Tangled: The Musical

Tangled: The Musical is presented exclusively aboard the Disney Magic, it’s the first-ever stage adaptation of the beloved animated film, Tangled. Combining a heartfelt story, an enchanting score and lavish production numbers, the new musical showcases the thrilling adventure of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider as they face ruffians, thugs and a budding romance on an exhilarating journey of self-discovery. The production runs for 60 minutes.

Follow Rapunzel and Flynn Rider in a musical adventure that will take then from a lonely tower, into the raucous Snuggly Duckling Pub to the distant Kingdom, where they both, finally, find home.

Disney assembled an all-star creative team to develop this extravagant production. Academy Award-winning composer Alan Menken (“Tangled,” “The Little Mermaid”) and Grammy Award-winning lyricist Glenn Slater (“Tangled”) created three new songs exclusively for this show. Other top-notch theatrical talent included Tony Award-winning costume designer Paloma Young (“Peter and the Starcatcher”), master puppet designer Michael Curry (Disney’s “The Lion King” on Broadway), set designer Bradley Kaye (Disney’s “Aladdin—A Musical Spectacular”), director Gordon Greenberg and choreographer Connor Gallagher.

“Tangled: The Musical” was produced by Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Entertainment, which has received acclaim for its productions around the world, including “Finding Nemo – The Musical” (Walt Disney World Resort in Florida), “Twice Charmed: An Original Twist on the Cinderella Story” (Disney Cruise Line) and “The Golden Mickeys” (Hong Kong Disneyland and Disney Cruise Line).

Fun Facts:

  • Rapunzel’s story begins with a magical flower, but more than 200 physical flowers have been drawn, painted, carved, sewn and otherwise “planted” in scenic elements, costumes and even Rapunzel’s hair.
  • “Tangled: The Musical” features 15 scenes and seven locations.
  • More than 40 scenic elements bring the fairytale locales of “Tangled: The Musical” to life.
  • The 15-foot-tall tower features more than 20 glowing flowers hidden in a mural design.
  • The mural in Rapunzel’s tower set piece was designed by Claire Keane, who created the original mural design for the animated “Tangled” film.
  • Every set piece for “Tangled: The Musical” was sculpted and painted by hand.
  • Tony Award-winning costume designer Paloma Young developed 125 costumes using more than 200 different types of fabrics.
  • Rapunzel’s royal dress that appears in the show’s final scene is made of custom fabric developed especially for this show.
  • The dazzling costumes are made complete with 85 pairs of shoes and 60 wigs.
  • It takes more than 200 feet of hair to bring Rapunzel’s famous golden tresses to life onstage.

Guests sailing on the Disney Magic’s 5-Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Miami received a special treat on November 10, 2015, a preview performance of Tangled: The Musical in the 977-seat Walt Disney Theatre. Tangled: The Musical officially debuted during he Disney Magic’s 4-Night Bahamian Cruise from Miami embarking from PortMiami on November 11, 2015. Early guests received a special Tangled: The Musical Program.

Tangled The Musical Snuggly Ducking Tangled The Musical Snuggly Ducking Flynn Hooked Tangled The Musical Rapunzel In Tower Tangled The Musical Rapunzel Flynn In Tower Tangled The Musical Flynn Snuggly Ducking Tangled The Musical Floating Lantern Rapunzel Flynn Tangled The Musical Cast In Town Tangled The Musical Maximus Flynn Rapunzel

Tangled: The Musical Scenes & Musical Numbers

Tangled The Musical Scenes 2016 Magic

SCENE 1 | Treasure Room of the Royal Palace

  • Flower of Gold – Flynn Rider, Mother Gothel, Sage, Ensemble

SCENE 2 | Interior of a Tower

  • When Will My Life Begin – Rapunzel
  • Mother Knows Best – Mother Gothel

SCENE 3 | Forest / Tower Exterior

  • Wanted Man – Flynn Rider, Stabbington Brother, Guards, Girls

SCENE 4 | Inside the Tower / On the Ground

  • When Will My Life Begin? (Reprise) – Rapunzel

SCENE 5 | The Snuggly Duckling

  • I’ve Got A Dream – Thugs, Flynn Rider, Rapunzel, Maximus, Ensemble

SCENE 6 | In the Cave

  • Incantation – Rapunzel, Flynn Rider

SCENE 7 | The Banks of a River

  • Healing Incantation – Rapunzel
  • Mother Knows Best (Reprise) – Mother Gothel

SCENE 8 | The Town / The Harbor / The Night Woods

  • When She Returns – Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Mother Gothel, King, Queen, Stabbington Brothers, Ensemble
  • I See the Light – Rapunzel, Flynn Rider

SCENE 9 | Inside the Tower

  • Life Begin / See the Light (Reprise) – Mother Gothel, Rapunzel

SCENE 10 | A Prison Cell

  • I’ve Got a Dream (Reprise) – Mother Gothel, Rapunzel

SCENE 11 | Exterior of the Tower

  • Healing Incantation (Reprise) – Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Mother Gothel

SCENE 12 | The Town

  • Finale – Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, King, Queen, Maximus, Ensemble

Audition Scripts and Music

Below is a video recording of the Tangled: The Musical as presented on the stateroom TV.

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