Disney Cruise Line Cancels Additional Dream & Fantasy Sailings Through June 18, 2020

Disney Cruise Line announced the cancellation of additional sailing aboard the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy through June 18, 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The announcement at this time can be heard on Disney Cruise Line’s recorded message. This post will be updated shortly with a copy of the email.

First and foremost, we hope that you are staying well during these challenging times. Our lives have changed in such extraordinary ways, yet it is heartening to see family, friends and colleagues caring for one another and doing their part to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

With the wellbeing of our Guests and team members as our top priority and in line with direction from health experts and government officials, Disney Cruise Line has decided to extend the suspension of Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy departures through Thursday, June 18, 2020. This means that your sailing has been cancelled.

In light of this cancellation, we are offering you the choice of a 125% future cruise credit to be used for a future sailing within 15 months of your original sail date, or a full refund. The credit has been automatically added to your account.

Email from Disney Cruise Line to guests booked on cancelled sailings.

DCL Email Drea Fantasy 20200427 Cancellations
DCL Email Drea Fantasy 20200427 Cancellations

The Disney Magic’s sailings through July 2, 2020 were also canceled today and the Disney Wonder’s sailings through June were previously canceled due to Canada’s decision to delay the start of the cruise season to July 1st, at the earliest.

In light of this cancellation, Disney Cruise Line is offering guests the choice of a 125% future cruise credit to be used for a future sailing within 15 months of their original sail date, or a full refund.

The following cruises have officially been canceled:

Disney Dream

Disney Fantasy

At this time, the next bookable sailings on DisneyCruise.com for each ship are as follows.

By The Numbers | Coronavirus Canceled Cruises

DCL COVID 19 By Number Canceled Salings 20200427 Dream Fantasy

Today, with this phase of cancelations (including the Magic) of 16 cruises spanning 92 nights, Disney Cruise Line has canceled 78 sailings losing total 424 nights across the fleet. The Disney Dream will lose at 27 sailings losing 97-nights, Disney Fantasy 14 sailings losing 98-nights, Disney Magic 20 sailings losing 121-nights, and the Disney Wonder 17 sailings losing 108-nights due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

I set up sailings for each ship for those interested in keeping track of the fleet during the temporary shutdown. The sailings will be updated daily with “at sea” set as the default for each day until we learn otherwise.

This latest announcement comes after the last phase of cancelations on April 15th which included early-June Disney Magic sailings from Barcelona.

Disney Cruise Line Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Alert – April 27, 2020

All Departures Through June 18, 2020, Disney Magic Sailings through July 2, and Vancouver Sailings Until the End of June

Disney Cruise Line is aware that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has extended its suspension of cruise departures from the United States. In line with this direction, and with the well-being of our Guests and team members our top priority, Disney Cruise Line has suspended:

  • All new departures of the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy through Thursday, June 18, 2020.
  • All Disney Magic sailings through Thursday, July 2, 2020.
  • All departures on the Disney Wonder through June, given that neither the Port of Vancouver nor an alternate homeport is available.

Guests currently booked on affected sailings will be offered the choice of a cruise credit to be used for a future sailing within 15 months of their original sail date or a full refund. These Guests and travel agents will receive an email from Disney Cruise Line outlining details and next steps.

Guests who booked their reservation through a travel agent should contact them directly with any questions. Those who booked directly with Disney Cruise Line and have questions after receiving their email from us should call us at (866) 325-6685 or (407) 566-7797.

Below is a list of impacted sailings:

Disney Magic

  • April 25-30
  • April 30-May 4
  • May 4-8
  • May 8-11
  • May 11-23
  • May 23-30
  • May 30-June 6
  • June 6-13
  • June 13-22
  • June 22-July 1
  • July 1-13

Disney Wonder

  • April 24-29
  • April 29-May 8
  • May 8-18
  • May 18-25
  • May 25-June 1
  • June 1-8
  • June 8-15
  • June 15-22
  • June 22-29
  • June 29-July 6

Disney Dream

  • April 27-May 1
  • May 1-4
  • May 4-8
  • May 8-11
  • May 11-15
  • May 15-18
  • May 18-22
  • May 22-25
  • May 25-29
  • May 29-June 1
  • June 1-5
  • June 5-8
  • June 8-12
  • June 12-17
  • June 17-21

Disney Fantasy

  • April 25-May 2
  • May 2-9
  • May 9-16
  • May 16-23
  • May 23-30
  • May 30-June 6
  • June 6-13
  • June 13-20

Disney Magic European Sailings After July 2, 2020

Guests currently booked on our European sailings through our July 25 departure can change their reservation up until the day before embarkation and receive a 100% cruise credit to be used for a future sailing within 15 months of their original sail date. The credit is non-refundable and standard prevailing rates will apply. Alternatively, Guests currently booked on our July 13, July 18 and July 25, 2020 European sailings may delay their final payment to 30 days prior to their sailing. Guests who booked their reservation through a travel agent should contact them directly. Those who booked with Disney Cruise Line may call us at (866) 325-2112 or (407) 566-3510.

Disney Cruise Line Coronavirus (COVID-19) Additional InformationDisney Cruise Line consistently receives among the highest public health inspection scores and has health and safety protocols in place. We also have a comprehensive plan that outlines protocols for managing illness and closely follow the guidance of public health officials. In light of COVID-19, Disney Cruise Line is operating at elevated cleaning and sanitation levels. Among the procedures currently in place include:

  • Training for all of our Crew Members on how best to prevent the spread of illness on board.
  • A health screening completed by all Guests and Crew Members to check for illness before they board the ship.
  • Extensive cleaning and sanitation of high-traffic areas (e.g., handrails, doorknobs and elevator buttons) and children’s facilities.
  • Cleaning of all staterooms twice a day and additional disinfection when necessary.
  • Discontinuing self-service at buffet locations.
  • Regular communication with Guests and Crew Members regarding how to prevent illness.
  • Hand-washing stations and sanitizing wipes conveniently located throughout our ships.
  • Medical clinics on our ships staffed with experienced doctors and nurses and stocked with supplies and medications to treat a variety of illnesses.

According to public health authorities, Guests can also help prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and many other illnesses by frequently washing their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after using the restroom and before eating. Parents can supervise their children to ensure they wash their hands thoroughly. Guests are also advised to cover their nose and mouth with a tissue (or upper sleeve) when sneezing, and avoid sneezing or coughing into their hands or without covering their nose and mouth. Guests or Crew Members who show any symptoms of illness are advised to contact their ship’s Medical Center immediately.

Updates will be posted online as new information becomes available and Guests with specific questions may reach out to us at (866) 325-2112 or (407) 566-3510 or contact their travel agent. Please note that call volumes may be high.

6 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Cancels Additional Dream & Fantasy Sailings Through June 18, 2020”

  1. cvaska

    Hi Scott! With the season getting cut so short at this point, do you think the Magic will even bother going to Europe at this point? Speculation is obviously welcome

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      As far as I know, the dry dock is still scheduled for Cadiz. It is possible the Magic could simply skip the season and deadhead the Transatlantic back and forth for the dry dock. The Wonder did not sail with passengers when she went to Cadiz for dry dock.

  2. Tim Preston

    We were on the May 18th sailing on the Dream that canceled today. We booked with DVC points. I know they are offering 125% for cash payment but are they offering anything to DVC Members other than returning their points? We also had a week scheduled at Old Key West following the cruise and are fairly sure that will cancel also.

  3. Paul T

    Unfortunately I believe we are in this for the long haul before cruises begin. It is not just the cruise lines that need to start up it is the rest of industry that the cruise lines depend on. It has been estimated that only 57% – 62% of furloughed employees will return to their jobs. This is every job at airlines, airports, port authorities and hotels that will need to hire and train people. Tyson Foods have shut down processing in their major plants with many other meat processors following. It is now been reported that there will be a beef, pork and poultry shortages in the coming months. Cruise lines will have to compete for those provisions. Hotels in the Port Canaveral and Port of Miami are largely shut down. Hertz car rental has laid off 10,000 employees. Aircraft have sitting idle in a sort of warm storage. The aircraft will be required to through an air worthiness procedure before before they can fly.Today Jet Blue announced that all passengers will be required to wear face masks from check-in until departing the aircraft (no mention was made as to who provides the face mask.) for the foreseeable future. Yesterday Governor De Santis said that although Florida is in good shape re-opening will be slow and measured. He will be outlining the the steps on 4/29. Normally I would say that the travel and entertainment industry will be last on the list, but with the huge dependency of that industry in the Orlando area it could get preference. We have 3 Disney cruises booked, but I am not holding my breath.

    1. Alice

      What I want to hear is- how the cruise industry is going to function (ever again) absent an effective vaccine ? It’s not the feverish folks hacking and coughing that are the problem, it’s the large percentage of asymptomatic carriers (I think 25% when they tested the crew of the USS Roosevelt). You can clean the hard surfaces, but you can’t clean the air that carriers are breathing into – which will require mask wearing at all times, and not just the home-made kind, actual N95 masks that provide more than emotional protection. Let’s say DCL imposes mandatory mask-wearing- how then do you re-imagine the overall experience ? Given the virus tracking results published last week (MCL, Princess and Carnival specifically) which indicates that the cruise industry was a primary vector of the global spread- what will the cruise industry need to do to assure ports of call that it is safe to debark anyone ? How will each boat deal with the passengers who feel like they can do whatever they way because they paid for that privilege ??

  4. Emily

    I would like to see Disney extend the credit to 15-months from the date they start operating cruises again, rather than the date of original booking. We were booked for early April and now cruises are cancelled into June which impacts the timeline on all cruises cancelled prior to the new date.


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