VIDEO: Set Sail on a Wish – The Disney Wish Sail Away Deck Party

It’s time to sail away with Set Sail on a Wish, an all new sail away deck party to kick off your adventure at sea aboard the Disney Wish.

Set Sail On A Wish Logo

The show includes the Fairy Godmother encouraging everyone to use their magical wishing wands to help start the show. Captain Minnie and Captain Mickey are joined with their pals Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, and the cruise staff team in an upbeat performance that brings some new characters to the sail way deck party with Cinderella and Prince Charming, Tiana and Naveen, Rapunzel and Flynn, and Moana.

Are you ready? Let’s set sail, and enjoy the full performance of Set Sail on a Wish from the June 29, 2022 3-night Bahamian Christening Cruise from Port Canaveral.

We are here to share it all, and I know everyone loves a good Disney Cruise ship horn. Below is an excerpt of the performance highlighting the Disney Wish’s When You Wish Upon a Star horn countdown from the Set Sail on a Wish show.

Set Sail on a Wish Photo Gallery

What did you think about the new sail away deck party, Set Sail on a Wish?

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  1. Brett B.

    Its nice to see that they have the Sail Away parties back. We missed them when we did our B2B cruises out of San Diego in April this year.


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