Disney Cruise Line Blog Podcast – Episode 6: Cruise Planning

On this week’s podcast we are going to talk about cruise planning and a brief bit of news.

Show Notes

News Roundup

Cruise Planning

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20 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Blog Podcast – Episode 6: Cruise Planning”

  1. Lisa

    Really enjoying the podcasts… I would enjoy hearing you (or Isabelle) address kids clubs in depth. My kids on last cruise would not go near them (ages 9 and 13), although it wasn’t an issue as we were cruising with a family that had kids of similar ages. We are cruising with Disney again next year with just our own kids. How do we convince them to give the clubs a try? Would love yours and your daughter’s input! Thanks!

  2. RichG

    In the podcast you mentioned a site that you used to track the price change of the cruise. What was the site?

  3. Anne

    Nice podcast again though I thought the 90 minutes were a bit long to be listened in one go.
    Maybe something a bit more palatable like 30-40 minutes?

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Anne, Thanks for your feedback. I too prefer shorter podcasts. However, we’ve discussed the podcast durations and we realized we would be doing a disservice if we focused on time. We decided to to let the subject and content determine the length. Honestly, going into a recording session we never know how long we will be talking. Some topics require or deserve additional time while others can be short to the point.

      1. Scott Sanders Post author

        Beth & Lisa, Thanks for your feedback. As I replied to Anne, we decided to to let the subject and content determine the podcast length. Some topics will result in longer podcasts, while others may be shorter.

  4. Ruth L.

    Another great podcast — thank you for doing these. I’m very anxious to hear the (hopefully soon!) upcoming one on packing. We have 54 days until our cruise. 🙂

  5. RichG

    You also mentioned on the podcast using a travel agent to book an upcoming cruise. I’ve always gone directly through Disney’s web site so I would like to hear what you feel are the advantages of using a travel agent.

  6. Chris Swiech

    Loved the podcast…I think it would be fun to hear your reviews on the different A shows and musicals from the boats and hear what you would like to see come to a boat next. I would love to see a Peter Pan Musical!

  7. Ashley Hodgson

    Love the podcast!! I have a question, we just checked-in to our cruise the 4 night from Vancouver to San Diego, in Aug. We live in San Diego and are flying in the day before and staying at the Fairmont airport hotel the night before and we pre purchased disney transfer to the port from the airport. This is our first time doing this, when we check-in it allowed us to pick our arrival time so we picked the earliest time 11am. When do we know what time we get the disney transfer to the port, we are so confused

  8. Wes

    Hey Scott – We’re looking at possibly doing a back-to-back 3 and 4 night cruise out of Port Canaveral. I’m wondering if we can book the same room for both sailings and leave our stuff in the room after the first sailing while we head off to Disney World for the day?


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