Entertainment on the Disney Wish Panel Discussion

During the Christening cruise aboard the Disney Wish, I had the opportunity to attend a panel discussion on the entertainment offerings onboard. The creative panel comprised of Cruise Director Ashley Long, Denise Case (Director of Entertainment Creative), Ed Whitlow (Director of Artistic & Talent Casting), Sara Wordsworth (Show Writer for the Walt Disney Theatre), and Rachel (Guest Artist for Mainstage Performers) offered some behind the curtain details on how the teams designed and developed a new world of entertainment offerings onboard the Disney Wish.

Disney Wish Panel Entertainment On The Disney Wish

The Disney Wish design started out with the motif of enchantment which developed into a castle at sea with a major focus on entertaining guests.

Disney Wish Grand Hall Deck 5

Spaces were designed specifically with entertainment in mind. For example, the Grand Hall has a dedicated stage, but the space is more than that, it is an environmental theatre allowing for more entertainment offerings. Plus, all new characters have been introduced in the The Fairytale Players which include the likes of Lord Leopold and Lady Lilly.

The upper deck pool area was designed for entertainment. The tiered pools offer a number of new vantage points for the Set Sail on a Wish and Rockin’ Pirate Parlay Party.

Rapunzel’s Royal Table (Magic) and Tiana’s Place (Wonder) set the stage for Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure where the restaurant could be designed with a show in mind, rather than a retrofit of a show into an existing dining room.

The two new Walt Disney Theater shows, Seas the Adventure and Disney The Little Mermaid are discussed. Sara Wordsworth shared some insight on the writing process of Disney The Little Mermaid and Ed Whitlow spoke about the process from casting to installing the show onboard the Disney Wish.

Below is the full Entertainment on the Disney Wish panel discussion from June 30, 2022.

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