Latest Thoughts Regarding the Potential 2014 Itineraries

With the impending probable release of the rest of the 2014 itineraries, I wanted to review all of the available  information to try to fill in all of the pieces to the puzzle and try to answer the question of “Where will DCL be going?” By plotting out the data onto calendars, things began to fall into place. Below you will find a compilation of my findings. On the calendars, the bolded cities are the ones that currently appear on the port calendars, and I have filled in the rest. I have compiled this information by scouring the port calendars (which are available for anyone to view & are maintained and published by the ports), as well as reviewing historical DCL itineraries. Here is what I came up with:

Disney Magic

The Magic’s last bookable sailing is a 3-Night Bahamanian cruise that embarks on May 16, 2014. Following this cruise, she looks to head to Europe. The Villefrance port calendar shows the Magic in port on 3 consecutive Mondays beginning June 2, 2014 and matches up with the 2013 7-Night Mediterranean itinerary from Barcelona. In order for the Magic to make her scheduled call, she would need to cut her regular 14-Night Eastbound Transatlantic by 2 days in order to be in Barcelona on May 31.  In April, Royal Caribbean has a 12-Night Eastbound Transatlantic Cruise from Fort Lauderdale (~30 miles north of Miami) to Barcelona.

Calendar Prediction - Magic 2014 May-June

Following what appear to be three 7-Night Mediterranean sailings, the Magic does not appear on any port calendars again until July 27, 2014 in Villefrance.

Where the Magic will sail between June 21st and July 25th is up for debate. Copenhagen still appears on Disney Cruise Line’s website in slide shows which could indicate a return to the Baltics for a couple Northern European Capitals Cruises which were last available in 2010. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find any evidence of the this as the Magic does not appear on the Gibraltar or Lisbon port calendars as were ports on the Barcelona/Dover repositioning cruises in 2010. There is, however, another possibility; Royal Caribbean offers a 7-Night Greek Isles & Turkey Cruise from Venice on the Splendor of the Seas which calls on similar ports.

Royal Caribbean 7-Night Greek Isles & Turkey Itinerary Map

Thereby adding credence to the possibility of a similar cruise, are two Adventures by Disney itineraries that begin in Rome and end in Venice. This would be a great trip; start out with an ABD trip pre-cruise, followed up by the cruise itself.  It would then be plausible  that the June 14th sailing is in fact a repositioning cruise based off the the 2013 12-Night Mediterranean Cruise.  By adding the sea day on Sunday the itinerary would be Barcelona • Sea • Villefrance • La Spezia • Civitavecchia • Naples • Sea.

The late July call in Villefrance is on a Sunday and could be part of a 10-Night Mediterranean cruise,  followed up by an 11-Night Mediterranean cruise.

Calendar Prediction - Magic 2014 Jul-Aug

Following two potential longer cruises, the Magic appears to resume the 7-Night Mediterranean sailings on August 16, 2014 for three more sailings.

The next time the Magic appears on a port calendar is on September 18, 2014 in St Maarten, which fall in line with a previous 14-Night Westbound Transatlantic cruise itinerary to Port Canaveral.

Calendar Prediction - Magic 2014 Sep-Oct

The Magic does not appear again on the St Maarten port calendar (or any port calendar) again for a while. She does reappear on the Grand Cayman port calendar in November 2014 which fits into the 5-Night/5-Night Western and 4-Night Bahamas cruises from Miami. So, with no other evidence, we can find a way to fit in a month worth of 3 and 4-Night Bahamanian sailings from Port Canaveral between September 22 and October 19, 2014. This would then give the Magic two days to reposition to Miami to begin a 4/5/5 itinerary cycle through mid-December.

Calendar Prediction - Magic 2014 Nov-Dec

The Magic goes missing from the Grand Cayman calendar in late December for a few weeks, in which she could fit in two of the the long lost 10-Night Southern Caribbean cruises. This would return the Magic to Miami on January 9, 2015 to resume the 5/4/5 itinerary pattern which is backed up with alternating week calls on the Grand Cayman port calendar from mid-January through May 2015.

Calendar Prediction - Magic 2014 Jan-Feb
Calendar Prediction - Magic 2015 Mar-Apr
Calendar Prediction - Magic 2015 May

Disney Wonder

Calendar Prediction Wonder 2014 - May-June

The Wonder ends her current Miami sailings on May 1, 2014. Based on the recent evidence of one 9-Night Alaskan itinerary, it would be only be logical to fit this sailing in at the beginning of the Alaskan cruise season. There are 22 days to sail from Miami to Vancouver. Based on this year’s Monday-to-Sunday 7-Night Alaskan itinerary, this sailing would likely embark on May 24 and call on Sitka on May 26, 2014. Then, beginning June 2, 2014, the Wonder will sail on fourteen 7-Night Alaskan cruises ending on September 7th.

Calendar Prediction Wonder 2014 - July-August
Calendar Prediction Wonder 2014 - Sept-Oct

The Magic is slated for a 6 week dry dock in 2013 and all signs point to the same major overhaul for the Wonder in September 2014 (which would take place on the west coast, most likely in Victoria as previous). Following the dry dock, the Wonder would embark on a 14-Night East Bound Panama Canal cruise to Port Canaveral on October 17, 2014. This then leaves a two week gap for the Wonder before she reappears on the Grand Cayman port calendar on November 19, 2014.

This would set up for two weeks of 3 and 4-Night Bahamanian cruise starting on Halloween. Then, with the help of a 2-Night cruise to nowhere, the Wonder seems to transition to weekly former 7-Night Western Caribbean itinerary. This weekly sailing appears to continue based solely on her appearance on the Grand Cayman calendar through May 24, 2015.

Calendar Prediction Wonder 2014 - Nov-Dec
Calendar Prediction Wonder 2015 - Jan-Feb
Calendar Prediction Wonder 2015 - Mar-Apr
Calendar Prediction Wonder 2015 - May

Disney Dream

The Dream will be due for her first routine maintenance dry dock in 2014 and looks like it could occur during the two week period in October November where the Wonder is sailing on 3 and 4-Night sailings.

Calendar Prediction Dream 2014 - Nov-Dec

When the Dream returns from her two week dry dock, she fits right into the Magic’s and Wonder’s previous 3/4-Night Bahamanian sailing schedule of Monday and Friday departures.


With the latest change to the Grand Cayman calendar, the Fantasy appears to be sailing exclusively on 7-Night Eastern Caribbean cruises starting on November 15, 2014.  Around the same time, the Wonder begins to sail exclusively on 7-Night Western Caribbean cruises from Port Canaveral.  This would mean that on any given week, you could sail on a refurbished Classic ship to the Western Caribbean, or the larger Fantasy to the Eastern (which offers passengers more to do on the extra sea day).

Calendar Prediction Fantasy 2014 - Nov-Dec

Well, I think the future itineraries looks very promising, don’t you?  While no one knows for sure (besides Disney Cruise Line) what we’ll see or do, I do know it will be quite an adventure. An adventure we’ll take and make- together.

We’ll wait and sea a few days more…… There may be something there that wasn’t there before……….

16 Replies to “Latest Thoughts Regarding the Potential 2014 Itineraries”

  1. chokky

    You have done a fantastic job! So my hopes of a 5 night double dip on the Dream over Christmas and New Years next year seems unlikely? That is what I was hoping for.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      I would never give up hope. This is all speculation based on published port schedules and known itinerary information. This should not be taken as fact. There are a lot of variables to consider.

  2. Meghatron

    “With the latest change to the Grand Cayman calendar, the Fantasy appears to be sailing exclusively on 7-Night Eastern Caribbean cruises starting on November 15, 2015.”

    I think you mean November 15, 2014. 😀

    Thanks for this. It gives me hope of being able to afford a 7n out of PC in 2015 (my turns turns 3 that year) on a classic ship rather than shelling out stupid money for a new ship.

  3. Lisa

    Hi Scott thank you. I do appreciate all that you do and the work involved. What did you mean you are scared about the pricing? I am looking for a Dec 2014 Christmas cruise. We did one last year 2012 and paid around $7000 I do expect it to be a bit more as the kids will be 2 years old. Hoping that the earlier you book the better the price. Fingers crossed.

  4. KC

    Maybe this is a stupid question, but why change the Dream from leaving Port Canaveral on Sundays and Thursday to now Monday and Friday?

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Primarily because it fit and if in fact the Wonder does sail 7N Westerns from PC it would be there on Sunday. The dream would just pick continue the 3/4 schedule the Magic/Wonder will be doing from PC.

  5. JC

    Any speculation on what the 2014 release date might be? I called DVC-DCL two weeks ago and was told by a very helpful cast member (I have one that I use in particular!) that it would be coming within the “next few weeks”.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      I’ve heard the same date that has been floating around, but I have not been able to confirm. I will say this… The November and December announcements came early in the week with Platinum and Gold booking the following day.

      If the date floating around is accurate then be prepared!

  6. BS

    Has Disney given up on cruises leaving out of Los Angeles? What’s the word on Hawaii? Great job, Scott – and thank you.

  7. Arlene

    Hi Scott,
    Thanks for the great information. I have a question- you stated it’s likely that the Fantasy will continue Eastern Caribbean cruises in 2014. Do you see any “new” ports of call for the Eastern Cruises? Will they be doing San Juan again or any new? Also- no hopes for NYC again in 2014-2015? Or Bermuda?? I would LOVE Bermuda! Thanks!

  8. Shelley

    hi Scott, love this site and spend most of my work day (dont tell my boss) looking through 🙂

    Quick Q –
    “If the date floating around is accurate then be prepared!” – any indication of what this floating around and possible date is?


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