Disney Wish AquaMouse POV Ride Cam

Take a virtual ride with me on the AquaMouse, the thrilling high-speed, 760-foot splashtacular water coaster aboard the Disney Wish. The world of Mickey Mouse animated shorts play a key role in setting the stage for the AquaMouse ride experience which Disney is calling their first attraction at sea.

According to Disney, Mickey and Minnie are starting their very own seaside excursion company, Port Misadventures, on board the Disney Wish, and adventuresome cruisers can join them on an undersea excursion to Mermaid Lagoon that inevitably (and hilariously) goes awry.

Port Misadventures…. Sounds familiar… Not only does it sound familiar, the AquaMouse features a similar lift hill to that of Miss Adventure Falls at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon waterpark.

The posted safety information, states the minimum height required to ride the AquaMouse is 42″. Persons under 7 years of age must be accompanied by someone 14 years of age or older. Guests 14 and older who wish to ride alone, must be at least 48″ tall.

Disney Wish AquaMouse Entrance Safety Height Requirement Sign
Disney Wish AquaMouse Entrance Safety Height Requirement Sign

The entrance and exit are located in the same area of the ship, and unlike the AquaDuck on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, the queue is more reminiscent of a theme park line than the line up the stairs into the funnel for the AquaDuck.

The AquaMouse journey begins when you board a two-seat ride float and ascend into a magical tunnel teleporting you into the cartoon world of two new animated short playing out through oversized virtual portholes.

  • Scuba Scramble: riders will encounter curious sea creatures, familiar Disney friends and more than 60 water effects that bring the subaquatic hijinks to life synched to an original musical score by Emmy-nominated composer Christopher Willis.
  • Swiss Meltdown: Mickey and Minnie invite riders on a mountain sledding excursion inspired by one of the Emmy Award-winning “Mickey Mouse” shorts, “Yodelberg.” When the sun comes out and the snow begins to melt, they’ll be off on a frantic dash to the mountaintop while trying to avoid obstacles like avalanches, leaky rock walls and waterfalls.

At the height of the show, guests blast out of the tunnel and embark on a wild water ride around the upper decks. Join me in an on ride POV from my first ride on the AquaMouse.

Since the AquaMouse features multiple Mickey Mouse animated shorts, try and ride the water-coaster on different days of your cruise.

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6 Replies to “Disney Wish AquaMouse POV Ride Cam”

  1. DJ

    That was so cool!! Thanks! My back is not the best. I avoid the Aquadunk, and am OK with the Aqua Duck. Did you find this to be similar to the Aqua Duck? I can’t deal with too much back-jerking. Thanks again!!! This was so fun to see!

  2. Brett B.

    Not bad at all. It looks like a lot of fun. My wife and I enjoy riding together on the Aquaduck so it looks like we can do the same on this. My only problem is getting out of the raft on the Aquaduck when it is over. The raft is some what slippery and unstable… I may only be 64 but there are times I should know better, still I cannot help but being that 5 year old kid who went to Disneyland the first time.

  3. stoces@gmail.com

    I was curious if the AquaMouse is open on the Castaway Cay port day, I was trying to confirm that was Castaway Cay when you went over the ocean and it looks like it was but your confirmation would be great! thanks


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