Disney Dream Crew Members Recently Volunteered at the Bahamas Humane Society

Disney Dream crew members recently volunteered at the Bahamas Humane Society located in Nassau while the ship was in port. The Disney VoluntEARS spent the morning helping the facility care and play for the many animals, including dogs, cats, pigs and goats.

Voluntears Bahamas Humane Society

Disney VoluntEARS (L-R) Sophie Moshofsky, Rebecca Ibbott, Christopher More, Sharon Leopold, Courtney Wersick, Kim Bunka, and Nicolas Antonlini

“When you’re working on a ship for anywhere between 4 to 6 months at a time you really miss those special connections with animals,” said Kim Bunka, cruise staff host. “It was such a nice treat to come play, snuggle and help give some extra TLC to these amazing creatures.”

Voluntears Bahamas Humane Society Courtney Wersick

The Bahamas Humane Society, run by a board of volunteers, was founded in 1924 as a private nonprofit organization dedicated to animal welfare.

Each year, Disney Cruise Line cast and crew members donate thousands of hours of their personal time to benefit worthwhile causes in port communities around the world. Disney Cruise Line has supported the Bahamas Humane Society in Nassau since 2007.

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