VIDEO: Pirate’s Rockin’ Parlay Party – The Disney Wish’s Pirate Deck Party

Today seems like a great day to share video of the Disney Wish’s all new rock-and-roll driven pirate party, Pirate’s Rockin’ Parlay Party. The Disney Wish ushers in an all new take on Disney Cruise Line’s longtime signature pirate themed deck celebration.

Wish Pirates Rockin Parlay Party 1

Typically, on one special night of every voyage, guests of all ages can don their most swashbuckling pirate garb and head to the upper decks for this new rock-and-roll extravaganza, complete with fireworks at sea.

Wish Pirates Rockin Parlay Party 6

Hosted by Captain Redd, a descendent of the famous red-headed rogue from the Pirates of the Caribbean theme park attractions. Pirate’s Rockin’ Parlay Party features live music, stunts, special effects and a big surprise appearance. Throughout the party, Captain Redd and her band of head-banging buccaneers, know as the Swashbucklers, perform famous rock-radio hits such as Twisted Sister’s Were Not Gonna Take It, plus a thrashing rendition of the classic pirate tune Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life for Me).

Wish Pirates Rockin Parlay Party 5

When Redd assembles a fearsome council of captains, including the notorious scoundrel Captain Jack Sparrow, they unlock a sparkling treasure lighting the night sky: a fantastic fireworks display underscored by an original arrangement of the sensational soundtrack from the Walt Disney Studios Pirates in the Caribbean films.

Yo ho, let’s go, and enjoy the full performance of Pirate’s Rockin’ Parlay Party from the June 30th performance of the show from the June 29, 2022 3-night Bahamian Christening Cruise from Port Canaveral.

Fun fact, the show is based more on the ride than the film franchise.

Pirate’s Rockin’ Parlay Party Photo Gallery

What did you think about the Disney Wish’s new pirate night deck party, Pirate’s Rockin’ Parlay Party?

5 Replies to “VIDEO: Pirate’s Rockin’ Parlay Party – The Disney Wish’s Pirate Deck Party”

  1. dee

    Cruise is back to normal? No mask? Or any other restrictions?
    Just book a cruise to November and forgot to even check before lol

    1. R

      Vaccine requirements have changed some, but remain for the safety of the crew, cast and guests and in compliance with some foreign port requirements.

  2. Kevin Burns

    Scott, thanks for the great reporting. And not to date myself, but it was Twisted Sister, not Quiet Riot. Close, but no guitars. 🙂


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