Disney Cruise Line Penny Coin Press Souvenirs

This past fall, a pressed coin machine was installed at Disney Cruise Line’s terminal at Port Canaveral. There are a total of six designs to collect, including one for each ship and one featuring Castaway Cay. The last design is a general DCL design featuring Captain Mickey and a cruise ship.

DCL Port Canaveral Pressed Coin Machine

The coin press machine consists of two separate coin presses, each with three unique designs. The set on the right features the classic ships the Magic and Wonder along with a Castaway Cay penny.

DCL Port Canaveral Penny Press Classic Instructions

DCL Port Canaveral Penny Press Classic DesignsThe set on the left includes the Dream class ships with the general Disney Cruise Line penny design with Captain Mickey.

DCL Port Canaveral Penny Press Dream Class Instructions

DCL Port Canaveral Penny Press Dream Class DesignsEach pressed penny costs fifty-one cents. The machine includes a built-in change machine to get quarters, but you will need to bring your own pennies.

DCL Port Canaveral Penny Press In UseIf you are planning ahead, bring at least 16 quarters and 8 pennies to aquire a complete set of six pressed coins. I would suggest looking for pennies that were minted prior to 1982. Newer pennies are copper plated zinc which as you can see the zinc becomes visible once pressed.

DCL Port Canaveral Penny Press Full SetMy math above is not wrong, the calculation if for 8 pressed pennies as I am building in an insurance policy for two more pressed pennies in the event there is an error during the press which as you can see below can happen. If all goes well, which it did for us, you can get two more coins to give to your friends when you get home.

DCL Pressed Coins Castaway Cay Error

For a grand total of $3.06 you can get the complete set of Disney Cruise Line pressed pennies. I think this is one of the best and most affordable keepsakes you can purchase to commemorate your Disney Cruise. Plus, it is fun to watch & do!

Disney Cruise Line Pressed Coin Souvenir Photo Gallery

17 thoughts on “Disney Cruise Line Penny Coin Press Souvenirs

  1. Chris

    I have great success with newer pennies that have the shield on the back instead of the monument building. I use pennies that are new and uncirculated. They do not produce the marble vein look of zinc showing through. They do allow zinc to show trough in some spots depending on the press setup and design. I have tried the pennies prior to 1982 and I have not been happy with them personally. For me they are too dull. I have tried cleaned pennies prior to 1982 also with the same poor results.

    Also, for this location you have to be a paying guest as this machine is located behind the security checkpoint. So, if you are not going to be traveling on a cruise don’t bother trying to get the pennies. I say this because I live near Port Canaveral and was going to try to go there just for the pennies to help complete my Walt Disney World penny collection.

    1. Iris

      Thank you! I just ran out to the bank today and loaded up on change just so I can get these pressed pennies at Port Canaveral. Bummer, its not in a public space for non Disney cruise travelers. Well, I have to save my change for something else now.

      1. Scott Sanders Post author

        Good luck. The last 2 trips through Port Canaveral, the machines have been half working or completely out of order. Which stinks because you only get one opportunity to get them pressed during a cruise.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      To my knowledge there are no machines at PortMiami. This is primary due to fact the terminal is not exclusive to DCL. Therefore, it is unlikely they would have a machine as it would need to be put in storage on non-turnover days.


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