Revised Deck Plans Reveal Additional Disney Wonder Enhancements

Ahead of any further official announcements regarding the enhancements coming to the Disney Wonder during her fall 2016 dry dock, Disney published an updated deck plan. The new deck plan sheds some light on the subtle difference between the classic ships such as the After Hours venue names to the addition of staterooms and additional connecting stateroom doors.

Since I am basing this all on the updated deck plan, I would like to take this opportunity to say this is just my interpretation of the new Disney Wonder deck plan compared to the version released in October 2015 following the Disney Magic’s dry dock. There are a couple ways to present this information, but for the sake of simplicity, I will stick with the changes based on the decks.

DCL Deck Plans Magic Wonder August 2016

Deck 1
No noticeable changes to the staterooms.

Deck 2
Similar to the 2015 changes on the Disney Magic, 6 additional inside staterooms will be added in place of the Edge tween club. <=> denotes connecting rooms.

  • 2063 <=> 2065
  • 2067
  • 2563 <=> 2565
  • 2567

Disney Wonder August 2016 Deck 2 Staterooms

Additionally, there are 16 connecting stateroom doors being added to match those aboard the Disney Magic.

  • 2054 <=> 2056
  • 2058 <=> 2060
  • 2062 <=> 2064
  • 2066 <=> 2068
  • 2070 <=> 2072
  • 2074 <=> 2076
  • 2078 <=> 2080
  • 2082 <=> 2084
  • 2554 <=> 2556
  • 2558 <=> 2560
  • 2562 <=> 2564
  • 2566 <=> 2568
  • 2570 <=> 2572
  • 2574 <=> 2576
  • 2578 <=> 2580
  • 2582 <=> 2584

Deck 3
There appear to be some subtle changes to the Promenade Lounge to remove the computers for a TV area and the relocation for he Connect@Sea desk. Questions surround the atrium. Will Ariel move to port with the removal of the starboard staircase? Hard to tell based on the deck plan which does not appear to change from the October 2015 version. I guess, it should be noted that the deck plan does only show the one staircase, but the riser in front of Triton’s/Lumiere’s shows a center feature, but this could be me reading to much into a simple deck plan. At this point, I would be shocked if the staircase remained, but only time will tell.

Disney Wonder August 2016 Deck 3

Moving forward, literally, we are moving forward on deck 3 to Route 66 which we learned during the original dry dock announcement would be renamed to After Hours like the Magic. This new deck plan reveals the name of the Disney Wonder’s After Hours venues. Cadillac Lounge will remain Cadillac Lounge while Diversions will transition to an English pub called Crown & Fin Pub. That is Fin, not Finn. This pub is a nod to FN-2187 and not McMissle. Just Fin. Maybe, it is a distant relative of O’Gill the lucky fish. WaveBands will be sponsored by Microsoft’s cloud computing platform and will be appropriately named Azure. Ok, only the last part of that is correct. Azure is the name of the venue which is likely a reference to the color of the sky on clear summer day.

The last notable change on deck 3 is the renaming of Radar Trap to Sea Treasures to match the branding across the fleet.

Deck 4
The retail venues outside the Walt Disney Theater will be rebranded from Mickey’s Mates and Treasure Ketch to Mickey’s Mainsail and WhiteCaps bringing harmony to the shopping venues across the fleet through amalgamation.

Disney Wonder August 2016 Deck 4

Synergy continues with the renaming of Studio Sea into the D Lounge. In place of a port side exit to the D Lounge DCL is adding a Shutters Portrait Studio. If you recall back to our trip reports from the Fantasy, I mentioned the side room of the Vista Gallery was closed off. Well, it turns out this is now a Shutters Portrait Studio and this addition is coming to the Wonder during dry dock.

Deck 5
The major changes to deck 5 are the overhaul of the Oceaneer Lab, Oceaneer Club, and the nursery which will be renamed to its a small world nursery. Rather than doing a copy/paste, click here to read about the changes to these venues.

Deck 6
There was a change in category for two staterooms, 6006 and 6506 were changed from category 9A to 10A. This category change applies to the Magic as well. Technically, this was changed a while ago, but this is the first time the change has been reflected on the deck plan.

Disney Wonder August 2016 Deck 6

Additionally, there are 6 connecting stateroom doors being added to match those aboard the Disney Magic.

  • 6084 <=> 6086
  • 6092 <=> 6094
  • 6096 <=> 6098
  • 6584 <=> 6586
  • 6592 <=> 6594
  • 6596 <=> 6598

Deck 7
There are 10 connecting stateroom doors being added to match those aboard the Disney Magic.

  • 7064 <=> 7066
  • 7068 <=> 7070
  • 7072 <=> 7074
  • 7112 <=> 7114
  • 7116 <=> 7118
  • 7564 <=> 7066
  • 7568 <=> 7570
  • 7572 <=> 7574
  • 7612 <=> 7614
  • 7616 <=> 7618

Deck 8
There are 6 connecting stateroom doors being added to match those aboard the Disney Magic.

  • 8044 <=> 8046
  • 8048 <=> 8050
  • 8076 <=> 8078
  • 8084 <=> 8086
  • 8544 <=> 8546
  • 8548 <=> 8550

Deck 9
The deck plan confirmed that Edge will take over Quarter Masters Arcade.

Disney Wonder August 2016 Deck 9

The pool deck will also feature the addition of Quacks, the pop up store. Eye Scream and Sully’s Sips. Pluto’s Dog House and Goofy’s Galley will both be renamed to Pete’s Boiler Bites and Daisy’s De-Lites. To make way for the new AquaLab and Twist ‘n’ Spout slide (technically, this is deck 10, but fits better here), Mickey’s Splash Zone and Mickey’s Pool Slide.

Deck 10
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique will be added to same area near the forward elevators.

Disney Wonder August 2016 Deck 10

From the deck plan, it appears the Outlook Café will give way to the Concierge Lounge while maintaining a portion of the space for the Outlook Café.

The deck plans were also updated for the Disney Dream & Disney Fantasy, but the only change had to do with formatting such as showing a blank space versus table layouts in the restaurants.

51 Replies to “Revised Deck Plans Reveal Additional Disney Wonder Enhancements”

      1. Regina LAne

        Shawarma on the Wonder too? Are the new eatery’s still all inclusive or will there be a charge for those?

        1. Scott Sanders Post author

          Only the drinks and smoothies or whatever else they may offer would be extra. The eateries such as Pete’s & Daisy’s are just rebranding of the current inclusive options.

  1. Shanna

    Since the concierge label is still in the same spot but the note for the Cove Cafe has shifted are you able to tell us yet where exactly the lounge will go..? Are they taking over half the upstairs cafe or the whole thing?

      1. Sharon Kelley

        I’m glad it looks like they’re leaving the port side for the public. DH and I used the area in Alaska one morning for pastries/coffee/quiet talk while the kids slept in. The port side makes sense as there are stairs up from Cove Café, which would be why they’re still calling it Cove café on that side. They can easily put up a wall and close off the center and starboard side to Concierge. (I believe there was a door to the outside on the starboard side, deck 10.)

    1. Kate

      I knew this was coming, doesn’t mean I’m happy about losing what appears to be 2/3 off our favorite place on the ship. We loved outlook cafe 😭

  2. Jay

    Wow! So it looks like the Outlook Cafe is no more, converted into a Concierge Lounge for about 100 top paying guests? That was a good sized interior space on the Disney Wonder, particularly for the colder Alaska voyages. Sorry to see it go, even though overall there seems to be a lot of positive changes in the refurb. However, no mention of anything like an Aqua Dunk leaves little hope for another attraction.

    1. Jay

      The interior portion of the Disney Magic Concierge lounge is smaller as they also have an exterior area; that area was incorporated into the interior area on the Disney Wonder as part of the Outlook Cafe. I do remember part of the Outlook cafe on the Port side, but am unsure if this was just the upstairs portion of the Cove Cafe, or a separate section.

    2. Cathy

      I’m a bit concerned that this pdf shows Outlook becoming Concierge. I have my wedding booked for Disney Wonder Outlook Cafe March 2017, so if it becomes concierge where are they moving my wedding?

      1. Scott Sanders Post author

        Not all of Outlook Café is being converted to concierge based on that deck plan. Also, this is just an observation based on the deck plan. I would call your Disney Wedding contact to inquire about the specifics.

  3. Kathy C

    They are adding lots of connecting doors. I’m guessing they got a lot of feedback for more connecting doors. I just can’t afford two rooms on a Disney cruise.

      1. James a

        Due to the plumbing/ room size restrictions it is not that feasible to offer true handicap rooms. It would be nice though if they offered semi handicap rooms with showers to help those with mobility issues (knee/leg) that have problems stepping into/out of the tubs. I think that would go along way in opening up the handicap rooms to those that need the space/layout. The new raised beds are a big help already.

        If they converted some of the connected rooms to semi-handicap rooms I think it would not been an issue for families with kids wanting to take baths.

        1. Rae

          James, there are a variety of mobility aids you can request if you don’t have an accessible room (or if you do have one), such as a shower seat that you can sit on and then move over into the tub, toilet grab bars, various rails and wedges for the bed, and more. If you are working with an agent, they will help you, or call DCL and they will assist in finding the right accessories to make your stateroom comfortable and accessible for your vacation.

          1. James a

            There is not much DCL can do for people that have issues lifting their legs up to get in the tub outside of reserving a handicap room becasue they are the only ones with walk in showers.
            So, those of us that don’t normally need handicap rooms, have to reserve one of the small number of handicap rooms.

            So far I have not had to get a handicap room and have just put up with the longer time it takes me to get into/out of the tub.

        2. Regina Lane

          I’m in complete agreement with you on that. I have a son in a wheelchair and we have a hard time getting on cruises because of the lack of h/c rooms.

    1. seaheather

      Me, too! It was the first thing I checked when I heard about the dry dock. We’ll be sailing in March, and i would have been very disappointed to see Cadillac Lounge’s charm “reimagined” out of it. It’s our favorite spot on the ship for relaxing.

    1. Barton Gates

      Actually Melissa according to other info I’ve seen the “secret verandah on deck 7 will be going away, they are slated to use it for an auxiliary generator and other equipment that will be added during the refit. Now I can’t say this is absolutely going to happen but it appears that Disney has not refuted it and they’ll be closing access to the area during the drydock and making it accessible only by crew.

      1. Goofy

        After the 2016 dry dock Secret deck 7 is gone as of Dec 2016. Tried to look at it but it now houses a generator and passenger cannot gain access to that area

      1. Sharon Waugh (@swaughdisney)

        Spoke to DCL – they said they haven’t heard the rumor that Tiana’s Place would only be open for dinner. That being said, though, when I looked back at some of the Magic’s Navigators (and my short memory), I think once Parrot Cay changed to Carioca’s they only offered lunch there twice during a 7 night – Embarkation Day & Castaway Cay Day (last day of the sailing). And no breakfasts. Hopefully someone will send you some Navigators from the first 2 sailings in November and we can confirm. Commando Planning – I love it, hubby hates it (LOL). Thanks Scott.

  4. Dennis C

    Not happy about the concierge lounge eating into the Cove Cafe. One of the highlights of the Alaskan cruise was sitting in that space as we sailed the Inside Passage at dusk. Premium views now require premium prices (for what is already a fairly pricey cruising experience).

  5. Gina

    I don’t understand why they have to go changing all the names. Seriously, why can’t we still just call it Pluto’s Dog House and Goofy’s Galley? Those names are easier to say and remember! Pete’s boiler bites? Really? Crown & Fin? And Azure? Didn’t that use to be a name of a cruise line a long time ago? Strange.

  6. John B

    If they follow the same plan as the Magic—there is one subtle but important difference in the deck configuration for Deck 5. They will move the crew smoking area to just outside the door at the forward end of the starboard deck 5 hallway. We discovered this in June on our first Magic cruise since the re imagine. This dramatically increased crew traffic in this hall and the entire area stinks of stale smoke. A talk with the staff confirmed that this has been a problem for many guests. We have stayed in this area on several past cruises because of the low traffic and easy access–but if you don’t like noise and smoke—avoid this area.

  7. Bob Yetman

    I also will miss the extra large Cove Cafe. One of my favorite spots on a hot muggy day during the Panama Canal cruise (since I can’t take much of that weather) is the center windows on deck 10 looking down on the Adult pool, doing fun stuff on my laptop/pad, although anywhere on deck 10 was a good seat . Hope that doesn’t go into Concierge, but stays in the public space.

  8. Kate H

    Glad that concierge is finally getting their own lounge. It would have been unacceptable for Disney to continue to not have that perk on the Wonder when all of the other ships have one available 24/7. When you pay as much as you do for concierge, there should be more to it than just expedited boarding.

  9. Cindy

    For the folks lamenting the Cove Cafe, I’d like to point out it looks like it is the Outlook Café that is going. Cove Cafe remains.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Leah, I have never sailed in a stateroom with a connecting door, but if I had to guess, I would think the new doors would be the same type. Hopefully, someone who has sailed with a connecting stateroom can provide feedback.


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