The New Palo Brunch Printed Menu

A printed Palo Brunch menu has been launched by Disney Cruise Line. The new printed menu is posted outside Palo and handed to guests at the table for ordering of the a la carte brunch items. The tables featuring breakfast pastries, breads, meats, cheeses, caviar, seafood, and desserts are still present. The notable difference in brunch is that they did not have samples of the a la carte options on display relying on the menu and the server to explain the offerings.

I would like to thank @DisneyDeborah for taking the time snap the following picture of the menu during her recent sailing on the Disney Dream and for filling me in on the changes.

Palo Brunch Menu Dream September 2016

A complete transcription of the menu has been added to the Palo Brunch Menu page.

Goodbye old friends….

Disney Magic Palo Brunch Gorgonzola And Grape Pizza
Palo Brunch Gorgonzola And Grape Pizza
Palo Brunch Peach Almond Soufflé
Palo Brunch Peach Almond Souffle
Disney Magic Palo Brunch Peach Soufflé
Palo Brunch Peach Almond Souffle

What do you think about the printed menu for Palo Brunch? For those that have experience brunch since the launch of the menu, did you feel the overall experience was any different?

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    1. David T

      Just of the Wonder in Alaska. PALO Brunch on Sunday had Strawberry Soup on the buffet section (shot glass style) and we ordered the Grape Pizza. Came out with no problem. Loved the brunch on our last day at sea.

  1. Laura Schwartz

    This is definitely not good that the Grape and Gorgonzola Pizza is gone. That was their number one requested pizza.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      If this is true, then I can only suspect this was a cost cutting measure. Remove the #1 pizza which could have been an extra item made for each table… By removing this option they have less people ordering pizza and therefore they can save a few pennies each brunch and a few bucks each cruise.

      1. R.A.M. Rotteveel

        Last week we were at the Disney Magic (Meditterenean cruise). We have ordered the grape pizza. And we got it. And it was fabulous.

        We also heard from the staff at Palo that the food safety of these recepies are not guaranteed.That’s the main reason it is not the menu.

  2. Scott

    Yes Karl, lets cheapen the experience that has been a DCL STANDARD all these years–no one will notice?
    We’ve been sailing for 15 yrs — so let’s cut corners to save a few dollars on the brunch upkeep!
    No one remembers we had in house doughnuts all those years ago before we got the frozen Krappy Kremes!


    1. Suzanne

      EXACTLY! 🙂 Show of hands….who here would be willing to pay $35 a head for Palo if they brought back our beloved menu items?? **waves hand in the air**

  3. Nicole

    I ordered the grape and Gorgonzola pizza every time I went to Palo brunch. How disappointing. It’s good to see that the buffet-style selections remain, though.

  4. Jill

    We were on the fantasy last week and begged our server and the chef to make us the grape and Gorgonzola pizza. We even got the grapes, Gorgonzola, and balsamic from the buffet and joked that the server could just throw the ingredients on a flatbread for us. No go. Brunch was great as always, but that was a BIG disappointment.

  5. Adam

    We were on the Fantasy last week as well and while we enjoyed the Palo brunch, we felt it wasn’t quite as good as it used to be. We missed the pizza for sure and the waffles were VERY dry. Sticky buns were great as always, but overall the experience was just different.

  6. David Oakland

    I personally have not done the brunch and have not tried this pizza you all speak of as I am always on board with my teen and (now tween) kiddos, but I would imagine, if enough folks incorporate this on their final comment card, don’t you think DCL would consider bringing back this amazing (not yet tasted for me) brunch option?? Just a thought….

  7. kate Zimmermann

    Felt rather pushed to order and get it done with as the menus take up space. In the past the to order items were there waiting at our leisure….now it was are you ready are you ready are you ready? Btw, the peach almond soufflé is also missing. There is a new Morecambe that was ok….a bit too rich for me for morning. My husband had the blueberry pancakes which were nothing special – rather dense, served with a tiny cup of strawberry compote..not nearly enough to moisten the cakes. Frankly we were so disappointed we skipped the dinner reservation this trip. We know that menu changed as well and just needed a memory to stay positive……

  8. Robin Schaefer

    My husband and I will still go to Palo for brunch but we will definitely miss our favorite grape gorgonzola pizza. We will make our disappointment known at the end of the cruise on the cruise comment/rating questionare. Everyone should do that and keep asking for it and maybe they will bring it back!

  9. MUN

    I like the change. I prefer the menu to having to look at examples of the dishes. BTW, the grape pizza is disgusting (yuck) and I am glad to see it go.

  10. Linda

    Just off the Panama cruise. At palo brunch we mentioned how much we love the grape and Gorgonzola pizza. Our server said she didn’t know why it was removed but if we wanted one she would get us one. And she did with no issues at all.

  11. Angie

    Also just off the Wonder! The Apple Cinnamon Waffles are (2) regular Mickey Waffles with a little cup of apples/cinnamon on the side. The calzone was not good at all… giant chunks of bell peppers with little flavor. The crust was doughy. Super disappointed! The menu process slowed things down a lot. We sat nearly 15 minutes before we were given our ‘tour’ of the stations.

  12. Greg C

    We dine at Palo for a lunch and dinner on every cruise. With the menu changes, we will reconsider our dining plans on future cruises. On our last dinner there, the service was mediocre anyway.

  13. Su-Lynn

    Just wanted to comment, we did Palo brunch on the Magic in October 2017 and I saw there was no strawberry soup listed, I had asked them about that and they said it was taken off the menu last year. But our server kindly asked the chef to make some and we were given a lovely surprise during our meal! I guess you can just ask for these items and they will see if they can make it for you. I’m pretty sure they have all the ingredients on hand for most of the discontinued items…

  14. Robin Vaughan Schaefer

    Since the comment I made above in September 2016, we have gone on 2 cruises, both on the Wonder. In both December 2016 and June 2017, we went to Palo brunch and asked for the grape gorgonzola pizza and they made it and served it to us with no problem. They really try to please and we always love our Palo experience! We will be sailing on a B2B in January on the Disney Magic, so hopefully we will get to enjoy the pizza again! They need to keep serving it since it’s so popular.


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