Disney Cruise Line Stateroom Door Decorating Clip Art Pack

If you’ve sailed on a Disney Cruise you are probably already familiar with stateroom door decorations ranging from character door magnets to battery operated string lights. Fellow passengers have become creative over the years with new ways to embellish the entryway to their home away from home on the high seas.

Recently, the Disney Parks Blog published a Stateroom Door at Home Decoration art pack full of great Disney Cruise Line and Disney Character clip art with the idea was to decorate doors in your home as replica stateroom doors.

DCL Stateroom Door Decorating Stateroom Door Number 1998
Stateroom Door Number 1998 (the year the cruise line launched)

The document shared by the Disney Parks Blog was a 36-page PDF full of different graphics. If you want to print out everything go with the pdf linked above, but for those that may just want a specific image, I pulled all the images from the PDF as PNG files with a transparent background to print out individually or to use in your own custom project.

Disney Characters

Disney Character Anchors





By the way, the walls of your stateroom as well as the stateroom doors are metal, if a magnet can hold it, it has probably been used to decorate a stateroom door or your stateroom interior. It’s worth mentioning, the concierge staterooms on the Dream and Fantasy feature a wood laminate over the metal door so regular magnets do not work. However, strong magnets will work, but as with anything you put on your stateroom doors, you are responsible for any damage they might cause to the wood laminate.

For tips on turning these images into custom magnets check out our Decorating Your Stateroom Door with Custom Magnets article.

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