Personal Navigators: 7-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise on Disney Wonder – February 18, 2018

Personal Navigators, and other handouts from the 7-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise on Disney Wonder. The Disney Wonder set sail from Port Canaveral on February 18, 2018. During this cruise, the ship was under the control of Captain Robert Olmer. The Cruise Director during the sailng was Natalie Bailey.

Map Wonder 7 Night Eastern Caribbean PC SMX SJU CC

Day 1 – February 18, 2018 – Port Canaveral

Day 2 – February 19, 2018 – At Sea

Day 3 – February 20, 2018 – At Sea

Day 4 – February 21, 2018 – St. Maarten

Day 5 – February 22, 2018 – San Juan

Day 6 – February 23, 2018 – At Sea

Day 7 – February 24, 2018 – Castaway Cay

Buena Vista Theatre Movies

Thank you jcarwash and David Biek for sharing. They both shared similar information on the choice to repeat shows.

As seen in the Voyage Navigator, on this sailing the Wonder started a test repeating three nightly shows (Golden Mickeys, Frozen, Disney Dreams) vs. having a unique show each night. This was the first time (on the Wonder anyway) that Natalie tested out the repeat shows on consecutive nights – many repeat cruisers did not like this format as it meant the variety acts were shown typically at 2PM and conflicted with other plans that were made prior to the cruise. Natalie was actively seeking feedback about this trial format.

If you have any navigators you would be willing to share, please send me an email. If you would rather upload the files you can use our upload form.

5 Replies to “Personal Navigators: 7-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise on Disney Wonder – February 18, 2018”

  1. Lisa G

    We sail on the Wonder, this Sunday March 4. Does anyone know if they are going to continue repeating of the shows on this cruise and others or was it just for this one cruise? I will be really disappointed if they have repeating shows during our cruise.

      1. Stew B

        I was on the 2/18 cruise. I really didn’t like the this format either. I should said something to Natalie but every time I saw her she was engage with other guests.

        This was my 15th cruise. So I seen Golden Mickey’s and Disney Dreams many times. I did go again to see them may not have if there were shows on other nights that may be interested in . I had not seen frozen it was very good.
        I love the variety acts as do many but with them only being at 2pm or in clubs. The clubs were more crowded then normal for these shows. Funny thing it the wonder and magic handle the demand better then bigger ships because the clubs room are almost the same size with half the guests. Bottom line it was hard getting to see them .

        My other issue is the movie selection but after looking disney releases there have been no adult type movies since Bridge of Spies in 2015 which i did see on the cruise.
        That being said Black Panther was great.

        1. Scott Sanders Post author

          Stew, at times when you do not have an opportunity to share feedback in person, you can always include a note with your guest feedback card or just drop the note off to guest services addressed to a specific cast member.

          1. Stew b

            I was going to feedback I assume there is something on the website
            That being said I have July cruise and just book 11 night southern for 2019
            And will book a 2020 January for my 65 birthday


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