What is a Disney Cruise Line Future Cruise Credit (FCC)?

During the Coronavirus pandemic, Disney Cruise Line has been forced to cancel sailings with impacted guests being offered a choice of a full refund, or a future cruise credit (FCC). In each phase of cancelations, we have been given the following blurb regarding the FCC.

*The Future Cruise Credit is equal to 125% of your original voyage fare and is only valid for sailings departing within 15 months of your original sailing. The FCC is applied per person and is non-transferable, non-refundable and has no cash value. Standard prevailing rates apply and Guests are responsible for any balance due after the FCC has been applied. If you end up not being able to use the FCC, you will be eligible for a refund up to the amount of your original voyage fare. Standard cancellation policies and terms and conditions apply to future sailings. Guests who previously received a FCC are not eligible for an additional Future Cruise Credit.

The good news, in it will keep you from having to wait on hold, FCC can be added to new sailings booked online instead calling the Disney Cruise Line which has traditionally been the procedure. The future cruise credit will be available to apply to your new online booking once you reach the checkout screen. Simply click the button on the checkout screen that says Future Cruise Credit to add it to your booking.

DCL Forky Question Future Cruise Credit FCC

Future Cruise Credit (FCC) FAQ

Can I apply a Future Cruise Credit for a new reservation?
Yes, in fact, it’s the only way to apply a Future Cruise Credit online.

Can I make a payment to an existing booking and apply the Future Cruise Credit?
No, the only way to apply a Future Cruise Credit online is for a new reservation. However, I’ve heard back from people who have called and had it applied to an existing reservation and in some cases across multiple sailings.

Can I apply the Future Cruise Credit later?
No, the only way to apply a Future Cruise Credit is for a new reservation.

How do I know how much the Future Cruise Credit?
The Future Cruise Credit is 125% of the canceled voyage fare in the majority of cases.

Can I apply my Future Cruise Credit to a restricted stateroom category?
Yes, but not online.  For staterooms in restricted categories, you or your travel agent must call Disney Cruise Line.

What happens to any remaining Future Cruise Credit if the new booking is less than the FCC? The remaining Future Cruise Credit will be applied to your shipboard account as a non-refundable onboard credit.

How long do you have to wait to receive an updated confirmation with my Future Cruise Credit showing that it is applied to a new booking?
Please allow up to 10 business days to receive a new confirmation.

In applying the Future Cruise Credit to a new booking, do the same Guests have to travel together on the same sailing?
No, the Guests can sail with different travelers other than those that were on the initial booking. 

Do pre-purchased shore excursions and photo packages get refunded or are they part of the Future Cruise Credit amount?
Pre-purchased shore excursions and photo packages will be refunded.

Can additional components, including the Vacation Protection Plan, be moved to a rebooked cruise using the future cruise credit?
Additional components, including the Vacation Protection Plan, transfers, and pre- and/or post-nights on the original booking, will be refunded back to the guest’s original form of payment. These will need to be re-purchased on the new booking.

If a Guest is rebooked on future Disney Cruise Line sailing using the Future Cruise Credit, and the Guest decides to cancel that sailing, do they still get a full refund on that sailing?
The Guest would get a refund from the original sailing and would forfeit the Future Cruise Credit.

Oh, one last bit of information. Future Cruise Placeholders vouchers. I’ve been asked a number of times about the onboard future cruise placeholders with respect to the 24-month expirations. I reached out to Disney Cruise line about this early on and I was told, at that time they were not extending the 24-month expirations. However, they did tell me this policy could be revisited at a later date.

I hope this information was helpful and it made it so you didn’t have to sit on hold with Disney Cruise Line’s call center. Just like the Disney+ series Forky Asks a Question, I am sure I missed some questions you might have regarding the Future Cruise Credits. If you do have anymore questions, please let me know in the comments and I will do my best to research the question. FINALLY, as with all things Disney Cruise Line, this is all subject to change.

23 Replies to “What is a Disney Cruise Line Future Cruise Credit (FCC)?”

  1. Marnix

    Great info. We rebooked using the FCC and to that booking our OBB of the cancelled cruise was also applied. The new cruise will be outside the original 24 months of OBB.
    We booked this on the phone with DCL, so not sure how OBB will work out when rebooking online.

  2. Josh H

    If you rebook for a cruise cost of less than the value of your FCC, is the remainder applied as an onboard credit, or do you forfeit anything remaining above the new cruise cost?

  3. Josh H

    Thanks Scott. Do you know, if the rebooked cruise costs less than the FCC, will the leftover amount be given as an onboard credit, or do you forfeit it?

  4. Alan

    You most certainly can apply it to a existing reservation. All you hav to do is call in and they will apply the amount. If any is left over and you dont book anything else then the remaining FCC becomes OBC. I personally have applied 4 canceled cruises FCC to existing reservations to pay those reservations off.

  5. Laura

    does anyone know how this works in terms of does your cruise need to be paid in full in order to qualify? have they canceled any cruises to this point that had not reached their PIF date? i know i’ve been reading here that in some cases these FCC credit offers have been extended/backdated to folks who canceled before a sailing was officially canceled, but same question applies- has it been offered back to anyone who hadn’t paid in full yet?

    and anyone have any info on if your cruise was your placeholder, are they applying any of those benefits to a rebooking, if the rebooking falls outside your original 24 month window?

  6. Michelle

    I got the same information from DCL regarding the lack of placeholder extensions. It would be nice, considering the 4+ months of cancelled sailings, all those folks trying to rebook and the latest CDC pronouncement, if they would revisit this sooner than later.

  7. Sarah

    What do you think, how will Disney handle it if the cruise would be running (in my case Alaska 2020) but I can not go due to travel restrictions – for example Canada does not allow europeans in…??

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      I’ve considered this same thing myself. It is really a great question and something DCL and other travel companies will need to figure out as travel restrictions could still be on the books until after cruise ships resume sailing.

  8. Alex

    I recently moved my May 2020 to a May 2021 sail date. Costco was able to secure my FCC + move my placeholder. They did a fantastic job albeit a lengthy phone call, coordinating with Disney. I was also able to secure the same aft room. Must have had some pixie dust.

  9. Joe

    If I receive the FCC as I’m already PIF , can I use the FCC on a new booking for a cruise and stay package?

  10. Jennifer

    I sailed in May 2018 and put a future cruise deposit on two staterooms. Now that the 24 months has passed, how long will it be until I see my automatic refund?

  11. Kerry

    I booked my current cruise using a placeholder from my previous cruise in May 2019. My current cruise was scheduled for August 2020. The Canadian government just announced yesterday that no cruise ships will be allowed in Canadian waters until at least October 31, 2020. So, my current scheduled cruise for this August will be cancelled. My question is, I had a $200 on board credit from my placeholder booking. Will my $200 on board credit be applied to a new booking that I book using the future cruise credit of 125% because my cruise will be cancelled?

  12. seasonhughes

    Similar to shore excursions/photo packages, I pre-paid for ground transportation, on-board credit, spa treatments, spa credit, gratuities, and in-room gifts. I’m guessing these will be refunded and will need to be rebooked?

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      They should be refunded, but likely will be refunded individually to the original form of payment. I would suggest creating a checklist to make sure each item is refunded. Yes, you’d need to rebook these items for any rescheduled sailing.

  13. Cruising Minnie

    Can you use a travel agent for a new booking with FCC, even if you didn’t use one for the canceled cruise?

  14. Mike

    Has anyone booked a close-in cruise, hoping that the cruise will be cancelled and take advantage of the 125% FCC? Seems like a good gamble for an additional 25% if you know that you will be cruising with Disney before May 2022.

  15. Grace

    Has anyone received the 125% future sailing credit on multiple cancelled cruises? We just had our second cruise cancelled. Paid for with a tiny bit of future cruise credit leftover from our first cancel and rebook and the rest cash. I would love any insight. Right now Disney is not offering us the 125% credit on the cash portion we paid on our second cancelled cruise to rebook in the future and I feel this is unfair.

    Our first cancelled cruise was May 2020 rebooked for May 2021. Our second cruise was December 2020, we would like to rebook for December 2021 but Disney is not offering us the FCC on the cash amount we paid for the December 2020 cruise or an option to rebook. I know personally some cruise guests who have received two FCC cruise credits for two separate cruise sailings paid with cash. I feel there policy regarding FCC has failed to include all possible scenarios of guests sailing on Disney Cruise Line and it needs to be addressed. The current policy is unfair to guests.

  16. Nicole Di Franco

    Hello, I have a problem. Our cruise (DIsney Magic 6 days Bahamas April 26, 2021 for 4 people 2 cabins) has just been canceled once again. We are entitled to FCC …. but my travel agent tells me that this does not affect the price of the reservation but only a sum to be used against expenses on the ship. Could you confirm to me that the 125% FCC is valid on the new reservation please? A big thanks


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