Trip Log Day 3: 3-Night Halloween on the High Seas Cruise on Disney Dream – Castaway Cay

Trip log, day three. Castaway Cay.
3-Night Halloween on the High Seas Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral
October 14, 2018
Personal Navigator – Day 3

Stateroom TV Map Castaway Cay 20181014Before I get into our day at Castaway Cay, I need to talk about Beauty and the Beast. On Saturday night, I finally saw the new production… in my stateroom. I guess I should be turning in my blogger credentials now, but those don’t exist. The scheduling was perfect with the show on day 2, we didn’t have any dinner or evening plans. I had plans to see the show, even by myself, but when push came to shove, I simply didn’t want to sit in the Walt Disney Theatre for an hour and 15 minutes. I was having more fun doing practically nothing. Before I go any farther, this is NOT a knock on the show, I just like going to Pink with Emily, eating too much ice cream with Isabelle and watching college football to take the time out for the show. The choices we make.

DCL Beauty And The Beast Enchanted Objects

The good thing is that the the shows are on in the stateroom. Sadly, they are no longer on demand like they were years ago, but there are 4 showings throughout the evening. As I was flipping between football games, Isabelle found the channel playing the show. It already started, but at this point the Wisconsin vs. that team up north game was not watchable so I was more than happy to try it. The production drew me in to the well established story and when it was over, the replay started again allowing me to see the part I missed. I have not yet watched the live action movie which was used as inspiration for the production so I am not sure how well it follows along with the film. The production was enjoyable, from someone who hasn’t watched the film, I can best explain the show as the retelling of the animation classic in the style of the live action film. No doubt there is more to it than that, but it works. I will do my best to make time to pop in the blu-ray (which I did buy the day it was released) because I’d like to see the live production, say next June during the inaugural DCL Blog group cruise.

Our final full day started with a smooth arrival at Castaway Cay.

Porthole View Of Castaway Cay

Isabelle and I packed extremely light for this cruise (read as) we purposely didn’t bring running shoes so Emily was the only one running the Castaway Cay 5k, but we did go ashore with her when she left to start the run.

The first thing I noticed was the removal of Anthony Connelly’s sign which was on Pump House 1 opposite Bob Chapek in March. Similar to the windows on Main Street, signs at Castaway Cay reference those behind the scenes at Disney Cruise Line.

Castaway Cay Pump House 1 ChapekJeff Vahle, President of Disney Cruise Line and Signature Experiences, sign can be found in the same spot at the Conched Out Bar where Karl Holz’s sign once hung. If anyone happens to know where Karl’s sign is if it is still on the island let me know. I did not have time to search for it.
Jeff Vahle Castaway Cay SignJeff Vahle Castaway Cay SignAs Emily was walking toward the starting line, she turned to see this incredible sight.Castway Disney DreamIsabelle and I headed over to the family beach where I decided to purposely take this out of focus image of the Disney Dream. Who knows, maybe it will save me a step one of running gaussian blur in Photoshop for a door magnet.
Disney Dream Castaway Cay BlurryIsabelle enjoyed the time before the end of the race to play on the practically empty ropes course.Early Morning Serenity At The Family BeachThe Castaway Cay 5k medals were hung on the sand fence with care, while runners ran the runway and 2 loops of doom.Castaway Cay 5k MedalsContinuing with the artist focus shots, here is Emily approaching the finish line with her stylish sunglasses.Castaway Cay 5k FinishHere is a shallow depth of field medal photo for you enjoyment.Castaway Cay 5k Medals

See a trend here….

Oaken Sign

Over at Summertime Freeze, the huge blowout of artistic photos continues with Sven eyeing that delicious carrot.

Sven Eyeing A CarrotKinda explains the look in this happy snowman’s eyes.
Happy Snowman

Jumping around here is a look at the latest Conched Out Bar menu.

Conched Out Bar MenuAfter the 5k, we settled in beach chairs about a foot into the water off the family beach while Isabelle played on the ropes course. Remember that lame excuse of packing light to have an excuse to not run? Well, we did pack our snorkeling equipment, including our fins and we didn’t even venture out. Primarily my fault, I was happy as a clam in the chair not doing a darn thing.

Cookies BBQ provided today’s lunch and the garlic focaccia bread was the best it has ever been making my Castaway Cay chicken sandwich even more delicious and by delicious I mean, you should have run or gone to the gym, eating like this is going to be your downfall.
Cookies BBQ Lunch

After lunch we hit a bit of a snafu. Isabelle wanted to participate in the Island Scavenger Hunt which is listed on the Navigator app as Edge, Deck 13…. Well, the actual meeting spot was the Hideout on the island… Oh well, we live, we learn. Specifically, Isabelle and I learned we can walk from In Da Shade to the EDGE on Deck 13 and back to In Da Shade in 40 minutes. As much as I’d like to bash the app, I knew it didn’t seem right to meet on the ship, but that is all on me for not questioning this important detail. Oh who am I kidding, the chat feature still timestamps messages when you open the app, not when the other user sent them. I’m not going to let that one go.

We saw the Youth Activities counselors with a group of kids who were more than welcoming to Isabelle, but by this time she didn’t want to join near the end as to not spoil the experience for her next opportunity to experience the activity.

Isabelle met up with a classmate and spent more time on the ropes course before we all decided we’ve been sitting out in the sun for long enough. Time to go check out some of the merchandise.

The increasing popular Spirit Shirts are available in pink and a hooded version.

Castaway Cay Spirit Shirts Castaway Cay Spirit ShirtsI am positive the following line of merchandise was at least partially available back in March, but the sign says new arrival so who am I to argue… Here is the collection in its entirety.Castaway Cay Merchandise Castaway Cay Merchandise Castaway Cay Merchandise Castaway Cay Merchandise Castaway Cay Merchandise Castaway Cay MerchandiseI know for sure the following two items were available in March, based on my photo archive.Castaway Cay Merchandise Castaway Cay Merchandise Castaway Cay Merchandise Castaway Cay MerchandiseThere are 2 long lengths of fabric in the above image. I guess this could be a cover up or something you could wrap around yourself or a table cloth. Alternatively, you can also look at this item as a few yards of Castaway Cay print fabric for $30 to make whatever you want.

Isabelle spent part of this cruise working on a scavenger hunt for the DCL Blog Group Cruise and well, as we were looking at the enchanted map near the Port Adventures desk I couldn’t help but update it prematurely based on recent news.

Castaway Cay Lighthouse Point MapWe packed up as best we could while Isabelle enjoyed dinner and we flipped back and forth between the available NFL games. On the special events channels, we had games from CBS and FOX including the Bengals vs Steelers and Jaguar vs Cowboys, the evening game between the Patriots and Chiefs was also on. I cannot recall the other games. Still, much better than the NCAA offerings.

Disney Dream NFL On CBS Steelers Bengals

Emily and I had another date night planned. We started off in Meridian talking to Alexander who dug into to the sommelier bin for us.Meridian Sommlier Bin

We started the cruise with date night in Palo which leaves the best for last, Remy!

Remy Violinist

Hands down, tonight’s dinner was the best Remy dinner experience to date. Last year, I snuck a Remy dinner review in the trip log, but the menu recently changed and the evening deserves a stand alone post. If you are reading & following along, you will notice that we again did not set foot into the MDRs. This is a trend for us on these short cruises & it is absolutely lovely to not feel pressures into following a schedule.

I failed to mention this on the first day, our captain for this sailing was Captain Michele Intartaglia. We saw Captain Andy walking around during embarkation day, but it was Captain Michele who had command of the Dream during this sailing. I suspect he is bridging the gab until Captain Robert takes the helm.
DCL Captain Michele Intartaglia Stateroom Video

I went into this cruise with on big question on my mind. Can the Dream redeem? One year ago, I summed up this same 3-night Halloween cruise as lackluster compared to our 3- and 9-night cruises earlier in the year aboard the Disney Wonder. This year the bar was established by a Marvel Day at Sea and a Mediterranean cruise. A themed day cruise and another new cruise destination is going to be tough to top. While the Dream did not top either of those trips, the Dream redeemed itself from last year (albeit the Sail Away party was awful). We just take it for what it is, which is a ship full of mostly first time cruises and folks looking for a weekend getaway. We just enjoyed ourselves with no schedule and had a blast.

Thanks for following along, we’ll return to the high seas in early 2019. If you have any questions about this cruise ask away in the comment section below!

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11 Replies to “Trip Log Day 3: 3-Night Halloween on the High Seas Cruise on Disney Dream – Castaway Cay”

  1. Neil

    We saw the Beauty and the Beast show the first month it was on the Dream and saw it again during the same sailing you went on. We were disappointed that they cut the song Nevermore which is in the movie and was originally part of the show. I think they were having problems with time.

  2. Kyle


    Can’t wait to read your review of Remy. We are traveling soon, and while we have enjoyed Remy in previous trips on the Dream, I am interested to hear about the ‘new’ menu…and your thoughts.

    Thanks for the great blog and trip report, been a long time follower!

  3. Tim

    Hey Scott – just curious, on these short cruises where you don’t use the MDRs for the whole trip, do you let a head server or anyone else know not to expect you?

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      No, we did not let anyone know ahead of time. However, they do have access to see that we had Palo and Remy booked. Before anyone else inquires, we still tip the serving team.

  4. Scott

    Can you explain the sommelier bin in detail? I was on the Dream this past July and was looking for this option at the lounges but did not see it. Do you have to literally ask the bartender to have access to this option? And also, what did you end up with when you and Emily ordered from it?

      1. Rosaline

        On the Fantasy last month, we made friends with one of the bar tenders in Ooh-La-La. One night, we decided to just order the least inexpensive champagne ($8) and he came back and said they had a much nicer champagne on special for $10 and asked if we would like that instead. Of course, we said yes. When we went to order another glass of the special, they were out of that one, but he went to talk to the other bar tenders and managed to open a bottle of Veuve Clicquot and give it to us for $10/glass. Major win! 🙂

  5. Anna

    Just was on the dream a week before this! Always a fun time. We love the Edge counselors! Who was her favorite?lol We will be sailing again in January, can’t wait. Thanks for sharing!


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