). Thus forces should be applied more evenly across the hull.

  2. Michael Sokolowski

    Hi Scott (and family) thank you for this podcast our family loves it! My seven-year-old daughter especially loves listening to Isabelle.

    We have a question about staterooms for your future podcast. We cruised aboard the Disney Fantasy in January for the inaugural Star Wars cruise and had problems with rough seas and my girlfriend had a bit of motion sickness. My daughter and I have been on a few cruises with no problems but this was my girlfriends first. For that cruise we had a stateroom on deck five aft looking out the back of the ship and felt there was a lot of vibration from the engines and felt the rocking of the ship. We have booked another cruise on the Magic for next May (the repositioning cruise from San Juan to Port Canaveral) and we’re wondering what’s the best area of the ship to reduce movement and noise? We currently booked midship on deck one thinking that might be the best. Thoughts?

    Thank you again and keep up the great work on the podcast!!!

    1. James Arthur

      As low as you can go on the ship and middle or slightly to the stern to minimize the distance traveled during pitch, yaw and roll. I would recommend inside cabins but having the horizon view from a porthole helps reduce seas sickness.

  3. Pete

    Watched the Fantasy and Wonder have a little horn battle in Port Canaveral. Looks like the Wonder is missing a lifeboat and the upper decks are loaded with possible parts/pieces for the Dry Dock. Look forward to seeing the changes on her in the future.

  4. Chuck Jindra

    If appreciate getting your thoughts on the “Fore v. Mid v. Aft” question and whether booking a room on an upper deck is worth the extra money.

  5. Lisa

    I was wondering if you could do an onboard booking and then book through Costco? Have you ever done this? Also, as far as staterooms, could you please explain secret verandahs, larger aft verandahs, and secret mini suites (Dream/Fantasy 5520 & 5522)?


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